Ridhaudin: BT10 DarkKnightmon Deck Review

Invited Author: Ridhaudin
Country: Malaysia


Hi to my fellow Digi-Destined readers here! This is Ridhaudin from Malaysia giving you my deck review that I used recently in the first week of the BT10 meta which is the Darkknightmon, the Immortal King. 

Darkknightmon recently received a handful of supports in the latest BT-10 which improves more aggressiveness, defensiveness and consistency to the deck overall. With the only Digi-Xros deck that does not having any Save mechanic. The deck does have its own stickiness to stay in the field giving constant pressure to opponents battle area. Thus, being one of the top contenders in the current meta.

This is my deck list profile that I piloted and won in my local’s tournament:

The deck in general having to run a lot of rookies and champions which does have some similarity with the Armor Rush deck.

What I love the most about this deck in having a great consistency and efficiency, is the number of searchers it provides. Having up to 4 searchers in total does makes a lot of differences to the lack of the draw power that black has.

General Gameplay Objectives

This deck in general is to rush out your opponent’s security as fast as you can with the rookies and with the Darkknightmon packages. Another gameplay that would drag you out into the late is to be able to hold out your field with the new Blocker effects from the new Tamer in BT-10 while having bodies to pressure your opponent’s board. The ultimate combo with this deck can achieve up to 4 checks with 9k-14k DP in one turn with low resources used.

Digitamas/Level 2

Pagumon (BT6-005) is the only Digitama suitable with the decks, as all the color in the deck are black and not running much option and Tamers is a plus draw for your hand. I also run the Dorimon (BT7-005), this other one copy of Digitama is not really important other than the main one so I just run it because it can compliment with the effect of BT7 SkullKnightmon to slot the sources underneath just for additional draw.

Rookies/Level 3

To start with the Monitamon (BT10-058) is one of my favorites cards in the deck having to take 2 cards that is the Darkknightmon key pieces from the 4 cards revealed is super helpful! I also run the Dorumon (P-070), having 25-27 Digimons with play cost 4 or less in the deck you could spawn the card from top of your deck 95% most of the time. Next, I run the Chikurimon (BT6-056) as a good measure in the security to counter most of the OTK decks, Ie: Alphamon Ouryuken & GrandisKuwagamon . Being able to select one of your opponent’s Digimons to De-Digivolve is a solid effect to slow them down. Last lvl 3 is the latest Chikurimon (ST-13) which is a great counter to the current Digi-Xros meta especially to the Xros-Heart and the Blue-Flare. Those decks in general needed to recycle their materials through their Tamers thus making them vulnerable to the Tamer deletion effect of the Darkknightmon X (BT10-069) while them passing me a lot of memories to my turn. 

“Why didn’t run the ToyAgumon (BT2-055) with the Reboot?”

Personally, it’s one my favourite rookie in black overall. But what makes me don’t run it is because most of the time you wouldn’t go with the setup gameplay in the nursery with this deck and you would not be able to inherit the reboot effect in time while setting up the Darkknightmons package.


Darkknightmon Package

The latest Darkknightmon (BT10-066)  only cost 4 to hardcast in the field while putting 2 materials underneath is super strong. Having a strong effect when played and Digi-Xros is making it able to remove opponents’ level 5 and below. My suggestion is as early as you could in the game if you have the hand to play this one you should play it straight away to give early pressure to your opponent. Whereas the other Darkknightmon (BT7-063)  you should cast it whenever you have a decent memory before passing to the opponents most of the time. 

SkullKnightmon (BT7-058) being the next aggro character in the deck. The When Attacking effects allow you to digivolve to Darkknightmon for free and having a good ess Security Attack +1 is a must included material to put beneath your Digi-Xros Darkknightmon. For the other materials that you can go as the DeadlyAxemon spot I would suggest putting the searchers lvl 4 in the sources. Such as, the DeadlyAxemon (BT7-059)/Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode (BT10-061) thus provides additional materials from searching when the deletion from Darkknightmon above triggers for your hand ready for the next turn in case it got controlled by your opponents.

I also run 2 copies of the SkullKnightmon: Cavalier Mode (BT8-062). Most of the people wouldn’t run this in the deck as it only has a When Digivolving that gains Jamming and Blocker, and also not having any ess. My preference towards this card specially just wants to have extra materials to be slot in the Darkknightmons just because it is also treated SkullKnightmon/DeadlyAxemon is an alternative in case I’m short with the materials.

Last but not least, how is my experience with the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069) in general? It’s the only Mega level in the deck but it does have a strong presence when on field. Being able to delete any Tamers is such a strong effect in the current meta. My advice if you have Amano Nene (BT10-092) in hand you should cast it as early as you can. This provides two-way of playing with the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069). The 1st one is being able to be aggressive to your opponent’s Digimons or last-hittting your opponents after all your Digimons have finished swinging and evolving it on top of your Darkknightmons and deleting the Amano Nene for just 2 cost evolution. The other one is to have it as a Blocker while your opponents are swinging with a greater DP than this Digimons thus making it procs the On Deletion effect to play your Darkknightmon from trash and you should play the BT10 one to De-Digivolve your opponents and stopping them for a while.

“Why didn’t include any Dexmon in the deck?” 

