Lum Wen Kang: Duel Golden Armor Release


Invited Author: Lum Wen Kang
Country: Singapore


When BT8 was released, I'm sure most people will turn their attention on Mastemon support or Shakkoumon for its recovery and control for the yellow support in the set. 

But  the yellow-based deck makes it possible to use both Magnamon and Gold Rapidmon. Both SR have a power that is comparable to a Lvl 6 Digimon. The ability to control the board and be aggressive is what make me try to play around with Armor Digimon using Armadillomon, and I do not like to stall. 

It becomes a more control-orientated playstyle compared to the blue Armor who resolves around Veemon which has a more rush-orientated playstyle. 

Prior to EX-02 release, I have tested the dual golden Armor using yellow base with a decent result. And after getting some feedback from peers and discord, I had made changes and bring it to a local. With a relatively unexplored concept, I am happy to share this article. 

The Armor

Gold Rapidmon and Magnamon are the dual Ace of the deck. I'm sure everyone will agree how good Rapidmon is. For 4 memories, you get to rest opponent Digimon as many as your tamer and minus 5k to 3 Digimon. With 6k based and Cody tamer, on the turn you evolve into Rapidmon, you can be hitting over 12k Digimon or trading with 13k based which you can just Armor purge.

"Armor Purge" and "Armore Release" has the same meaning.

Magnamon being one of the few blockers that is viable as it passes the 6k threshold, and it is the one who can hit high number (13k and above) in this deck. 

Digmon and Submarinemon are great for early game before we setup enough armor/tamer. And they are also the cheap way to do a jogress evolution. (of course, since 2+2 is cheaper than 4+4) 

Great Consistency

Being a lvl 3 and lvl 4 orientated deck, you can cut out lvl 5 and lvl 6 Digimon. Having 15 lvl 3 and being aggressive at lvl 4, you can keep the pressure from early game till end game without having to commit to more parts or combo like climbing up to lvl 6. 

The rookie we used are both yellow Armadillomon for Armadillomon’s Armor. 

ST3 Patamon for memory gain via the Armor Digimon and Cody. 

And Kotemon is the surprise. After my pre-EX2 run with the deck, one of the feedback I get is using Kotemon. Because both Magnamon and Gold Rapidmon are holy warrior. With this inclusion, we have 2 different lvl 3 searcher for our Gold Armor. 

Tamer & Option

Because Rapidmon required tamer to work well we need play more tamers than usual. BT1 Takeru for the consistency and Cody for the -2k and extra memory. Once these 2 tamers are up, we can take on level 6 Digimon. 

I use Digimon Emperor as I expected my local to be running blue hybrid, yellow hybrid which make it easy for me to gain the 2 memory if they try to move the Strabimon/ Salamon/ Patamon/ Gabumon out of the nursery area. And the Armor Digimon tends to take out lvl 5 and below Digimon easily, so I get to proc the draw power relatively often. 

Daisuke & Ken is good but I cannot really find the space for it so I just run 1 of it. Because re-standing after an Armor purge for a 2nd attack feel good. And Magnamon/ Submarinemon are blue while Rapidmon/Digmon are digimon so I still proc the memory gain. 

 For option, we are just extending the combo. Plasma Shot is to nuke the leftover what Rapidmon fail to and Armor Texture for a 2nd attack if I fail to Armor purge. 1 blue card if we need to evolve into our Gold Armor for 3 memory (no Cody) or if our hand did not have them. 

Tournament Report

Swiss 4 round BO1

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1- VS Blue Hybrid w Leomon W

My first opponent uses an interesting blue hybrid with Leomon, In the game, he got his Juri relatively late. So, the early game is just the usual blue hybrid match up, where I just use my armor to swing at the security and clear his board with -DP. After pushing his security to 4, he locks 2 of my armor and had a Leomon on the board, I jogress my 2 armor into Shakkoumon to recover 1 and return his Leomon to his hand, pushing his security to 2, I pass my turn by evolving a Magnamon, leaving an active Magnamon and a rested Shakkoumon. 

The following turn, he goes into Susannomon with Mega Digimon Fusion and decide to destroy my Shakkoumon instead of Magnamon. I simply block with Magnamon and armor purge against the 3 security check monster. 

The remaining game, is me pushing through his blocker Leomon, chipping him slowly while he keeps drawing through Leomon and Juri which give him enough resource to Susannomon the 2nd time. However, he is unable to stop my aggression anymore and I took my win. 

Round 2- VS Jesmon L

Not sure how to report this match. I go first, evolve to a level 3 in nursery play a Armadillo in battle area for search giving 3 memory to opponent. He evolve into Baohuckmon and go into Saviorhuckmon. I move out evolve into Submarinemon and evolve into Magnamon to pass him 3 memory again. He go move out and evolve into Jesmon and I took 1 security check while he proc Baohuckmon ess to destroy Submarinemon(Armor purge then destroy my lvl3 with the 2nd attack). and block the 2nd attacking. Armor Purge to stop the piercing but he already brings out 2 Sistermon. The rest of the game is me getting slaughter as he make a 2nd Jesmon with Alice with a board with a final board state of 2 Jesmon, 4 Sistermon and end me Kimeramon. 

Round 3- VS Blue Hybrid W

I am sad to say I do not remember much of this game. I only vaguely remember that I was save by Plasma Shot when he swings with Susannomon and I removed his other active Digimon which prevent the lethal. 

