Quick Share: The Revival of Blackwargreymon

With the reveal of [BT8-067] Metalgreymon, will we be seeing a revival of the highly underrated SEC [BT2-112] Blackwargreymon?


Metalgreymon has an inheritable effect that allows him to attack the opponent's unsuspended Digimon. When this effect is inherited by Blackwargreymon, he will be able to attack all of the opponent's Digimons, in sequence from the highest DP onwards. DP boost-up can easily gain from using option cards of other Digimon's inheritable effects.

Additionally, with Biyomon in his digivolution cards, Blackwargreymon will be able to draw a card for every of the opponent's deleted Digimon. Guadromon will be able to do the same if your deck is lined with [Machine] and [Cyborg] cards. Will this engine work as mill for Mugendramon as well?


2 thoughts on “Quick Share: The Revival of Blackwargreymon”

    1. Yeah, I understand what you meant.
      I mentioned the Guardromon cause I think the MetalGreymon (cyborg) and Blackwargreymon, if they are used in Machinedramon deck it can help to giev more draw power.
      Everytime I played Machindramon deck I always feel it lacks of draw power.

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