BT11 Purple Minervamon – Mervamon Loop


Introducing the new purple loop Minervamon-Mervamon, this is an upgrade version of BT10 Minervamon loop.

What is happening in BT-11?

BT-11 is a very interesting meta so far, there are many competitive yet fun decks that can be played this time around. We have seen the potentially tier-0 BlackWargreymon deck, an upgraded Blue Flare, a very strong new Xros Heart deck, the fun KingSukamon concept, and new support for Bagra's Army. Meanwhile, Rina's Ulforce deck is still finding its way through optimisation and Mirei's Mastemon deck was able to scrape some wins in tournaments.

In BT-10, the Minervamon profile is considered tier-2 because she hasn't all the support she needs. But with Mervamon in BT-11 the requirements now seem complete.

Much like other purple Cerberus loop decks, this deck's tempo is quite fast and rushy. With the correct Digitama, BT2 Gabumon and Eyesmon Scatter Mode, the draw and trash happens very quickly.

Now we have Mervamon that can be played when Minervamon is deleted. Mervamon [On Play] effect plays a purple LV4 Digimon from trash, and 2 if DigiXros-ed (a simple condition). For synergy, I have included 4 copies of [BT11-078] Soulmon to accompany her.

Soulmon with [Retaliation] gains [Rush] thanks to Mervamon's [Both Turns] effect. Seeing Soulmon in battle, your opponent would not let their Digimon be in suspended state.

This deck also plays 2 copies of Lucemon Falldown Mode to counter decks that uses important tamers, or against Digimons that refuse to suspend such as with [Reboot]. Dexmon is a backup plan against Xros Heart or Blue Flare, but really against DigiXros decks a standing Mervamon that keeps reviving blocker Devimon can be quite annoying.

The good thing about this deck is that Digimons are never afraid to be deleted, as well as not relying too much on tamers. It can counter a good number of decks in the current meta (such as BlackWargreymon X). 

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3 thoughts on “BT11 Purple Minervamon – Mervamon Loop”

      1. Hello Micheal,

        That is good idea.
        Originally I don't intent to play her using xcros but to get it free-played from Minervamon "On Deletion" instead, and my game was fast enough. But to make the deck more flexible, I might change Gazimon and Devimon blocker to Igneetmon, would be more fun. Hmm, I will try it out.

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