Market Review: Challenge Cup Cards

The prices of Challenge Cup cards are surprisingly quite expensive, especially for the ST1 WarGreymon alternate art card.

The Challenge Cup  is currently happening in Japan (Nov 2021), and prizes are distributed as below:

  • Participant: 1 copy of [BT5-001] Koromon.
  • Top 8: 1 copy of BT5 Greymon
  • Winner: 1 copy of WarGreymon.

Considering that only 1 copy of Wargreymon is given out at each tournament, the number of WarGreymons in the market should be quite limited. However, the Challenge Cup should not be a very big-sized tournament (comparing it to the English Evo Cup) as they are mostly hosted by local card shops in Japan with a maximum capacity of 30 players, and we expect many more to be hosted (unless otherwise).

So, what is the market price of these cards.

There are no record of prices in Bigweb, but we found reference prices on Yuyutei and MasterSquare.

Above is the current listing in Yuyutei (as of Nov 10) though they have not added the card art yet. Koromon is listed at 4980 Yen (~44 USD), the Greymon at 12800 Yen (~113 USD) and the champion card WarGreymon at 99800 Yen (~882 USD).


Similarly, listings from MasterSquare Japan shows these 3 cards (albeit a little more expensive compared to Yuyutei), with WarGreymon being out of stock. We are not sure if any were actually sold at that price.

Considering the age of this card game, these are rather expensive prices for prize cards from a medium-sized tournament (again, unless we are mistaken about this tournament's actual scale).

How about English cards then?

These cards are printed as English first back in the June Premier TO event (which was only hosted on June 2021) so the copies of the champion card WarGreymon are not many.

The card's price is listed in TCGPlayer (as of Nov 10) as below:

Are we seeing positive signs that Digimon will have a place in the collector's market?

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