Abuan Binoe: Yellow hybrid – still viable for the BT10 meta?


Invited Author: Abuan Binoe
Country: Philippines

The BT10 format here in the Philippines is very diverse. This is due to the increasing knowledge and experience of competitive players about the game in general. It is hard to stick with one deck and expect to win it all, but I do have a bias on a certain deck that I have been playing since its release in the BT7 format – the yellow hybrids. Fortunately, the deck helped me won an Evo Cup after my third try. 

I played in three Evo Cups already at the time I am writing this article. I used the very popular Xros Heart on my first two tries. While the deck is really fast and powerful, nothing can beat a poor opening in the game. I had a crucial game where I opened 3 Ballistamons and 2 Angies. So, I decided to go back to my roots and play yellow hybrid and try to counter the meta. (Shown below is the winning deck I used for the Evo Cup.)

Deck's Strategy

This deck is a bit different than the standard yellow hybrid list that’s been topping the meta a few times already because it does not use the very popular Dexmon. This is because (1) I cannot secure some copies before the tournaments and (2) I believe that in the mirror, being aggressive in the early game to pressure your opponent is what you need so I put in extra rookies in the form of Solarmon. Not only that it is an extra draw (on evo) an extra attacker, it can also stop Xros Heart and Dexmon from being played. Other than that, the deck is pretty standard. 

  1. It uses the draw engine consists of Gigimon-Guilmon-Pyro Sphere. This is an important addition to yellow hybrid as it solves the problem of poor hands by drawing more cards. 
  2. It uses the ever reliant yellow hybrid engine that is still relevant even though they are there for a few formats already. 
  3. It abuses the Sakuyamon Miko Mode that can open devastating plays when paired with sunrise buster. It can also provide defense by playing fire tornado and putting it in the security stack afterwards. The deck also plays Venusmon which is important against matchup with Jesmon, Gradiskuwagamon and even the mirror. 
  4. The tamer and option line up is pretty standard. I maxed out the TK’s because I want to have a Guilmon-TK opening as much as possible. I also played the atomic blaster to replace one Kouen as some good Jesmon players always calculate the possibilities of Kouen and used the Jesmon X, Jesmon GX combo to increase the DP of their Sistermon Blanc (with blocker) to 7K. 

In my opinion, the deck is still top tier, but it is not easy to pilot. You need to understand the game state so that you can play your resources at the most optimal times. You can’t always rely on what’s in the security but rather play thinking how your opponent can’t win on their next turn.


Here are the match ups I had during the tournament and some playtests. 

Hobby Collect Evo Cup Tournament

Vs. Mastemon Jogress (2-0 WIN)
This is a surprising match up as my opponent play the neo-devimon card that lets him gain +3 memory when I play a tamer. I was caught off guard by that effect at first but eventually controlled the game when I draw into my atomic blaster and clear that pesky neo-devimon. It was a back and forth hits and recover but yellow hybrid has the advantage in the late game. 

Vs. Grandiskuwagamon (2-0 WIN)
The multi-attack, memory gains and multi security checks of this deck is scary, but during this match up it seemes like my opponent can’t find the pieces for the correct combo. 

Vs. Jesmon (2-1 WIN)
I won the first game easily due to my opponent bricking so hard and hard casting a level 5 saviourhackmon early game which is removed by sunrise buster easily. I lost the second game due to a perfect combo with Jesmon and an extra attack with Chimeramon. I have 2 Guilmons in the security plus a bunch of tamers so there’s nothing I can do about that. In game 3, I opened guilmon and TK so it’s a very good set up from there. Having the auto-3 memory early on is important in this match up. I sealed the game with a Venusmon evo and hybrid barrage of attacks the following turn. 

Vs. Grandiskuwagamon (2-0 WIN)
Unlike the first match, my opponent managed to hit the correct combo early in our first game, but I cleared his board easily as he hit a lot of tamers from the security checks. I managed to control the game from then on. 

Vs. Yellow-hybrid (2-1 WIN)
I can’t say much about this. The mirror is really hard and exhausting to play. 


Vs. Jesmon 2-1
Vs. Alphamon 2-1
Vs. Blue Flare 2-0, 2-1
Vs. Xros Heart 2-1, 1-2, 2-0
Vs. Darknightmon 2-0

I want to thank Jeff Ongdueco for hosting this Evo Cup. His shop Hobby Collect is one of the best shops in the PH. He really wants the game to prosper and the community to grow larger. I also want to thank my friends who lend me pieces for the deck – Ivan, Arnold, and LD. 

4 thoughts on “Abuan Binoe: Yellow hybrid – still viable for the BT10 meta?”

  1. Congratulations! I'm also a Yellow Hybrid main with a similar build like yours (difference is that I have 2 Dexmons and 2 Lonkhe Adistakto) and preparing for my 2nd Evo Cup this coming Sunday.
    I felt that the deck has good matchups across the board but in the Evo Cup last week, I lost 1-2 against D-Reaper which is quite a tough matchup (bricked in game 3 with only 3 Hybrids appearing for the whole game). Do you have tips against D-Reaper?
    My 2nd loss was 0-2 against Xros Heart and it was unfortunate on my part since JetSilphymon only appeared once IIRC, so I don't have any recovery against their chip damage / being able to evo into Venusmon to stall. I feel like if Venusmon drops I just win hahaha that's why I do the 3:1 Mega ratio instead of 2:2.
    If let's say you had the Dexmons, which cards will you replace?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Michael, this is Binoe, the author of this article.
      -I have not tested much against D-Reaper to be honest as I didn't see it most of the time in the current meta here in PH. However, it is really hard to get over multi gatekeeper and the Reaper attack. I can say that removal cards is the only way to answer the D-reaper plus being agressive early before they can drop the gatekeeper. The only problem there is if you hit the gatekeeper in the security.
      -I think against XROS, the best combo mid to late game is using miko mode's effect to use fire tornado and then put it in the security. The early chip damage is okay as it enables your memory gain from tamers but you need to have jetsylph for the recovery.
      -If I have Dexmons, I will remove the two Solarmons and replace it with 2 Dexmons to make the deck more viable during mid and late game. The good thing with solarmon though is that it can add pressure early game, especially if you don't have guilmon, as you can evolve it in raising and attack with it next turn. It is also really good against XROS match up and preventing the opponent's Dexmon.

      I hope this help and good luck to your future evo cup tournaments!

  2. Hey! I'm in English format, so we are about to get BT10; How would you change up this deck with Jet @ 1. knowing the meta that is bt10? Thanks!

    1. Hi there. There are 2 replacements that people have figured to be the best choices:
      1. BT8 Shakkoumon
      1. Heal threshold is 5 security or less
      2. Decent ESS
      1. 4-memory cost

      2. ST3 Angewomon and BT9 Angewomon X
      1. 3-memory cost
      2. Can chain from Angewomon to Angewomon X, healing twice in 1 turn and Angewomon X's -1 Security Attack debuff can come handy
      1. Heal threshold is 3 security or less
      2. Requiring you to have both Angewomon cards to use the combo

      Other than those replacements the deck doesn't see much change. Good luck!

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