KC: How did my D-reaper win the “Evo cup” in the BT-10 meta?


Invited Author: KC
Country: Malaysia

Quick Introduction

In my mind, BT-10 is a Dexmon dominant meta, meaning if you are trying to swarm with too many Digimon or play a heavy row of tamers, you will be devastated by Dexmon, particularly from the de-digivolve effect. The dominant decks out there in my locals were Xros Heart and Security Control. The more dominant security control decks will run cards that “do not destroy” thus breaking the obnoxious chain of “material save” from the Xros heart mechanic, such as BT10-103 “Gran Del Sol” and ST10-014 “Chaos Degradation”. An effective deck to compete must be able to play around with these option cards and Dexmon and the first card that came to mind was EX2-054 “ADR-09 Gatekeeper”.

In addition, the introduction of BT10-042 “Venusmon” has dramatically discouraged the addition of “Security Attack +” effects as “Venusmon” shuts down any “On digivolving” and “When attacking” effects, creating a window of opportunity for “ADR-09 Gatekeeper” to shine as a perfect wall against most opponents.

With that in mind, I build my deck based on @ファイル島の民 ‘s idea (Youtuber), mixing reapers with Dexmon. The primary issue of a D-reaper is based on their ineffective handling of Digimon that prevents the reduction of play costs such as BT8-071 “Psychemon”, but luckily my good friend Kyleeee (Singapore) from Discord gave me the idea of BT5-035 “Starmon” as an additional solution to “Psychemon” instead of solely relying on EX2-051 “ADR-07 Palates Head”. One “Mother” + “Starmon” + 1 random Digimon = a very dead “Psychemon” without passing too much cost to the opponent. Moreover, EX2-046 “ADR-02 Searcher” are great fodders against opponent Dexmons at a cheap 1 cost per turn which yields 1 draw when being played.

I also played the X antibody option to increase Mother's ESS (credits to ファイル島の民 for the brilliant idea). This move in fact adds tremendous pressure to the opponent especially when the opponent has a bricked hand.

Tournament Report

Match 1: Vs Beelstarmon 00

G1, G2: My opponent bricked badly for both games because he relied heavily on BT2-069  “Gabumon” and BT7-069 “Eyesmon – Scatter Mode” for hand filtering. He mostly checked into “ADR-02 Searcher” and did not manage to trigger any “On Deletion” effect. In addition, without having any levels, my opponent’s only effective option was BT6-095 “Happy Bullet Showering” which is easily tanked by my “ADR-02 Searcher”.

Match 2: Vs Darkknightmon pilot by my friend Kang Wei, 0X0.

G1: He did not have any BT10-092 “Nene Amano” in play and 1 Ex2-055 “Reaper” ends the game.

G2: He had a BT7-063 “Darknightmon” + several other little ones on the field while checking into two of my DeathXmon in security. I was at a cost of 1 and enough Digimon on the field to end the game if my Gatekeeper attacks as well. Unfortunately, my Gatekeeper checked into a “Nene Amano” tamer at security. I passed the memory at 2 to him after that. With my Gatekeeper rested, he evolves his level 5 into BT10-069 “Darkknightmon X”, killed my rested Gatekeeper, and ended the game.

G3: 2 Gatekeeper appeared at security, and the game ended the next turn.

Match 3: Security Control with BT10-041 “Sakuyamon:Miko Mode” pilot by another friend, Yi Yuan, 0X0

G1: His hand was full of tamers, I rushed him with my Reaper after counting 3 pieces of BT9-099 “Sunrise Buster” and Dexmon-s.

G2: Due to ST3-015 “Holy Flame” being placed in his security, I was unable to rush him at all. He out-stalled me, killed my last Gatekeeper with BT7-112 “Susanoomon” and ended the game with hybrid shenanigans.

G3: I have more Dexmon than him on the field, and none of his Digimon can sustain on the field.

Match 4: Security Control pilot by my most respected rival Ser Feng, X00

G1: I counted him playing 5 removal option cards in this game and he has 3 security left. With him possibly ending me next turn due to hybrid shenanigans, I YOLO-ed with reaper only to find his last security being his 6th removal option, “Grand Del Sol”, there is no returning from there without Gatekeeper’s controlling effect.

G2: I eventually draw back my Gatekeepers and DeathXmon at the bottom of my deck while controlling his field with “ADR-07 Palates Head” and a “Mother” with at least 12 “ADR-02 Searcher”.

G3: Similar to G2, but this time, he decked out because he did not run any “Susanoomon” nor BT&-015 “AvengeKidmon” for recycling. He definitely could have stalled for time but he choose not to despite having more security than I do.

Match 5: MetalGarurumon X pilot by Arick Ng, X00.

G1: I was unable to touch his level 5s and he had a smooth line of evolution. I did not draw into any Gatekeepers and he makes sure he has only 1 tamer and 1 Digimon on the field so I cannot summon DeathXmon to the field.

G2, G3: He concedes when my “Mother” has 6 ESS and I have Gatekeeper on the field. He told me he did not run any removal options because his deck was focused on controlling with BT9-031 “MetalGarurumon X” which bounces based on level (which I am immune to) and BT3-097 “A Delicate Plan”. 

Closing Thoughts

Basically, I exploited loopholes in my opponent’s deck construction process, create enough problems such as Dexmon and Gatekeeper for my opponents to handle and as the turns pass by, my Bubbles and Pendulum Feet can survive security checks. Palates Head turned out to be amazing at controlling with enough Searchers under “Mother”. Despite “Mother” being a glaring weakness, out of 32 players, there was only 1 BT8-070 “BlackWarGreymon” player, 1 BT10-016 “Jesmon X” player, and 1 BT10-057 “Bloomlordmon” player which I managed to avoid. This deck is not feasible with these decks running rampant but Xros Heart and Sec Ctrl-s apparently scared them away, creating an imbalance in deck distribution which I manage to thrive in.

Also, many thanks to Latias Trading’s boss, Wen Shen, for all the encouragement and most importantly asking me not to quit and have it a go for the “Evo Cup”, my physical sparring partner “包菜” and “Akira Wang”, my discord sparring partner “Meteorstrike”, “Tomato Teh” for loaning me his Dexmon-s, and that one guy who lent me his D-Reaper deck.

7 thoughts on “KC: How did my D-reaper win the “Evo cup” in the BT-10 meta?”

  1. I am a little confused on why cards such as Psychemon would be an issue for D-Reaper decks? Psychemon would not prevent Reaper from being played for zero cost.

  2. Since X Antibody can't be trashed, how does that work when you go to trash for Reaper? Since Reaper says specifically bottom 7 cards

    1. Its mainly to accelerate gatekeeper and the Mother ability to reduce cost. It does not accelerate daddy Reaper as x antibody would not be trash.

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