Rematching the D-Reaper

We have recently discussed the D-Reaper engine, and while for the most parts he appears an interesting concept, the engine itself has a large shortcoming.

The deck relies too much on summoning one D-Reaper and it’s consecutive attacks.

Specifically, much resources will be placed in preparing Mother D-Reaper’s 7 digivolution cards during the early game, and when that timer hits, D-Reaper can be played for free and begins consecutively swinging at your opponent’s security. It would be ideal (and mostly essential) to be able to end the game then, as losing that D-Reaper would usually mean that you will have to restart the system and rebuild your Mother’s digivolution again.

Problems with D-Reaper

D-Reaper’s strength comes from its free play (conditional of course) and consecutive attacks by attaching 2 Searchers from trash. There are therefore a few problems.

1. If you hit into a larger Digimon or a deletion card from security, you will lose your D-Reaper before maximizing your hits and will end up in a deficit.
2. If you cannot end your opponent during your consecutive hits, your tempo will be significantly slower during the next few turns since D-Reaper will not be able to unsuspend without putting new Searchers below itself.

D-Reaper: Re-Matched!!

One way to overcome this weakness (and potentially making the deck very lethal) is to play [BT3-109] Rematch!

When Rematch! is used on D-Reaper, it will be able to swing at your opponent’s security without fear of deletion (since you would want D-Reaper to be deleted). Deleting a rematched D-Reaper allow him to be replayed, with [Haste] and without all the attached Searchers hence resets its capacity to perform consecutive attacks. Optimally this way, D-Reaper would be able to swing at your opponent 10 times!

To support this engine, some tech cards such as [ST6-15] Death Claw can be added to delete D-Reaper to reset its engine, and [BT3-096] Mimi may be a useful tamer to support all these purple option cards.


Do you think D-Reaper will dominate the next meta? We can’t wait to find out when EX-02 drops in Asia this Christmas!

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