Security Control with Meiko

In this X-Antibody meta, there are a few obvious winners, the obvious being Alphamon and Grandiskuwagamon. The one thing in common between the tier-1 decks and the other popular decks in this meta (such as Wargremon-X) is that they run the OTK mechanic.

A counter to the widespread OTK in BT-09 is the security control deck, often including [BT5-044] Sakuyamon and Dexmon as their core cards. Many play these cards in a traditional Zoe-Hybrid Control deck.

Today we take a look at a slightly different variant that I feel works just as well.

The anti-meta: Sakuyamon and Dexmon

Before moving into the secret sauce, let's take a quick look at 2 of the core cards. 

[BT5-044] Sakuyamon is easily the most anti-meta card in BT-09 if played correctly: play her the turn before your opponent would push out their Digimon from the breeding area to avoid an OTK scenario, even if it mean hard-playing her to the field. It doesn't really matter if you pass too much memory to your opponent since this being a security control deck, should give ample solutions against whatever they put on their field (Dexmon being one).

And then there's [BT9-112] Dexmon, which obliterates your opponent's board when they are not being careful. While Dexmon may not always be able to clear your opponent's board (especially when de-digivolving a LV6 X-Antibody back into their normal LV6 form) he can still come out for cheap when your opponent has a decently large board size and has a strong board presence.

Another special mention that both Sakuyamon and Dexmon can easily cripple an opponent's Armor deck, since Sakuyamon slows down their tempo and Dexmon easily wipes off a board of rookies and Armor LV4 Digimons.

The Meiko engine

Meiko Mochizuki has a 1-card searching effect, and gains +1 memory whenever a purple and yellow Digimon is played (even during your opponent's turn), which works well with [BT9-074] Meicoomon. 

When Meicoomon is hit from security, it will be played and by suspending some Meiko tamers you may gain enough memory to bring your opponent's turn to an abrupt end.

Meanwhile, [BT9-076] Maycrackmon: Vicious Mode has good synergy with Flame Hellscythe. By playing Flame Hellscythe to revive a Maycrackmon, you can hit 1 of your opponent's Digimon with a total of -9000 DP, easily eliminating most LV5 Digimons, in addition to also deleting 1 of your opponent's LV3 Digimon.

With a few Meiko tamers in play, the cost of this play will also be reduced.


A security control deck is not complete without recovery, and we can play [BT1-107] Holy Wave and [BT4-105] Tactical Retreat!! for that recovery consistency.

These option cards generate tonnes of value when they are triggered from security, but may be slightly more cumbersome when played from hand.

Holy Wave is a 6-cost option card when played normally, which is very expensive. However, being played in security control format and the Dexmon/Sakuyamon bargaining chips in hand, giving your opponent more memory to build their board won't necessarily be a bad idea as long as what their board setup timing is still under your control.

As for Tactical Retreat!!, this can be a great card to send your Meicoomon back to your security. Great value comes from sending a suspended Meicoomon (after attacking security and surviving) back to your security so that it can just pop back out when your opponent's Digimon swings at it again, potentially triggering your Meiko tamers for additional memory gains.

Tactical Retreat is also amazing with the new security rookie Digimons, which you can also send back to your security when needed. When popped from security, [P-068] Herissmon can slow down security checks while [P-071] Impmon can play a purple LV3 Digimon from trash, both are added to your hand afterwards.

Additional synergies

The purple [BT3-096] Mimi Tachikawa is also an amazing card in a deck with so many option cards, granting excellent value as your game progresses. In addition, she also makes good deterrence against your opponent's X-Antibody option card, which would likely end their turn or limit their play since you would gain memory.

The purple dual-tamer card [BT6-091] Sora & Mimi is also a good card for the very needed drawing power for security control decks. In addition, this card puts pressure on your opponent's board without any LV3 or LV4 Digimons, and if they do consistently play a LV3/4 onto their board then that would work in favor of your Meicrackmon, Hellsycthe, and Dexmon.  


[BT7-107] Calling From the Darkness is also a great for pulling your Dexmon or other purple Digimons from trash, which is most likely there due to Meiko's search, your security, or trashed my Meicrackmon's effect. 


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