Round 4- VS Beelzemon W

Meet a player who I did not see for quite a long time. I went first with no level 3. Play a Digimon Emperor and pass turn. Then, he reveals he was hoping not to see any Digimon Emperor in the tournament as he evolves into a Impmon. He then proceeds to use darkness wave and mill 2 mist memory boost and a Beelzemon. And he plays a level 3 Digimon and passing to my turn. I draw into Patamon and play a Takeru. I slowly gain momentum as I play more tamer, while he trying to mill without pushing from nursery area. So, he is trying to make his trash pile into 10 cards by pushing his Impmon to suicide on my security check by hard playing lvl 3. He eventually manages to do it on a turn when he uses calling of darkness but choose to retrieve 0 card. 

But I had stronger memory control as I had Takeru, 1 Digimon Kaiser and 1 Cody. It was multiple turn of him playing level 3 and pass turn, or he push Impmon out and warp to BT2 Beelzemon. But with Rapidmon, I rest the Beelzemon and hit over him with Cody help twice. The first time, by pushing a lvl 3 from nursery area. And the 2nd time I use Blue Card to gacha out a Rapidmon as my hand did not have a copy. 

Knowing the game not progressing well for him, he plays Ai and Mako and play a Impmon. I push his security and DP minus the Impmon and he mill 2 blast mode off it. I respond with 2 armor purge. And I think he resigned because he closes to deck out. (3 card left) while I had 4 security left.  

Top 4 Cut BO3

Semi-Final VS Blue Hybrid W-L-L

Match 1: it was an intense game where I keep nuking his Digimon while he kept removing my source. He manages to Susanno-MDF on 2 different turns but did not have the last push because I had recovered with Shakkoumon twice to keep my security away from lethal. After the 2nd Susannomon, he loses gas while I close the game.  

Match 2: I brick on level 3 and had to play multiple turn of option and tamer. And took the lost as I cannot contest the aggression. 

Match 3:  Another game like Match 1, but here I forgot about analogboy effect, and dp minus a beowulfmon with tommy in it ESS, the memory swing to his side and he MDF-Susannomon to take the win to proceed the fight for 1st-2nd. 

Final (fighting for 3rd Place) VS Blue Hybrid W-L-W

Match 1: My opponent is not familiar with my card effect and stay passive by playing tamer and Strabimon as he knows my deck had no counter against Susannomon, which help me as I can easily remove his Strabimon and decided to just take 1-2 hits off a lvl 4 hybrid as long I keep my security above 4 to avoid a lethal(3 check from Susannomon and a spirit evolution is not enough to close the tamer if he only had Daisuke). Eventually, the lack of aggression in early game gives me the win. 

Match 2: After Match one, he adapted his play, using higher aggression and evolve in nursery to level 4 hybrid to pass turn. This may seem trivial, but the memory is spent at the end of the turn instead of start of the turn, give the chance of an extra attack since the memory can be use for spirit evolution on a tamer. I lose to the 2nd MDF-Susannomon from him after he use double ice wall to stop my lethal on him. 

Match 3: His Daisuke revealed 2 analog boy in the early game and with no white tamer, I was never in the pressure of an MDF-Susannomon because of this. And he had to rush me down with level 4 hybrid, but my tempo is faster than his as I can keep DP minus his board while he had to recover by playing a tamer to launch an attack while I am pushing from my nursery area. Eventually, when he trying to chip my security, he hit into an Armor texture which allow me to bring in an Armadillomon from trash, which is a lethal he did not expect. As a sportsmanship, he evolves into Susannomon without MDF (to show his Ace) as he cannot prevent my lethal on him, and I take my win.

Match Up for Deck that does not feature in the run

As mentioned earlier, I had tested against other deck in other tourney with decent result. So some highlight are

VS BWG (Blackwargreymon) – you can hit over BWG with Gold Rapid and Magnamon. You have to brace the turn you lose your tamer and not have any Digimon on the board, setup for the next turn by playing the tamer and give some of your security to BWG.

VS Imperialdramon – you should be able to deal with the aggression since Magnamon not easy to remove and you can revenge kill with Gold Rapidmon. But they can also play around you with Raidramon and Dinobeemon. 

Vs Malomyotis – feel like a bad matchup. You can rush them down, but if they had a Yukio, you cannot play around their setup. 

Vs yellow hybrid – Depend on their variant. You can try to the push to 4 security then set to lethal. But they will recover as well. Should be bad matchup.

Vs BOF – push opponent to 2 security while having a Digimon in nursery for lethal next turn if you cannot finish the job. The deck has greater speed as they need setup their tamer and nursery first. While we can start taking security at level 4 and nuke any lvl 4 and lvl 3 in the battle area.

Final thoughts

Overall, I feel I had a good run because I did not match against deck that my deck is weak to such as Kouen (Crimson Blaze)/ Gewaltschewarmer which the AOE nuke is painful. Or DP minus which got around armor purge well. 

Of course, I had lucky moment in the run as well such as save from security, such as Armor Texture and Plasma Shot. And gatcha the Gold Rapidmon to take out the 2nd Beelzemon when my hand did not have a copy. 

But I feel the diversity of the play that I can choose the deck that gives me the flexible against my opponent. 

I feel Hybrid players should try to swap out Analog Boy for Digimon Emperor as it has a stronger control. 

Hopefully, more players will give this deck a try since BT9 is still far and it is one of the faster tempo yellow deck.

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