Beginner Guide: Multicolor Cards and DNA Digivolution


Starting from ST9 and ST10, multi-color cards and DNA Digivolution are introduced to players. These are new mechanics that help bring the Digimon Card Game to a next level of technique and strategy. 

Multicolor Digimon or Option Cards

These Digimon and option cards have multiple colors, such as yellow/purple, blue/green, black/red, blue/red, etc. They are treated as having all the specified colors simultaneously.


Unlike Digimon with effect such as "Your Turn/ All turn: this Digimon is also treated as (color)", multiple colour Digimon are considered to have multi-color in all areas, including raising area, battle area, trash, hand, deck, security stack. Moreover, a single multicolor Digimon counts as having multiple colors for cards that care about color count. 

For example: [BT8-053] Raidramon is a blue/green Digimon that is counted as both a blue Digimon and a green Digimon in all the area (including raising area). Since it is a blue/green Digimon, it can digivolve into a Digimon that has either color. If a card effect requires you to have 2 or more colors of Digimon in play, a single multicolour Raidramon counts for 2 colors all by itself.

[BT8-084] Kimeramon is a special white Digimon that can be evolved from any color Digimon. If Kimeramon is Jogress-ed (DNA)  Digivolution from other multiple colors Digimon, this Digimon is also treated as the color of the cards in its digivolution cards. For example, if Kimeramon is jogressed from a LV4 yellow/purple Digimon and a LV4 blue/green Digimon, Kimeramon now itself is considered as a 5 colors Digimon (white, yellow, purple, blue and green).

In the early time of ST9/ST10, there are many misplays when using multicolour option cards. Originally we have thought that we could cast a multi-color option card as long as there is at least 1 card of the same color in play, this is INCORRECT.

To use a multi-color option card, you must meet all its color requirements. For example, to use [BT8-105] Dark Gaia Force, you must have both black and red color cards on your field. These can include your hatched Digitama in raising area, tamer or Digimon in battle area.

DNA Digivolution

DNA Digivolution or Jogress Digivolution is a new type of digivolution that combines 2 Digimons together to digivolve. Digimon cards with DNA Digivolution conditions are able to DNA digivolve.
Here is a step-by-step guide from Bandai for DNA DIgivolution:
1. Look at the DNA Digivolution requirements for the Digimon card in your hand, if you have all the specified Digimon in your battle area with the requested color, you may proceed to do DNA digivolve.
2. Place the Digimon card that you want to DNA digivolving into your battle area unsuspended on top of the two Digimon specified for the DNA digivolution, including there digivolution cards.
When stacking the cards, follow by the requirement of DNA digivolution, the first color must stay on top of the second color.
For example, the ST9 Paildramon condition to DNA Digivolve: Blue lv4 + Green Lv4 : 0 Cost, the lv4 and its digivolution cards should be placed like this:
3. After placing the card in respected order,  we must pay the required digivolution cost and draw a card as a digivolution bonus.
4. If there is any [When Digivolving] effects, activate them. And just like a normal Digimon, the DNA-ed Digimon can inherited all the inherited effects from its digivolution cards. 
And these are things that makes DNA Digivolution mechanic so much powerful:
– When DNA digivolving, even if one or both of used Digimon are suspended, the post-DNA digivolution Digimon will enter play unsuspended.
– All effects on pre-digivoltion end, and are reset. Means even if you already used the [Once per turn] effect in all of the inherited effect before doing DNA digivolution, the DNA-ed Digimon can still activate [Once Per Turn] effect again.
– Even if one or both of the Digimon used in the DNA Digivolution came into play this turn, after DNA digivolving them together, the resulting Digimon (DNA-ed Digimon) can attack as soon as it enters battle area.
– If there is an effect to reduce the digivolution cost like "When one of your Digimon digivolves, you can reduce the digivolution cost by ()". As a normal digivolution step, the reduce digivolution cost effect is also applied for DNA digivolution.
To get more info about DNA Digivolution (or Jogress Digivolution), you can also check out the previous post "updates on Jogress digivolution" in the site.
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