Week-1 BT8 Meta Report


BT08 New Hero is still new for us, but we can see the potential of an unpredictable meta and the tier-list is not going to be identified soon. Unlike the hybrid in BT7 New Adventure that was so obvious to figure out the dominated one, New Hero brought us many new strong and interesting deck profiles, it is not for only one colour, but for all of them. BT8 is also the set that the deck's creator needs to put more thoughts and creativeness to build  decks since there are many 2-color cards that push us to think carefully when selecting the card for the decks.

With the preparation of ST9 and ST10 structure decks, the purple ST10 Mastermon and blue-green Jogress with the contribution of the new Imperialdramon Fighter mode and paladin mode in BT8, these 2 decks are currently popular in week-1 of BT8 meta. Besides, these 2 profiles have been optimised for at least 1 month ago when the ST9/10 introduced, so players are more comfortable to play them.

BT8 version of Mastermon deck.

To get more detail about Mastemon deck profile, you can refer to our earlier post "ST10 Mastermon has started winning". These profiles are still used during week-1 of BT8, and still strong. But what we can upgrade for Mastemon with BT8 cards? Ophanimon is the card to be considered. Here is an example:

Deck's creator: Rononrun

The BT8 Ophanimon is helping to "Recovery" when it is digivolving and play a LV4 when it is destroyed. The LV4 Tailmon that can be played from the effect to trigger more search power and the BlackGatomon is for the last hit if needed.

Hikari, in the other hand, is the new weapon for any recovery deck. In this Mastemon deck, both Ophanimon and Mastermon can trigger "recovery" when digivolving, so with the support of Hikari, the cost to digivolve or the cost to play Holyangemon becomes cheaper.

Blue-Green Jogress becomes stronger.

During the ST9/10 times, the blue-green Jogress is less preferable compared to the purple Mastemon even though it is truly a strong deck. For now with the BT8 debut, the blue-green Jogress came to show its potential and maybe joining the top tier deck.

With the searching power from BT8 Veemon and more support from duo-tamer Davis & Ken, the BT8 Imperial deck seems to be faster and cheaper to execute their games.

On top of that, this deck has 2 new Imperialdramon to choose from, the Fighter Mode and the Paladin Mode. They said once they can perform the Jogress to evolve their LV4 into ST9 Dinobeemon or Paildramon, it is high chance that the the game is already settled, they can clean opponent board and widen their board while doing some attacks to opponent's security.

To see more of this deck, you can check out in the winning list page. Here is an example:


Jesmon with white Chimeramon

Finally Sistermon can be evolving into other Digimon, the new BT8 Chimeramon.

Chimeramon is currently the most popular card in BT8 due to this card's price for both normal version and Alt art version. It is the most expensive SR, even more expensive than Deamon SEC.

Come back to the Jesmon deck, Chimeramon can take advantage of many free-played Sistermon to Jogress and can trigger attack in the turn it digivolve. And if we manage to put the LV5 SaviorHuckmon under Chimeramon's digivolution source, Chimeramon can do 2 checks to opponent's security (of there is a Sistermon in play). 

If Jesmon and Chimeramon (with Jogress) are able to present in the same turn, it has the possibility that the game will end with OTK.

Blackwargreymon in Red base

Blackwargreymon is definitely an interesting profile in BT8, but for all the games we played this deck, the MVP belongs to Dark Gaia Force, Lolx.

Deck Creator: Rina

This deck has a good board control with the BT8 Metalgreymon and BT8 Blackwargreymon, the Tamer Nokia has returned in BT8 meta to support this deck. As long as the opponent does not end the game with OTK, Blackwargreymon can stay and win the game.

The most threat of this deck, which is recommended to put 3 or 4 copies, is DarkGaiaforce. With the ability to destroy multiple opponent's Digimon as long as the play cost adds up to 15, it does help to clean board or save the game many times, the best is the card is opened from Security.

There are some winning results for this deck in BT8 week-1, and hopefully it will be optimised further and become stronger to "at least" bring black colour to shine for the first time in DTCG (with X-antibody).

BT8 X-antibody, do not underestimate

X-antibody is maybe the most easy deck to build in BT8 because it is very straightforward. And you may ask "is it strong?", I can say "yes". You must try out to feel it.

Deck's Owner: Kazuchi (won Challenge Cup)

With the new ability of "decoy", "blocker" and "reboot", this deck is definitely as complicated as Lilith-loop. The thing is, we must manage to get Ouryumon present in the battle as soon as possible. Ouryumon can be protected from opponent's effect when there is an [X-antibody] card is added under its digivolution source. These can be easily triggered when it digivolves, or with the support of Yuji Musha or Eiseiryojin option card. With the "reboot", it seems this Digimon is undefeated. 

By the way, can't be deleted does not mean it can't be return to hand or deck or get suspended by effect, so there are ways to counter it as well.

Green Shivamon Deck ?

Shivamon has made some victories in week-1 of BT8, we havent tried out the deck so we will not able to give further info for now. There will be a separate article for green Shiva deck in the future.

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