[English Format] MetalgaruruX is too strong, how to counter it.


MetalGaruruX - top tier in English meta

MetalGaruruX is currently leading all the tournaments, it is a very strong OTK profile with the ability of board control, gaining memory, security check+, avoid to be destroyed, .etc.

The Garurumon X and WereGarurumon: Sagittarius Mode helps to avoid being deleted, and these are the most important feature in current meta.

Everybody knows how strong it is, then which deck can counter this deck?

Beelstarmon and Security Control

The run-for-so-long yellow hybrid security control is finally RIP in early August when Bandai restricted it, the deck that can counter many OTK profiles . The remaining one, Beelstar Control is the profile that can counter not only MetalGaruruX, but also other OTK decks in BT9 meta.

With the latest tech in Beelstar, those are not deleted by option cards or return 2 same-lv Digimon to avoid being deleted can be easily countered by returning them to hand/deck or remove all digivolution sources. 

Beelstar also can summon many LV4 blockers by using Nail Bone card that can halt or stop the OTK to go through, especially to those decks that uses A Delicate Plan. 

Closing Thoughts

Beelstarmon is created since BT6, and it is still a favourable deck until BT10 or maybe also BT11 meta. It is the only profile that can counter OTK decks (for now).

After JetSilphy is restricted to 1 copy per deck, we are seeing some old-style security control come back, but it is not as strong as before since now Digimon is the game of PACE (Lolx)

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