BT7 English Meta After the Ban List

We are not so surprised with the Ban/Restriction list from Bandai recently, overall many of us have agreed with their decision. So what will be coming with BT7 English Meta and how the ban list impacts on it, let's have a small discussion about it.

From our decklist record for BT7 Japanese meta, we have the tier-list for this hybrid era as below:

There is no Tier-0 in BT7 but we do see lots of winning belongs to Blue Hybrid and Yellow Zoe Recovery. The blue hybrid here includes GabuBond of Friendship, AncientGaruru, MagnaGaruru or Susanoomon in blue-color decks. About Zoe-Recovery decks, her recovery line was working well with both yellow-based or purple-based Digimon. That are 2 strongest profile in BT7 Japanese meta.

In this article, we are going to talk about how the ban-list would impact to BT7 English meta.

Deck That Totally lost power: Lilith-Loop

Lilith-Loop deck is the one that got hurt the most from the ban-list, without Mega Digimon Fusion, there is no loop can be made. Not only that, the restriction to limit the number of Eyesmon to be included in the deck breaks the backbone of the deck's mechanics.

If you follow the BT7 meta, you must be very familiar with this deck

The deck's tech lands on the Eyesmon:Scatter mode who can summon some LV4 Eyesmon for free after it is destroyed, then can be evolved into Cerberusmon more draw and trash. The Ceberusmon then will be deleted to summon the LV5 Ceberusmon Werewolf mode to attack with "Rush". From here onward the loop can be created when it has enough cards in hand and trash. 

This deck is still popular till today but we are sure we will see much more less after the ban takes effect.  

To replace for this deck in purple colour for BT7 set, the Cherubimon with Koichi hybrid line appears to be noticed. The purple hybrid line is actually very effective in controlling the board with the LV4 JagerLoweemon "retaliation" and Cherubimon "when digivolving" and "on deletion" effects. We may see more optimised profile for this deck in BT7 English Meta.

Deck that may still stay in Tier-1: Zoe Orimoto Recovery

With 2-lost from the restriction list, why Zoe-Recovery can still remain in Tier-1?

First of all, the Reinforce Memory Boost is not really the important element that decide the strength of this Deck. With 6-cost to play, it equals to "recovery +1", "draw 1" and "Delay" +3 memory. Zoe deck has enough "recovery" from the LV5 JetSilphymon or LV6 Seraphimon or Dynasmon, so it will be okay with 1 copy of Reinforce Memory Boost. For the memory, the duo tamer Takeru & Hikari is the main source that helps to gain many more memories in its turn, gaining from tamer is more secured than gaining from option card because the opponent may play the LV3 Digimon that do not allow us to gain memory from other sources than tamer.

Without Mega Digimon Fusion, the Zoe deck can still evolve the tamer into Susanoomon thanks to the memory enhancer from Takeru&Hikari tamer. By the way, the deck is still strong without Susanoomon appears in the picture. Don't forget the ShineGreymon that have made some thunders in the early meta and he may become a dominance LV6 for Zoe deck in English meta.

Blue-Hybrid: Meta deck would ship to different pillars.

Blue Hybrid would not make it in tier-1, as we suspect from the lost of Icewall option card. But we think the deck will be still a very strong profile in BT7 English Meta.

There is a card that is able to replace Icewall in controlling or slowing down the game, it is Howling memory Boost.

This option card works well with Tommy Himi and Korikakumon in stalling the game, we also foresee more Hammer Spark will come back to fill up the slot that Icewall left.

In all blue-hybrid profiles in BT7 meta, the strongest one as we mentioned in previous article regarding of ban/restriction list is the Tommy Himo hybrid line with Susanoomon and Mega Digimon Fusion in the profile. But after the ban takes effect, the BT7 blue hybrid would use more Magnagarurumon, Gabumon BOF and AncientGarurumon. And Gabumon Bond Of Friendship now is not only used to digivolved from LV3 Gabumon with the support of BT6 tamer Matt Ishida (traditional methods), but also used to evolve into any LV6 blue Digimon due to its cheap Evo-cost and valuable effect. As long as Hammer Spark and Howling Memory Boost are still in-use, the blue hybrid deck still receives many favour for its games.

Red Color: EmperorGreymon and Jesmon

Jesmon has created many drama since the day it was born (BT6 meta). It is the deck that will secure you a win whenever your first draw is good and also a deck that easy to occurs hand-brick the most. It is so straightforward, a typical red deck tech that would kill opponent with OTK (one turn kill). The reason Bandai limited the SaviorHuckmon is also kind of special, "because decks that uses this card with Jesmon have dominated longer than anticipated, greatly limiting viable decks in red".

Jesmon was strong in BT6 meta, but after that it is just a normal profile that win here and there sometimes in BT7 and BT8 meta, and suddenly strong again in EX2 meta. It is true that the red has been limited a lot ever since Jesmon was created.

The LV5 SaviorHuckmon can be replaced with Volcdramon to give Jesmon "SecurityAttack+1" or BT4 RizeGreymon. Jesmon will become less popular in BT7 English meta, but it should not disappear like Lilith-loop.

EmperorGreymon does not take any impact from the ban list because it is not common to see Susanoomon in a red hybrid deck, rather more of AncientGreymon.

The EmperorGreymon is somehow slower than the blue-hybrid deck. To have Emperor successfully working alone, the deck relies a lot on the possibility that you are able to draw and trash BT6 Aldamon to enable opponent's security option-jamming, and how many AnalogBoy you can draw to trash more hybrid cards to trash. Without Aldamon, EmperorGreymon is very weak over Security Control deck because we normally use "Blitz" to attack. Or if it survives after its attacking, opponent will just destroy or return him to hand or deck in next turn, or Tommy Himi will just trash all his digivolution source and make him not able to attack in the next turn …. There are too many decks in BT7 meta can counter EmperorGreymon's power and it does not have OTK ability like Jesmon so it can't end the game.

So we think there is nothing changed for EmperorGreymon position after the ban-list, it may still stay in Tier 1.5 in English format.

Green Junpei Hybrid and Black X-antibody

Junpei hybrid line is not popular in BT7 meta, I think the main reason is Junpei was not a favourite Character in the Digimon Frontier show, lolx, just kidding.

It should be no impact from the ban list to these 2 profiles. The green hybrid is upgraded regarding of the board-control ability with AncientBeetlemon, while BT7 is the first set that helps to complete a first black X-antibody profiles with the evolution line of Dorumon. 

X-antibody has limited way to build deck, it will continue to BT8 Ryudamon line. It always has a fixed distribution for the deck that you would build and not many fancy "spices" to be utilised. 

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7 thoughts on “BT7 English Meta After the Ban List”

    1. Winrate 60% may be enough to loop once, but BT7 Lilith-loop can loop twice with the Mega Digimon Fusion, so I think it is hard to have Lilithmon deck strong again after the ban and restriction applied.

  1. Do you think mixed color hybrid will become more popular now the en meta is slower due to lack of killing pressure from MDF-Susanno, reinforce mem boost, eyesmon

    Or you think sec con will stay stronger

    1. I think the mix color red-blue hybrid with EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon would have potential to be popular in EN meta. And sec-con will be still strong since players in the west loves to play Security Control 🙂

  2. Why there isn't any tier list on the deck list page after BT7? I kind of miss it

    Great web anyway, love the work you do

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