I personally feel my type of playstyle for this deck is not a board-controlled purpose since my sole was to rush it as fast as I can. This is my personal opinion, but it is a good card to include inside the deck if anyone prefers it. 

Tamers & Options

Of course, Amano Nene (BT10-092) is a must to include. I would suggest to run only 2-3 copies in the deck as you didn’t really need it too much on the field. The other Tamer is the Izzy Izumi (BT4-096) is your go to memory Tamer and does have a good effect inside security by gaining one memory if all 3 cards on your top deck is black, which it is gonna be XD. I run Izzy with 3 copies since I tried with 2 copies before realizing you wouldn’t see it much in your hand or security.

The options I used are the Kongou (BT9-103) is one of my favourite options in black since then, stopping level 5 below to declare any attacks have been really helpful to me. Pride Memory Boost (BT7-105) you already know how suitable it is for the deck and having a delay +2 memory to extend your plays/combo.


VS Blue Flare:

The freeze mechanics is a struggle while facing this deck. Having to get your Digimons in battle area, you can’t really avoid being hit by it. The play is to take it slow with the rush and choking your opponents as much as you can and bring out the Darkknightmon X-Antibody (BT10-069) when the Blue Flare Tamer Christopher Aonuma (BT10-088) appears because without the Tamer they can’t take materials underneath different Tamers. Make the necessary characters stay unsuspend to be able to use the Blocker effect when needed as Blue in general have a strong resource with the memory and draw powers.

VS Xros Heart:

The Xros Heart needs a lot of materials to summon the key pieces which of the deck which is Shoutmon X4 (BT10-009) & Shoutmon X5 (BT10-013) otherwise they are gonna pass a lot of memory to you. The deck also is almost the same as Blue Flare as it needs to have the Tamer Mikey Kudo to be able to use the materials underneath all Tamers. But in this case, you shouldn’t really use your Darkknightmon or Twilight type to block the X4 & X5 since they are gonna have Piercing from Ballistamon (BT10-049). The plan is to wait until Shoutmon X5 (BT10-013) came out and use the effects of Darkknightmon to De-Digivolve 1 and destroy the Shoutmon (BT10-008) underneath which it’s the only material will be saved, and the rest will be discarded so it will not be looped in the next plays. And delete the Mikey Kudo (BT10-087) if you have the chance.

VS Jesmon:

Jesmon deck does offer both good offensive and defensive playstyle. With the latest support from BT10 provides Jesmon with Piercing and an even more amounts of Sistermons spawn. Your opponent would opt to play the Sistermon Blanc (BT6- 082) to stop the Darkknightmon aggressiveness. Your only concern would be deleting the Sistermon Blanc to cancel the Blocker gain effect to all the other Sistermons with the Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode (BT10-061)by Digi-Xrosing with 2 materials underneath to pop 4 cost or less easily by paying 2 just costs. And this is one of the reasons why I include Kongou (BT9-103) in my deck profile, it will slow the Sistermons down from rushing the security since Jesmon wouldn’t be able to finish the game. My suggestion would be playing the Kongou (BT9-103) last before ending your turn by setting up your next play with deleting the necessary Sistermon that would slow you down and choking your opponent memory since Jesmon deck usually don’t really rely on memory Tamers.

VS Bagra Army:

Eventhough Bagra Army have the same Save mechanic with the Xros Heart and Blue Flare. It relies too much on Amano Yuu (BT10-093) in my opinion. Without the Tamer on the field, they wouldn’t be able to loop the sources underneath their Digimons and from the trash. You can easily pop the Tamer as quick as you can since they can’t loop the Tamer from trash unless they play the Hybrid packages which is not that consistent with the deck I believe. But do be careful of Troopmon (BT10-076) and MadLeomon (BT10-077) when youre gaining hand size or playing your Darkknigtmon package. As it would end your turn quickly just by pulling the sources underneath those Digimons from the memory gains. If you’re not able to delete the Amano Yuu (BT10-093) in time, do watch out from Blastmon (BT10-070) summoning that can have Rush and Blitz when played with just 3 sources underneath it and prepare some Blockers when you have the chance.

VS Ragnaloardmon:

Ragnaloardmon provides a faster rate chance to Jogress from the new Starter supports eventhough for a lvl 7. But Ragnaloard playstyle wouldn’t really go for nursery gaming as it needs to use the spawning effect to have two bodies to Jogress. So, use that opportunity to pop the lvl 5 using the Darkknightmon (BT10-066) but be aware of the deletion negate effect that Bryweludramon (ST13-14) and RaijiLudomon (ST13-13) provides. But all in all, the pace of the Darkknightmons is even faster than Ragnaloardmon playstyle.

This is just some of my favourite matchups for now. I would love to go against the Yellow Hybrid Venusmon in the future and other types of Security Control decks to see how good it is to hold up against these strong control/recovery decks that roamed through the meta for a long time. 


Overall, Darkknightmon deck is a very fun deck to play with. Have faith in the deck and don’t be afraid with your hand early in the game as it would get better as the game goes on even in the early stages. 

Finally, thank you for giving me the chance to share this deck review/strategy insights for the readers out there. Although I just started playing in this year, I hope this article provide helpful tips for you guys that wanted to play this deck. Lastly, all my opinions written above doesn’t reflect any Darkknightmon deck players out there.

Thank you and cheers!

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