Could this be the RAREST Digimon cards in existence?

Talk about lost treasures. Today we came across a very unique and possibly one of the rarest cards to ever drop into our inboxes. I’m not exactly where else that you can get them but these cards, they are a true and proper gem. Let me break it down to you what I meant by rare.

  1. You can only obtain them from a literal handful of countries. E.g Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong.
  2. These are the very first Digimon cards to have ever been created. (1997-1999)
  3. You can only purchase them from vending machines (Yes not even a booster pack)

Combine all the elements together, you’ll get these Digimon Pendulum cards. Imagine that, Bandai decided to launch those cards together without a proper sealed packaging to keep them nice and safe but instead, by using vending machines. Considering all the factors, I can only imagine most of the cards getting lost somewhere or even most of them getting scratches and whitening on it. Of course there are a few miraculous ones and today my Digimon enthusiasts, I present to you the miracle.

Possibly, the very first graded Digimon Pendulum Card created by Bandai – 

Image is provided by: Feroz Khaili
Image is provided by: Feroz Khaili

It’s such a beauty isn’t it? This is truly extraordinary considering the fact that it’s been hiding for 23 whole years and it got graded a SGC 9? This might even be rarer than the 1st Edition Charizard. For a card that was designed and printed in the late 90s, the artwork truly transcends time and it was way ahead of it’s time. 

The owner of these cards, Feroz Khaili, told us that he has bought these series of cards every day during his primary school days just to complete the entire collection because Digimon was the hype back then and these cards were very appealing. It was at this moment we asked him, why did you decided to get it graded? 

  • Feroz said, “I’ve actually been wanting to get it graded for the past few years but every time I get into contact with grading companies like PSA or CGC, they would just tell me that they can’t get it graded due to the lack of reference. So, I contacted Bandai directly to get some reference so they could assist me with the grading process but was informed instead that they couldn’t provide any information as they don’t have such departments to assist me with it. So what do I do next? I went on Facebook and that’s where I saw Digimon card collectors getting their cards graded through SGC. So, I decided to send them an email and within a day, they responded and told me that they would love to get them graded. So here I am, finally graded and kept in the best condition ever."

Now at this point, we are assuming that there he has kept more of this card so we wanted to know about his future plans for these cards and if the rest of them are going to get graded. He replied, “Yes, I actually have a lot more of these cards and I am definitely getting them sent to be graded especially the very 1st card of these series.

Imagine that. One of the rarest Digimon cards in the entire world just sitting in a dusty corner of the room in mint condition just waiting to be graded. It was definitely a very exciting day for Digimon card collectors around the world and we’re guessing that this isn’t going to be the last time we’ll ever see these cards.

Image is provided by: Feroz Khaili
Image is provided by: Feroz Khaili

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  1. Hi,
    I have these cards numbered from 1-180 with afew missing. Can i know where do i get them grade / class?

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