[En] Dan Vang: 1st Place NorthAmerica Regional Tournament with Jesmon Deck.

Invited Author: Dan Vang
Country: USA

Jesmon in BT6 Format

Jesmon is a fun and high roll deck. I believe it to be the tier 1 deck of BT6 (especially after the starter decks are legal).

I played highly talented opponents yesterday. Rookie rush is still a viable deck pre-starter decks as it can take advantage of decks looking for pieces. I think the memory biyomon and gaia force can be flex spots for other rookies such as promo guilmon, promo biyomon, another judgment of the blade or another gravity crush. The coredramons can be switched to agunimon depending on playstyle.

I am grateful I did not play a mirror match as that can go either way quickly. Some games I ended up using my sistermon and rookies to rush when looking for pieces or I ended up using Volcdramon (which had Security Attack +1 to swing into security). 


Round 1: Diaboromon 2-0 
I was able to build faster and wider than he could. He had trouble finding a level 5. And game 2 he was not able to get enough memory to build a stack as I kept playing rookies or sistermon. 

Round 2: Purple Titamon 2-1 
Lost game 2 to Purple Titamon. He was so aggro and I was still looking for pieces. He uses Underworld Called his Ginkakumon Promote and rushed for the game during game 2. Game 3 was a close back and forth until I was able to build my stack. 
Round 3: Black Mamemon 2-0
I was able to hold off the deck with some blockers and going wide while searching for pieces. My Huckmon helped me get pieces in this game. 

Round 4: Musketeers 2-0
Amazing games against my opponent. I think they were 1 memory off from being able to cast Beelstar, play an option for free and set up a blocker/play another option to wipe my board during Game 2. 

Round 5: Security Control 2-0
Great games against my opponent. I was able to cast Delicate Plan into their security, but most of their security consisted of just Digimon and not many options. 
Round 6: Gabubonds 2-0
Back and forth games. One game my opponent couldn't find their Bond of Friendship to capitalize and win the game. 
Round 7: Gabubonds 2-0
I was one turn from losing in both games. My opponent was able to bond and wipe my board during game 1. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Lobomon for game and I was able to build and swing. Game 2, I was able to use Volcdramon and swing while trying to build a Jesmon stack in raising. 
Round 8: Rookie Rush 2-1
Lost game 2 to Rookie Rush: Dude had more bodies than me and had 2 Spirals in security. Game 3 I was able to set up a wide board and use blockers to my advantage. 


Big shoutouts to Gaia Force Gaming for supporting me with ideas. Shout out to Ethan for always letting me pitch my bad ideas.
Shout outs to Izzy and the rest of D.A. for the deck list. Shout outs to all the great players I faced and for the supportive community.

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