Arnold: The only green deck in BT10 and EX3 meta.


Invited Author: Arnold Tan
Country: Indonesia


Bloomlordmon has been revealed since BT10. It's not really doing an impact to the meta because there are so many decks that can easily counter it, like Blue Flare. The Bloomlord cannot do anything when Metalgreymon is on the field and it's because either all your units has been stunned or he have become Deckergreymon and you cannot kill it with 1 attack because of the Armor purge.

The 2nd is Xros Heart, with the Angie and Dorulumon help it can easily remove level 4 in Bloomlord deck because mostly all the Digimon's DP is 3000, and the 3rd one is any deck with Digimon that can block memory increasing, because mostly the only way to suspend the enemy digimon in this deck is with Sam? Dhi?? nti?  option and that's make 1 of your Digimon to suspend and that sometimes you need to have 1 more turn to remove it from field. For all the problems I mentioned, we can use Kimeramon from BT8 to remove those Digimon that block memory increasing or remove Blue Flare stun effect, but the problem is that the deck becomes really bricky and that's why I was not using the deck for competitive scene.

What's new in EX3

So, in EX3 the latest mini booster in DCG this deck got a backup from hydramon and this evo line. For me the most game changing is on Hydramon obviously but the 2nd card that changed this deck to more competitive is Pomumon, it has an effect that can suspend 1 of enemy digimon when he gets suspended by effect. This makes removing digimon more easily and this includes digimon that can block memory increasing.

For the Hydramon, it can remove digimon that previously very hard to be remove by Bloomlord like Magnamon X, high DP digimon, Darkknightmon, or any other digimon with Armor Purge, and another extras that it can remove digimon without attacking, this something that late Bloomlord deck can't do. This resolves the problem I mentioned before, we can remove their Digimon even if we get stunned and the 2nd effect of Hydramon can easily move their memory to ours when their Digimon is suspended, and i think because Blue Flare deck mostly doesn't have removal it's really easy to swarming and make the 2nd effect more effective.

Deck profile


1st Matchup: Xros Heart
To be honest Xros Heart still a bad matchup for this deck, but in this matchup in the early game they doesn't have Akari and Sunrise Buster to remove my Digimon, then it makes me easily swarming and after i have enough Digimon in the field, I do the OTK with Bloomlordmon and help from Hidden Potential Discovered option, with that I won the 1st game

2nd Matchup: Imperialdramon Purple

In this match old Pomumon (BT9) really help a lot, although sometimes it blocking me to swarming but it block the enemy to call Dinobeemon/Paildramon to do Jogress and I think it's more hurting them more. My enemy's tactic is to counter it by evolving to Dinobeemon/Paildramon manually in raising area and then hard cast the other color level 5 Digimon and then Jogress with it in the end of turn. Although it can boardsweep my field, it gives me so much memory, and because of that as long as I have Hydramon in hand, I can just easily bounce the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. I do this every time after they make a new one, and after taking some turns, I won the game with my enemy conceding.

3rd Matchup: Blue Flare

In this matchup I got really good hands, I can easily make Hydramon and Cherrymon in the field early game, and make the control really easy. After some turns, my enemy had their resource run out, I just finished the game by attacking with Bloomlord and my other digimons.

And with that I finished the tournament with 3-0.

There is another tournament that I got 1st but I do not remember all the order of matchup so I just list some games I remember.

Matchup: Jesmon

Same as the Imperialdramon Purple match, old Pomumon is really helpful, and because I can control their field, I am not letting my enemy have a sistermon in their field so the baohuckmon effect can destroy my Pomumon.

Matchup: Gaiomon

This is one of the matches I think it's really hard, because they are bounce resistant and sometimes have high DP in my turn. It makes it really hard to be removed after it's on the field, and another problem is that metalgreymon (BT8) can easily destroy any level 5 digimon in my area with devolve and destroy. In this matchup what really helps is samadhi shanti, i can stall the gaiomon or blackwargreymon so have 1 more turn for me to swarm digimon so my Bloomlord has more DP than their digimon.

Closing Thoughts

I have played the green deck from BT2 to the present and I think this deck it's one of the decks in greens that is really fun to play after a long long time. But even so, I still think there's some deck that will be really hard to beat with this deck like Xros Heart, Gaiomon, Yellow Hybrid, Security Control, and maybe many others. But as long as you play your card right, the chance of winning is not 0. Another word, knowing your deck is more important than knowing your enemy deck. Sometimes misplay happens because you misuse or not knowing the effect, and the 2nd one is to play calm and have fun.

Good luck for other Green Players, and CHEERS.

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