BT9: Grandis-Kuwagamon is winning a lot in Japan and Malaysia

We are not surprised that Green Grandis/Grankuwagamon is currently leading the BT9 meta, especially in Japan and Malaysia. We can consider this profile as another OTK deck in BT9, it has a higher level of control the opponent's board with "changing the target when attacking", faster to evolve into LV6 with "digisorption (download)", and OTK with "SecurityAttack++" by triggering digi-burst. On top of that, this deck is very cheap and easy to build.

For now there are 2 different builds for this deck, one of them is purely building with all [Insectoid] Digimon and the other one is using the cheap and fastest way to evolve-up by using "1-cost to digivolve" LV4s and LV5 Digimon with "digisorption", both of them have the same ratio of winning.

Thanks to BT9 meta, Grankuwagamon promo comes back to be strong and useful in Green color. Let's see how the current build support them.

Profile 1: Faster Digivolving with "Download"

This featured deck below is created by GuanRong (Malaysia). There is something to note about this deck:

  • This deck uses the Digitama Yokomon, lv3 Palmon promo, Lalamon and Weedmon "1-cost to evolve from lv3" that will provide more inherited effects for  Grankuwagamon when it triggers "Digi-burst" to gain "SecurityAttack++"
  • This deck uses cheap play-cost LV3 to be hard play if there is a need for "Digisorption". 
  • If the "digisorption" line is able to be built successfully, then with just 1 Mimi tamer in the board, the LV5 is evolved into LV6 Grankuwagamon for 3 cost, stay in the turn. After that we can trigger digit-burst twice to give this Digimon +2000 DP (from digitama), gain "Jamming" from Palmon and gain back 1 memory from Weedmon. Then we can digivolve Grankuwagamon into GrandisKuwagamon for 1 cost (still stay in the turn), this Digimon now has "SecurityAttack+2" with 18000DP. It can declare first attack to the opponent security cards (3 checks), then [end of the attack] can suspend 1 opponent's Digimon and unsuspend this Digimon. Second attack would be made to clear opponent's board or to end the game with final hit (if the opponent has no more security left).
  • This Digimon with "Jamming" and 17k or 18k DP can be survived if it hit reducing-DP option card like Wyvern Breath, can stay alive if it is Trump Sword because the Digimon havent reached the state to unsuspend itself, but it will be destroyed if it hit removal cards such as GaiaForce, DarkGaiaforce, or Fly Bullet.

Profile 2: Full Built for Insectoid

The deck above is created by Kinopota-san, from Japan. This is the other profile that is quite a common build for Grandiskuwagamon in BT9. With the fully "insectoid" Digimon are used from LV3 to LV6, it seems like a very straightforward or predictable if you are playing against them. 

There are some techs in this deck that it can either help to check faster or control the board better. The LV5 Okuwamon can be built in the raising area, then move out to digivolve into Okuwagamon-X, put an X-antibody option card under this Digimon digivolution source, declares attack and evolve into GrandisKuwagamonX for 3 costs (reduced 1-cost from OkuwagamonX effect).

The best thing of the GrandisKuwagamon is that "it can change the target when it is attacking", it may change the target to attack the opponent's Digimon that just got suspended when Grandis digivolves to earn back many more memories from tamers or from other Digimon's inherited effects. It still can do "piercing" with "SecurityAttack+1" if BT1 Kokuwamon is in its digivolution source. There is a chance that it may still stay in its turn after gaining back memory, unsuspend itself at the end of the attack and declares another attack to opponent's Digimon or security. GrandisKuwagamon with 16000DP is safe to check if it hit opponent's Digimon in security except for Imperial Paladin Mode and Alphamon Ouryuken.

If this Digimon is able to survive after attacks, if there is a need to destroy another opponent's Digimon in the board, then it is time to use Grandis Scissor.

This option card can trigger "unsuspend" one of your Digimon and that Digimon may attack your opponent's Digimon (this Digimon can do "piercing" to opponent's security, but not the element to win the game).

Unlike the 1st profile, this deck has its own defence strategy, the EX1 Kuwagamon, acts as MegaGargomon, will able to put opponent's unsuspended Digimon into sleep without waking-up in opponent's unsuspend phase. There is no [Once Per Turn] in its effects, so it works perfectly with GrandisKuwagamon since GrandisKuwagamon can do attack twice, at least 2 opponent's Digimon will be put into "sleep" mode if needed.


There is an obvious weakness for any OTK deck is Security Control. If the Digimon with "SecurityAttack++" hit a removal option card, then yeah it is not your lucky day. 

The second threat in this Meta would be BT5 Omnimon X-antibody

If opponent has an Ominmon X in their field, your attack will become meaningless even if you have "SecurityAttack+5". There is no option card in GrandisKuwagamon deck that can destroy this Digimon. To encounter this scenario, you must evolve into your LV6 and attack before opponent's OmnimonX shows up.

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