William Teh: A Deck Review for JesmonGX with Gankoomon X

Invited Author: William Teh
Country: Malaysia


Jesmon GX has its unique play style in Digimon Card Game (DCG) as it combines with a bunch of sistermons to run the engine.
Previously, Jesmon's play style was One Turn Kill (OTK) instead of how you are able to control the board and lack of defensive ability compared to other decks.
It is good for beginners who just joined DCG before the limitation of BT6 SaviourHuckmon where you can just build your perfect line in the Digitama area and OTK your opponent when the time has come.
After the limitation of BT-6 SaviourHuckmon, the play style becomes more interesting and you are able to do more in board controlling.
This is the deck I played and won in a local tournament.

How does Jesmon GX deck works in the BT-10 environment?

For the current environment, how do we increase the win rate against most of the decks like Venusmon (Security control), Blueflare, Darkknightmon X, etc?
Most of the Jesmon GX players will prioritize Jesmon X rather than ST12 Gankoomon/ Gankoomon X. 
Jesmon X allows all of your Digimons including sistermons to attack the active Digimon in your next turn (as your Sistermons have summoning sickness during the turn) where mostly you will pass the turn due to digivolved to Jesmon GX.
However, most of the time all of your sistermons will be destroyed by Dexmon as most of the deck will put at least 1 or 2 pieces Dexmon currently in their deck. 
This is the key reason why I played a different style of Jesmon GX, ST-12 Gankoomon and Gankoomon X will be my prior instead of Jesmon/Jesmon X.
As De-digivolve is irresistible currently except for Ragnalordmon and Mother D-Reaper. All these make ST-12 Gankoomon become my choice.
For the sequence of Sistermons
(1 – Important, 5 – Optional)
1) BT6 Sistermon Noir/Ciel
2) ST12 Sistermon Blanc
3) BT6 Sistermon Blanc
4) ST12 Sistermon Noir/Ciel
5) BT10 Sistermon Ciel
Why the most important is BT6 Sistermon Noir/Ciel instead of BT10 Sistermon Ciel?
I love how BT6 Sistermon Noir/Ciel delivers a persistent effect with +2000 DP for all turns and +1 memory where Jesmon GX's DP can be up to 21000 or more with Blocker effect.
BT10 Sistermon Ciel is giving an effect of +1 memory when digivolving to Huckmon in name/ Royal Knight, but lacks a persistent effect.
DCG performs based on how you control your opponent's memory to increase the rate of winning. However, if you need BT10 Sistermon Ciel to digivolve to Jesmon GX; thus, you would give your opponent's memory to become 6 or above. 
Unless you need to speed up the digivolution in 1 turn from BaoHuckmon(Level 4) to Jesmon GX to counter your opponent's or serious defending for the turn. Then, BT10 Sistermon Ciel will be the only option.
Whereas, ST12 Sistermon Blanc is a compulsory 2-3 copies in your deck.
It can prevent your Red/ Black Digimon from being destroyed by effect. In other words, Jesmon GX is nearly invulnerable to most of the effects except for De-digivolve and Chaos Degration.
Lastly, ST12 Sistermon Noir/ Ciel might need at least 1 piece to reboot your Jesmon GX as the highest DP Blocker in DCG so far.


Facing against yellow security control deck (Venusmon) could be quite challenging as Venusmon effect is able to control most of the deck and you couldn’t run any of your digivolving/ attacking effects until the end of the opponent's turn. 
So, we can use the ST12 Searcher & Delay option or just play BT1 Taichi or Sistermon in order to utilize the memory.
Why would you play Taichi while Venusmon can control your Digimon with "Security Attack"?
This is why I chose ST12 Gankoomon as main instead of Jesmon/ Jesmon X. BT1 Taichi does not affect other than Red Digimon.
With that, it is easier to control your memory at 3 during your turn and  counter your opponent.
Firstly, digivolve your SaviourHuckmon to ST12 Gankoomon and you can De-Digivolve up to 2 opponent's Digimon. Then, you can just pay for 1 cost to Digivolve to Gankoomon X. 
At the end, your Jesmon GX can do about 5 checks to your opponent's security.
This is why I use BT1 Taichi and not worrying about Venusmon.
Facing DarkKnightmon X (DKX) deck will be a little strenuous, DKX can free summon Darkknightmon (DK) in trash during deletion.
The only method is to digivolve ST12 Gankoomon and De-digivolve DKX.
Next, we could destroy it without allowing your opponent to free summon an 8 cost DK.
The effect of BT10 DK works to De-digivolve 1 of your Digimon and destroy a 5 cost Digimon, that's why it becomes 1 of the Meta in our country.
Therefore, the solution goes to ST12 Gankoomon.XD
Regarding Blue Flare (BF), the nemesis of Jesmon GX.
We know about how BF can stun all of your sistermons and Jesmon GX/ Jesmon/ Gankoomon.
But, don’t worry about spreading your sistermons despite your opponent can stun all of them during every turn.
Here’s a smart move! I would recommend putting 2 pieces of BT8 Kimeramon into your deck. Joggress Digivolution reset all of the effects of 2 of your Sistermons (or any of the Level 4 Digimon). Friendly reminder, Jesmon GX must clear your opponent's security until 0 before we use the BT8 Kimeramon to end the game. Otherwise, you will be countered by your opponent in the next turn.
Back to the start, ST12 Gankoomon plays an important role, as we know Deckerdramon has "Armor Purge".
Last but not least, we need some luck for Digimon Card Game although your deck is stronger against your opponent's deck.
Sometimes, you have to pray hard before the tournament to decrease your hand brick chances. XD
The above is my personal opinion and does not represent any of the other Jesmon GX players.
Have a nice day!

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