BT9 Ordinemon: How We Should Use it.

[BT9-082] Ordinemon received many attentions on the day it is revealed, all because of its super-power of board control when it is Jogress digivolved.

Odinemon is a LV7 purple-yellow Digimon that can be Jogress digivolved for just 0-cost from a LV6 purple and a LV6 Yellow Digimon. People get shocked about its "When Digivolving" and "On Deletion" effects since it can just clear out the opponent's board at the time it appears in the battle and gets as much "recovery+1" as the number of opponent's Digimon that it destroyed during Jogress, and come back alive if it is destroyed with the condition that you have to trash the top card of security stack. BT9 has introduced the cards that won't allow players to play card from effect, we hope it can at least control this kind of massive power.


To trigger Jogress for Ordinemon, we all know one Digimon that must be used, it is the LV6 [BT9-080] Raguelmon

Raguelmon is LV6 purple-yellow Digimon that allows us to play for free 1 LV6 [Angel] or [Fallen Angel] from trash if there is 1 or fewer cards in security stack when we pay 12-cost to hard-play this Digimon. And up till today, this is the only LV6 that can trigger Jogress-digivolve this Digimon with another LV6 yellow or purple Digimon into Ordinemon at the end of the turn. So it seems we must include this card into the Ordinemon deck. But how we should play it?

The first thing we might think of is: I will use Bliding Light (yellow option card) to reduce the security till 1 or fewer cards and gain more memory, then hard-play the Raguelmon to play another yellow LV6 Digimon (maybe LV6 BT2 Holydramon for recovery) then Jogress them into Ordinemon to clear opponent's board as well as enabling more recovery.

It seems a good strategy, but it might not work in modern meta when everything can be started from Digimon that is moved out from nursing area or from the tamers those can be evolved using hybrid line, or even controlled by the anti-freePlay Digimon by effects such as Pillomon and Pomumon above. Furthermore, since we have to put 4 copies of Raguelmon in the deck, the number of LV6 [Angel] or [FallenAngel] will be limited and hard to draw, so it causes hand-brick easily.

It is not safe to give opponent many memories in current meta. So should we go with the normal digivolving instead?

There are some strong profiles that we can upgrade to match with Ordinemon.

ST10 Mastemon Jogress Deck

ST10 Mastemon is the most suitable profile to be upgraded for Ordinemon. Mastemon can be Jogress-ed from 2 LV5 Digimon (1 Yellow & 1 purple), and then we can choose a LV5 from trash to place on top of security stack, then play it for free by using its "When Digivolving" effect. This LV5 later can be evolved into Raguelmon for 4-cost then can Jogress with Mastemon into Ordinemon at the end of the turn. It is the cheapest way to move into Ordinemon, we can also use Winrate 60% to reduce the digivolving cost of Raguelmon if needed. 

We need to stay in our turn when Mastemon do Jogress, so obviously memory need to be enough, either from Tamer or option cards.

(But first thing first, if opponent has Digimon that do not allow us to play Digimon from effect, we have to destroy it first).

Will Lordknightmon return?

Same with ST10 Mastemon, Lordknightmon can play a LV5 Warrior type Knightmon for free when it is attacking. We can evolve Knightmon into Raguelmon then trigger the Jogress into Ordinemon from Raguelmon and Lordknightmon at the end of the turn.

Compared to ST10 Mastemon, Lordknightmon must attack in order to play the LV5 for free, it means LKM can be destroyed by the opponent's security card (can be a Digimon that has 11K DP or more, or an option card). On top of that, Mastemon can be Jogress from 2 LV5 for free, or has the flexibility to choose any LV5 from trash while Lordknightmon needs to rely on the only LV5 [Warrior] type yellow Digimon for now (if there is no yellow warrior type Digimon is introduced in BT9). Furthermore, since the deck don't have much draw power for Raguelmon, so it is easily to face hand-brick or cannot draw the right card.

There are some players who tried to play Ordinemon in LKM deck, the outcome is not so good. We may wait to see if there is any cards in BT9 that supports this profile, then LordKnightmon can come back again in BT9 meta.

Daemon (Creepymon) to be noticed.

Daemon is an under-use Secretrare card in BT8 that forms no deck or meta yet, but it has potential to work with Raguelmon in BT9 meta.

With just 3 cost to digivolve, if opponent has 2 or more Digimon in the battle, we can play a LV5 or lower purple Digimon from trash without paying its cost.

Daemon can be useful in the deck that built on Raguelmon digivolution line because it has LV4 Meicoomon that can be played from security or LV5  [BT9-076] Meicrackmon Vicious Mode that is cheap to hard-play.

[BT9-076] Meicrackmon Vicious Mode
Effect: [When Played] [When Digivolving] Trash one card from your hand. If the trashed card is purple, delete one of your opponent’s LV3 Digimon. If the trashed card is yellow, one of your opponent’s Digimon gets DP-3000 until the end of the turn.
Inherited: [On Deletion] If this Digimon has 2 or more colors, gain +2 memory.
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