The Ability of Chimeramon in BT8 New Hero

Just another rainbow card, [BT8-084] Kimeramon is the most useful card in BT8 new Hero because it can be used in any decks.  With its ability, this card is one of the most expensive card in BT8 set.

Kimeramon can be Jogress digivolved from any 2 level 4 Digimon even if they are same colour. And after Jogress, no matter those Lv4 Digimon is just appeared in this turn, the Kimeramon will still contribute 1 or more security attack to opponent's security to end the game if needed (thanks to the reset effect of Jogress Digivolution). There are some aspects that makes Kimeramon popular in this BT8 meta:

  • Cheapest cost to digivolve from lv4 (2 lv4) to a LV5 Digimon.
  • Can attack opponent's Digimon or Security in the same turn it appears, used to end game.
  • If you manage to have or put duo-colour Digimon under Kimeramon's digivolution source, Kimeramon can have +4000 DP that makes him becomes a 12000 DP Digimon (~ to a LV6 Digimon), and possible to have multiple attacks if it can inherit from its digivolution source. 
  • Unlike those Digimon that must Jogress digivolution from 2 different colours Digimon, Kimeramon can even Jogress from 2 same colour LV4 Digimon, so it is very flexible.

Kimeramon is currently very popular in BT8 meta, most of the decks would include 1 or 2 copies of this card. And we already saw some decks that can utilise the Kimeramon's effect the most.

Kimeramon in Jesmon Deck

Jesmon deck made a come-back (actually it is always strong) in BT8. With the ability of multiple attack with "Piercing", Jesmon just needs a final hit to end the game.

With the ST1 Greymon and BT6 SaviorHuckmon in its Digivolution source, if there is BT1 Tai in play, Jesmon can make 6 damages to opponent's security with "Piercing", Jesmon just need another hit to win the game. In the old time we normally use the BT5 Omnimon to end the game, but is the Omnimon that flexible to come at the right time? 

Kimeramon, in the other hand, can Jogress from 2 Sistermon Noir that is able to be free-play from SaviorHucmon's "when digivolving" effect and Jesmon's "when attacking effect". Beside, we also can use Jogress digivolution to evolve into Jesmon quickly from 2 LV4 Digimon that happened to be in the battle. Jesmon'DP can be accumulated from many sources and that can help to destroy opponent's strong Digimon in the battle.

Deck's creator: Gazi, Source:

Chimeramon with Eyesmon

This pair of Eyesmon has created a Lilith-loop era in BT7 meta with the combo of Eyesmon-Cerberusmon. We all knows how fast the Eyesmon scatter mode can help Lilith to achieve its loop state, and how annoying the free-played Eyesmon helps to widen their board.

With the way that Eyesmon-Lilith deck behaves, the Kimeramon seems to be another perfect candidate to fit in the deck. Same with Jesmon deck, Kimeramon can help to skip 1 step to reach the Lilith loop faster. If we can manage to free-play 2 Eyesmon when Eyesmon Scatter Mode got destroyed, we can Jogress them into Kimeramon for zero cost then digivolve into Lilithmon for 3 costs, from here the loop can start.

Here we would like to introduce a interesting deck concept for Lilith-loop in BT8 with the "Retaliation" Digimon.


If you can't see the card, can check out this link for a proper list from out website.

With the help of Wizardmon, if the SkullGreymon is played from Omnimon-Zwart's "when digivolving" effect, then if we can digivolve it into another Lilithmon then another Omnimon-Zwart, this Zwart can declare attack with "Rush" since it has "retaliation" from SkullGreymon's inherited effect.

Lilith-loop is like a state-of-art that can make from many different combos, as long as it achieves the loop before losing the game.


The ST10 Mastemon deck also use the support of Eyesmon mechanic, so obviously the Kimeramon is included too.

Kimeramon in Jogress or Armor.

There is a huge benefit that Kimeramon can provide for this kind of deck, that is the ability to clean out opponent's rookie in the board.

The Jogress or Armor decks usually use duo-colour Digimon, which is easier for Kimeramon to achieve 4 colours in its digivolution source, then with the white colour of itself, Kimeramon's "when digivolving" effect can cause up-to 4 opponent's Digimon gets -1000 DP for each colour this Digimon has. With Kimeramon that has 5 colours-combined, 4 opponent's Digimon would get -5000 DP, an easy way to clean the small rookies or reduce 1 opponent's strong Digimon (LV6 or LV7) to a DP level that Kimeramon can destroy it with an attack.

Kimeramon is usually used to end game with a final hit, but those are not really needed because blue-green Jogress can do the same thing. That is why we normally see 1 or 2 copies of Kimeramon in blue-green Jogress deck.

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