Justimon Blitz Arm, an Aggressive OTK profile

Bandai is going to release the ban / restriction list that is potentially to reduce the longtime-dominating meta decks such as Blue Hybrid, Yellow Recovery with Zoe Orimoto and her evolution line, the Jesmon and Lilith-loop (Eyesmon).

These days we see a lot of discussion about D-Reaper deck and new Beelzemon deck. BT8-EX2 meta is going to be dominated by EX2 D-Reaper, Dukemon and Beelzemon. While D-Reaper is complained a lot in tournament or casual game because it is boring and no creativeness, Beelzemon and Dukemon (Gallantmon), in the other hands, give more excitement as well as the game-tech.

And since those 3 are so popular, we almost forget another one that is not so bad to play (in my opinion) Justimon Blitz Arm. We haven't seen many Justimon deck winning the tournament yet because everyone is focusing on D-reaper. In this article, we are presenting a game scenario to show how Justimon can win the game in by using its OTK tech.

The Combo

It is not that hard to build a Justimon deck, it is still preferable to use max 4 copies of his evolution line cards from LV2 to LV6 for search power and game set-up. For the board-control, I don't think Justimon can be better than EX2 Gallantmon and Beelzemon deck. For the game speed, Justimon needs more time to setup and not as fast as D-reaper. But it is just the matter of who can reach there game-state first.

The tamer-searching power relies on the "On Play" effect of Monodramon or "When Digivolving" of [EX2-032] Strikedramon. But for the current meta, Digimon is so easy to be destroyed if they stay in the battle so the LV4 Strikedramon is normally evolved in the raising area for its safety. We tend to move this Digimon out to the battle when it evolves into LV5 Cyberdramon. Cyberdramon's "when digivolving" effect allows us to play 1 [Ryo Akiyama] tamer for free, this is the good thing of this LV5. With 10 000 DP, Cyberdramon can also be used to attack opponent's rested Digimon or Security within a safety level.

Ryo Akiyama is the main source to search for Digimon with [dramon] or [Justimon] in its name. When I play this deck, I found it's hard to draw Cyberdramon to hand even though there is 4 copies of it (the LV4 Strikedramon is not as important as Cyberdramon for the game's strategy). I also use 4 copies of Ryo Akiyama in the deck to increase the chance of drawing it from Monodramon searcher or get it from security stack.

OTK Scenario 1: 5 checks + last hit

The OTK starts with LV5 Cyberdramon evolution build with Sunarizamon in its digivolution source. We also have 2 Ryo Akiyama in the field which is important to boost-up DP for attacking Digimon. 

This portion was ill-written and has been revised. Many thanks to Ben for pointing this out!

Attacking with Cyberdramon will grant him +1000 DP from the inherited Digitama Hopmon, and +2000 DP when we have 2 Ryo tamers in play. A 13000 DP security swing is very respectable, more so coming from a LV5 Digimon! He will also gain "SecurityAttack+1" when inheriting Sunarizamon.

In addition, Strikedramon will help to regain +1 memory since we have 2 or more black tamers in play.

After the attack, Cyberdramon is in suspended state.

The success of OTK lies on the scenario where we digivolve Cyberdramon into Justimon with the memory counter still at our turn, so it is recommended to play the duo tamer Izumi & Joe and Black Memory Boost early.


Justimon is actually a very powerful Digimon with both a "when digivolving" and "when attacking" effect, with just 3 cost to digivolve.

Since Cyberdramon is suspended from its previous attack, Justimon Blitz Arm can choose to trigger "Unsuspend this Digimon" when digivolving. Casting Final Zubagon Punch on Justimon to give him an additional +3000 DP boost, on top of the earlier +3000 from Hopmon and Ryo hence pushing him to a massive 17000 DP, with "SecurityAttack+1", "Reboot", and "Blocker". When an inherited Sunarizamon, he can now swing for a total of 3 checks! 

Under ideal circumstances, this would've already taken all 5 of your opponent's securities. And since we have black tamers in play, Justimon will trigger its "When Attacking" effect to again, unsuspend itself for the win!


OTK Scenario 2: 4 checks + last hit

If under the scenario, but with your opponent having only 4 security cards left, it is also possible to use Final Zubagon Punch on Cyberdramon instead of Justimon. While this will not grant the additional [SecurityAttack+1], [Reboot], and [Blocker] goodies, it would give Cyberdramon a near fail-safe 16000 DP when swinging security. 

A 2-checks from Cyberdramon followed by another 2-checks from Justimon and a final swing would elegantly seal the game!


The OTK scenario is not really an ideal scenario, but it is easy to play 2 or more Ryo since you can play him for free from Cyberdramon's "when digivolving" effect. However, in order to setup for this scenario, we will require at least 4 memory in your turn to digivolve into Justimon and play Final Zubagon Punch, so the memory overhead has to be prepared beforehand.

Deck Profile

Here is my current build for Justimon. 

This site uses english-translated cards from digimoncard.dev.

8 thoughts on “Justimon Blitz Arm, an Aggressive OTK profile”

  1. This statement is wrong:
    "Casting Final Zubagon Punch to add +3000 DP for CyberDramon to enable “SecurityAttack +1” from Sunarizamon inheritable effect. Cyberdramon also gains +1000 DP from the Digitama Hopmon, make it 14 000DP, and if we have 2 Ryo tamer in play, the Cyberdramon can have up to 16 000DP when it’s attacking. So Cyberdramon with 16k DP with “SecurityAttack +2” (3 checks) on opponent’s security."


    Q: My Digimon's DP is 15000 or less after receiving the effects of this card. Its DP is then raised to 16000 or more by other effects. Does it get , , at this point of time?
    A: No, if your Digimon's DP is not at 16000 or more from resolving this card's effect, it does not get , , .

    1. Hello Ben,

      Thanks for the comment! I have reviewed the card effect again as per your comment and found my writing to be incorrect. I have updated the article based on your inputs and it should work now 🙂

      Thanks again!!

      1. "Casting Final Zubagon Punch on Justimon to give him an additional +3000 DP boost, on top of the earlier +3000 from Hopmon and Ryo".

        Is that mean that if you already give 2k boost from ryo to cyberdramon and you evolve cyberdramon to justimon, justimon will still gain that 2k boost? I'm still a newbie so still need to learn some weird rules. Thx

        1. Hello Yuqirin
          In the text of Ryo tamer, it said:[your turn] when your black Digimon attacks you may suspend this tamer to have that Digimon gets +1000 DP until the end of your opponent's next turn.
          So yes, the +1000 DP is also given to the Digimon that evolves into Cyberdramon.

  2. Is it possible to have a deck profile? im having trouble finding one. Although this article already is very good in explaining the deck mechanics but there is a lack of Justimon deck profiles online. It is also not as straightforward as other decks.

    Good Job on the article!

    1. Hello Samuel,

      I uploaded my Justimon deck that I am currently playing. This is my latest optimised version so far. I used Gankoomon and Chaosmon for a bit of board control.

  3. Hello, is it possible to implement commandramon and sealsdramon to the deck, also possibly switch izumi joe with BT04 Izzy ?

    I'm still learning on using Justimon, and would like to understand further on improving this deck, sure seems more fun than d-reaper.

    1. I am not sure if Commandramon tech will work better for the deck, you can try out and let us know.
      For the tamer, I personally think the Duo tamer is better, Izzy is also good, but duo tamer can give you more draw and memory.

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