Vampoch: Immune with Greymon X-Antibody (BT9)


Invited Author: Vampoch
Country: North America


With only less than 15 cards revealed at the moment from BT9: X-Record, one would think is to early make a full deck to different from what is already out from EX2: Digital Hazard. But the recently revealed [BT9-012] Greymon X Anti-Body may have just given Greymons and Omnimons a level of protection only rivaled by [EX1-073] Machinedramon.

Since BT5, the [BT5-086] Omnimon showed a protection effect that made it so that only DP reduction or battle could get rid of it, evading any effect removal at least once. This effect has returned stronger and more versatile than ever in the new [BT9-012] Greymon X Anti-Body inherited effect, that not only enables this protection to any Digimon with Greymon or Omnimon in their name, but also if you have multiple digivolution cards with the same levels you can use this effect multiple times

Thanks to Greymon X Anti-Body special digivolution on top of any Greymon for 0 cost, is very easy and cost efficient to make his inherited effect active for a Lv5 Digimon with Greymon in its name but that is only the baseline of how crazy this effect can become.

Still on the more traditional side, red has 2 very notable Digimon that can digivolve on top of others of the same level, them being [BT7-011] BurningGreymon and [BT5-015] MetalGreymon Alterous Mode.

BurningGreymon is very flexible thanks to it being a hybrid Digimon but unfortunately since the introduction of erratas in cards like [BT5-007] Agumon and Nokia Shiramine it doesn’t go to well with some of the synergies of the deck, while MetalGreymon Alterous Mode really shines since not only does it go along with all the synergies but also has both a "When Digivolving" and "inherited effect" that are great in this kind of deck. Outside of their effects, their main purpose is to pair with another Digimon of their same level to make Greymon X Anti-Body active for cheap or grant additional protections.


Now let's take this effect to its limit with none other than the combo king itself, [BT8-084] Kimeramon. Thanks to its DNA Digivolve (Jogress), Kimeramon works insanely well with this deck, potentially Lv pairing from Lv2 up to Lv5 in a single digivolution, possibly giving a Lv6 Digimon with Greymon in its name 4 protections from effect removal. And for the cherry on top, by digivolving to the one that originated the effect, BT5 Omnimon you will have a 14000 DP Digimon with 5 protections to effect removal.

As cool as 5 protections may seem, it becomes quite unnecessary since no opponent is gonna waste removal in a 1 security attacking beat stick, but if that Digimon becomes a more menacing dread then the protection will be needed. Such is the case of [BT5-111] Omnimon X Anti-Body which has 2 amazing effects but since none of them is a When Digivoling effect, any removal on the opponent's turn would make short work of him, but not anymore.

With assured protection from removal and plenty of digivolution material to negate attacks now only DP reduction can bring down this monster of a Digimon.

One last tech that could go well the deck and would make it almost impossible to delete by DP reduction could be [BT6-061] Gigadramon, that by granting and additional +2000 DP on opponents turn would make Omnimon X Anti-Body an impressive 17000 DP easily escaping from the biggest none conditional DP reduction card [BT6-101] Wyvern’s Breath.

Reference Deck

I built this deck on EX2 Blackwargreymon deck which is suitable for the Greymon-Omnimon X-antibody tech. If you want to practice in the simulator, you can give it a try.

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  1. Its worth mentioning the line that lets it digivolve from greymon is the same used for armor evolution meaning u can put this on the bt08 greymon (black) then digivolve to say bt1 metakgreymon now that its red giving you a 9k lvl 5 blocker with protection to make sure you can get to the next turn

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