Lexus's Warp Beelze Rush

Invited Author: Lexus T
Country: Singapore


Ex02 brought about one of my favorite decks this set, the Warp Beelze Rush deck. Whilst not being the Tier-1 deck that has been running rampant the past few metas, it is one that is fast-paced, luck dependent and incredibly satisfying to play. It can be rather expensive to build to the number of secret rares that it plays but if you were like me and cashed in on BT2 Beelzes before the blast mode reveal, then this deck wont cost that much more than your usual decks.

Deck profile:

As its name suggests, this variant of Beelzemon has little to no reliance on the traditional digivolution routes, but rather almost full reliance on hitting at least 10 cards in your trash to kick start the warp evo engine into BT2 Beelze and then into Blast mode. 

MVPs of the Deck mill engine:

Impmon and Pagumon’s Inherit allows you to mill 5 cards from deck, proccing a slew of effects if you are lucky. This deck relies heavily on trashing Ai & Mako, BT2 Beelze as well as Blast mode in order to pull off the combos. You can then use Dobermon to retrieve Ai & Mako or BT2 Beelze or any purple digimon cards as needed from the trash needed to advance your game state.

Heres a tip: Always resolve the trash effects of impmon before pagumon as if you hit a ex02 Beelze when milling if there are no other impmons in the trash, then the trash effect of impmon will not active should you bring it back to the field.


These are the bread and butter of your build. These impmons have all the effects you need in your arsenal. Having a large lvl 3 base also ensures that you almost never brick. Impmon into Beelze into Blast mode and swing into your opponent’s security. Nuff said.

Ex02 Impmon allows you to choose up to 3 cards to trash when milled, so please dont mill 3 when your deck is thinning out.

Techs Cards

With Impmons and Beelzes being your base, we do have a few spots to tech in cards that suit your playstyle. I find Jagerloweemon a really useful tech card that always catches my opponent unaware; With the 3 memory you get each turn, you can use 1 for calling from darkness to retrieve him, evo for 2 and swing for game. Lucemon also provides an alternative delete to corona blaster, a level 5 body for both beelzes that can be easily retrieved from trash when needed.

Bad matchups:

Yellow hybrid recovery and Blackwargreymon.
Yellow Hybrid prolongs the game via recovery, which is beelze’s achilles heel. Blackwargrey’s kit can be very irritating and since beelze needs to be out on the field before being able to evo into blast mode makes it vulnerable to metalgre’s devolve effect as well as blkwargrey’s tamer deletion effect.

Final thoughts

This deck is an extremely fast paced deck that can easily deck out if you do not carefully control your milling. However it offers strong control, swarming potential and incredible satisfaction from gambling out milling effects that can devastate your opponent’s board. It may not be the most economical deck around but hopefully, it will be able to shine a little more once the ban list takes effect.

Game Play

This deck runs 2 Omnimon Zwart Defeat instead of 2 copies of 2 Lucemon, and no LV4 Hybrid JagerLowee.

This deck is the older version before it was optimised, which is shown in this article. 

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