Naim From Brunei: Red Jesmon in BT8, a Deck Review.

Invited Author: Naim
Country: Brunei

Why Jesmon?

Hello again my fellow digidestined, I am Na’im Erywan and today I am back again to show the Jesmon build in BT8 after winning several times in the current meta

Jesmon in the current and previous meta’s have been either good or really great  since its reveal in BT6, where this deck  can focus on building DP, adding security attacks and even Jogressing in BT8 and so on. Jesmon’s win condition can be summarized with one sentence “spam the board with Sistermons to build a big advantage and possibly end the game then and there” , to create as much bodies  as you can to overwhelm your opponent as much as possible and as quick as possible, be it through gaining security attacks by using BT1 Tai Kamiya or ST1 Greymon.

Check this link for the decklist in's format.

What is new for Jesmon in BT8

As a red player, I really didn’t think much about Jesmon when BT8 came around opting out for my black Diaboromon rather than Red Jesmon at first, but eventually just stuck with Jesmon in the end. After playing in a few tournaments with the Jesmon deck, I realized the support cards from BT8 really helped boost Jesmon’s & Sistermon’s consistency & survivability in the current BT8 meta.

What’s so good in BT8 that helps Jesmon so much in  BT8?

Firstly  BT8-001 Gurimon , this card alone helps with the lack of draw power Jesmon has and Jesmon decks reliance on BT6 Sistermon Blancs for draw power.

Secondly BT8-084 Kimeramon, this card helps with so much more in Jesmon decks you can  either Jogress 2 Sistemon Noirs or you could Jogress a red lvl 4 and one Noir and just digivolve into a lvl 5 Kimeramon and put a lvl 5 below Kimeramon's digivolution sure (usually either a ST1 Greymon or whatever is good in the situation).

What I personally do is to prepare as much as I can by digivolving into Jesmon in raising area while building the board with red memory boosts or Analog Boy to get certain cards in hand and as well as too fill the trash with Sistermons so that Jesmon could easily revive them later to end it in one swift turn.

How do I play this deck?

Simple, raise Jesmon in breeding area and stall till you have enough to end the game within 2-3 turns  after you have a Jesmon. 

Why does it counter the current meta?

In my opinion, it “works” in the current meta because most decks have removed most forms of removal in BT8 to boost consistency. And with BT8 Kimeramon, Jesmon has another way to be more aggressive to end games quicker.


Yes , even though this deck sounds really strong it does have weaknesses.

Firstly, X Antibody in BT8 has received a huge boost in power and consistency while it requires set up as well. In my opinions, it also needs to build up its resources …  but can achieve the state faster than Jesmon.

Secondly, I feel that Mastemon decks will deliver a huge threat to Jesmon during the game, but it is more manageable since Mastemon decks will give a lot of memory to work with. And Jesmon just has to manage the Gatomons before they do their Jogress shenanigans.

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