Unlimited Loop Zero!


When the new SEC tamer Rina Shinomiya was revealed, players immediately realised a certain synergy with UlforceVeedramon Zero. Today we take a quick look at this almost illegal combo!

Unlimited Loop Zero!

The heart of this combo are 2 cards only: [P-048] UlforceVeedramon Zero and [BT11-112] Rina Shinomiya. 

This combo is so lethally simple that it sounds wrong. Have both Ulforce and Rina setup in play. When Ulforce attacks, suspend Rina to activate Ulforce's [When Digivolved] effect which will unsuspend both Ulforce and Rina. Repeat.  

If you play Rina after Ulforce Zero, then Ulforce will gain protection from [Evade] when checking security or getting through big blockers. 

The only visible drawback of this combo lies in requiring a decent trash size (from Ulforce's effect in order to unsuspend itself and Rina). This can easily be supported by purple base such [ST6-03] Gabumon and [EX2-040] Devidramon, which will digivolve into Ulforce through the new purple/blue LV5 [BT11-085] WaruSeadramon. This entire digivolution line is however quite expensive.

But even without resorting to unconventional builds, Zero's digivolution line gives plenty of trashing power, as well as tamer cards such as [EX1-066] Analog Boy.

But will this build faster than meta OTK decks like GranKuwagamon X? or rush decks like the poisonous Xros Heart? 

Setting up both Ulforce and Rina (assuming she doesn't pop up free from security) would cost at least 11 memory, and this does not include playing cards such as AnalogBoy to prepare your trash pool. In comparison, the fastest Grankuwagamon X deck needs only 5 memory for 6 security checks. 

So I think not.


But more importantly, for players in Asia, the Zero Digimon line are still on official ban-list. Tough luck! 


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