BT-08 New Hero Carton Pull Rate Data

We used to be surprised, shocked or disappointed with EX1 and BT7 pull rate since Bandai made it hard to predict what we will pull from 1 carton. They might have received negative feedbacks from those set and decided to come to normal pattern in BT8 New Hero.

Here is what we get in BT8:

  • There is NO REPEAT AA cards in 1 carton. Except for 4 SEC normal art (2 for Deamon and 2 for Imperial Paladin Mode), you will get 8 different AA cards.
  • There will be cartons without SEC (Secret Rare) AA, normally you will have 1 or 2 different SEC AA in 1 carton.
  • There are boxes with only 3 SR + 1 AA, more boxes with 4SR + 1 AA.
  • The SR pull rate is quite balance for this set. You will have 4 or 5 copies of each SR in 1 carton, it is very rare if you have 3 copies for 1 SR.

But I believed many of us are not happy with the BT8 New Hero cards, especially the SEC Deamon. Deamon is the first SEC Digimon that its normal art day-1 price is as low as a normal SR card. There is no BT8 AA cards that 100 000 yen in day-1, the most expensive card, Imperial Dragon Paladin Mode, is priced as 7800 yen in Bigweb (~68 USD). The runner up is Chimeramon AA card, which is 6980 yen (~61 USD). Chimeramon is expected to stay in high price for this set. We are not sure if it will be in tier meta but we can't deny the usable ability of the card.

Some cartons pull rate

We have collected some of carton pull-rate from Twitter and FB, and here is what we have so far.

1 carton with SR rate
6 Carton pull, source from

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