All about Digimon DC-1GP Asia (Outside Japan)

The DC-1 GrandPrix is currently happening in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

For detail information, check out in Bandai official website:

10 Apr: Group Final Result

Group 1: Malaysia and Thailand

Jenkins Yeo (Malaysia)

Group2: Taiwan and Singapore.

Champion: ユキ (Yuki) (Taiwan)

Tournament Group and Prize

Group 1: Malaysia and Thailand

Group2: Taiwan and Singapore.

Based on the information from Maxsoft, the promo cards that are legal to use in this big event if it is listed in this link:

Ban-List cards for DC-1GP Asia Group Final and above is:

[P-007] Garurumon,
[P-008] Weregarurumon,
[P-009] Agumon,
[P-010] Greymon,
[P-012] Taichi,
[P-011] Veedramon Zero,
[P-047] AeroveedramonZero,
[P-048] UlforceVeedramon Zero and
[P-058] Gammamon.
Above cards were officially distributed in V-jump Magazine in Japan only. Use this link  to check how the promo cards are distributed.
Winning Decks of this event are listed in BT9 deck-list, you can use the keyword "dc-1p" to search for them.

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