A Beelstar-Ordine Concept?


Many players who have proxy-tested Ordinemon suggest that she may not make top-tier, perhaps due to her situational play conditions. 

However, when I was fiddling with a certain deck concept I found Ordinemon doing a lot better than I would have expected!

Raguelmon and Ordinemon

[BT9-082] Ordinemon is currently the only LV7 Digimon with a Jogress (DNA digivolution) effect. She has almost no play value when digivolved normally hence should always be played via Jogress.


It is not easy to have 2 LV6 Digimons in play during your turn to readily Jogress into Ordinemon, so it is imperative that an [End of Your Turn] jogress effect be used with Ordinemon. For this, [BT9-080] Raguelmon is introduced.

At a play cost of 12, Raguelmon can always play another Digimon (usually a LV5 or lower such as MagnaAngemon, or a LV6 Angel/Fallen-Angel when you are low in security) from trash, making it's play-cost worthwhile. In addition, Raguelmon will be able to jogress into Ordinemon at the end of your turn, given that you have another LV6. Raguelmon however, does not do much when digivolved normally. 

Would a LV7 that should always be played by jogress, and a LV6 that should be hard-played, perhaps do well in a mega-zoo-like deck like… Beelstarmon?


The Beelstarmon factor

As it happens, Raguelmon/Ordinemon can be played with Beelstarmon (being a purple LV6 Digimon that can jogress into Ordine). By replacing most LV3 Digimons in the deck with Beelstarmon and her legion of 7-cost options, we can build a security-control mega-zoo deck.

The addition of a Beelstarmon configuration helps strengthen the deck's security with deletion option cards. Gatomon/Tailmon can be played to provide search, while MagnaAngemons and Angewomons can be played for their [On-Play] effects. Ideally, Gatomon can digivolve into any of the LV5 angels for just 1-cost, and subsequently into Ophanimon Falldown Mode for a recovery and deletion effect. When Ophanimon is deleted, she can revive Gatomon to search again and replay this cycle.

Beelstarmon provides flexibility in dealing with a variety of opponent's board, and if a Raguelmon or an Ophanimon that inherits Gatomon is in play, they can then jogress into Ordinemon for a massive board control and recovery!

Tidal wave works well in this mega-zoo configuration, since Beelstarmon can use it instead of the usual deletion options if a jogress will happen at the end of turn. Since Ordinemon has a wide deletion effect that couples with recovery, we wouldn't want to delete anything unnecessarily through Beelstarmon's option cards. 


I have proxy-tested this deck for quite a while and boy was it fun to play… though not without problems. For one, this deck lacks the necessary draw power to recover from a bad starting hand. 

This is simply a deck concept, and do expect a lot of optimisation if it was ever going to be played in the competitive scene! 

…. something that I will most likely be doing in the coming weeks.

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2 thoughts on “A Beelstar-Ordine Concept?”

  1. Did you ever actually build on this or change it at all, looking for some way to make Ordinemon work outside of Mastemon and am very interested in what you have done !

    1. Hi Estalian, in BT-09 unfortunately Ordinemon cannot perform it's best due to smaller board size, making her impact rather lacklustre against a single Alphamon Ouryuken or Grandiskuwagamon.

      Currently, Ordine and Raguel are too conditional, so how I'd like to play it is to run a trash engine and discard Ordine and Raguel early so they do not hog up my hand, and then using Calling From Darkness to pull both of them from trash when a satisfactory board condition arises. That said, Dexmon is by far a better card to punish wide boards (includes tamers) and gives strong board control, so until Bandai decides to restrict Dexmon or buff the Ordine engine, there is little room for this to be tier-1.

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