[EN] Utsu: DC-1 by GameSpirit Tourney Report (France)

Invited Author: Utsu
Country: France


Hello everyone! Utsu here to talk about my deck and match ups at French DC-1 by GameSpirit, where I finished 3th (5-1).

IRL event, 39 players, 6 rounds!

Why Alphamon?
Well, early BT9 I was playing Beelstarmon but she's not really good in the meta right now in my opinion. I did 6-2 with her in my last Regional, and that's pretty cool, but Gaiomon / Wargrey X started to become popular so I didn't want to play her anymore.

My friend Dr. Zaius did a better result with Alphamon in the same Regional tournament, and I was interested with the deck, so here we are.
I won't talk that much about the decklist cause it's literally Dr. Zaius's one with a few changes. He was a great coach and gave me a lot of tips to play the deck efficiently during the whole BT9 meta!

Chuumon is good in the mirror and against Leomon which is popular in France. Kimera is nice to have to remove multiple Memory Blockers. I think 2 Alphamon Ouryuken are enough.
I was expecting a lot of Sec Con, Ophani Loop, Commandra… that's why the day before the event I've decided to play 3 Kongou and 2 Breath of the Gods instead of 3 Breath + 2.

Gameplay / Matchups

Imperial (1-2):

Well, I'm a bit cursed facing that deck to be honest hahaha.

First game, I needed my DexDorugamon, but didn't see any the whole game sadly. Nothing much to say, Paildramon is pretty hard to stop with the deck, as he doesn't die with Jamming and only Breath of the Gods can stop him.

Second game he bricked.

Last game, no Dorugamon. I just needed the +1k DP to kill his Paildra with my DexDorugrey, but I could just trade, and it wasn't worth it at all. I lost when he played Fighter Mode.

Ophani Loop (yellow base) (2-0):

Ophani Loop is pretty strong right now in the meta and hitting Flame Hellscythe into Angewomon ST is really annoying as Alphamon cause you can't OTK with the Security -2.

Luckily my opponent was playing Yellow base Ophani with Salamon as rookies, so no Gazimon at all, the one that's annoying against my deck cause it blocked memory gains from DexDoruga, DexDorugrey, Ouryuken, Memory Boost, Dorumon in ESS…

I just did classic stuffs, Ouryuken hitting Sec with Kongou on, no Flame Hellscythe, that's gg.

D-Reaper (2-1):

I won the toss so I was pretty confident for the first game, but I bricked hahaha. She won easily because of that.

Second game, I didn't brick at all, I got a lot of Kongou to put early pressure and managed to OTK her with Ouryuken + Kongou.

Last game, she let me start (that's a pretty big mistake I think) and she bricked. Nothing much to say, I did my OTK thing.

Metalgarurumon (2-0):

Against a player that I know, we did a BO3 the week before the tournament that I won 2-1 after 50min of intense fight.
I think the Metalgaru is a very strong deck, but if the Alpha player knows how to work-around it, it’s 50-50.

First game, I managed to have 3 bodies on board when he promoted. So he could only bounce 2 bodies at best (no Sagittarius-mode). Then I promoted, did DexDoruga, gave Retaliation to a rookie, Melga was suspended because he attacked with it, and it was pretty much GG at this time.

Second game sadly he bricked so there isn’t much to say. He finished Top 8.

AncientGreymon (2-0):

I know this player also and I was pretty afraid to face him to be honest. The matchup is annoying and he's good with the deck.

First game, he was faster. BUT, I had Alpha Ouryuken in my first security so Ancient died on it. He had to give up after that.

Second game, he bricked a bit, so I just had to do my OTK thing and he couldn't handle that.
He didn’t attack me, but I had Ouryuken in my first Sec, again… Luck was on my side!
He finished Top 6.

Sec Con (2-0):

I REALLY wanted to play against that deck cause I think he can't do much against Alpha.

And that was what happened.

First game, he didn't have any Mimi, 1 or 2 Purple Kari if I remember correctly, but it wasn't enough.

He didn't pressure me at all, so I've got a lot of time to setup my OTK with Kongou in case of Chaos Degradation (which he had in Security when I swinged).

Second game was a bit harder. He had 4 Mimi and 3 Purple Kari…

Same as first game, he didn't pressure me so I did a lot of setup, (Yuji, Kota, 2 or 3 Cool Boy + 2 Memory Boost), and I've decided to Digivolve into Dorugrey in my Raising Area to have more memo for my OTK setup and I didn't see any Wyvern Breath in first game, + he did 2 Eden Javelin hardcast in game 2, so I wasn't expecting any in security (Kongou would cost 6 with the 4 Mimi hahaha).

He was playing well, didn't activate any Mimi in his turn to prevent me to OTK him.

Luckily I still had enough Memory even with the Karis and Mimis to remove all his securities with Ouryuken + Kongou, and he couldn't come back from this.
He finished Top 9.

Closing Thoughts

Aaaaand that's it, I managed to finish 3th Place even with my bad start. Alphamon was a good choice, even if I expected to face other matchups. Chuumon helped me in some games, against AncientGrey for example.

I didn't need Kimeramon the whole day, but he's still a good option against people playing 2 memory blockers on board, so I'll keep it in the deck.

3 Kongou + 2 Breath was definitely a good choice, Kongou was more useful than Breath and really mandatory in some matchups.

I didn't brick that much in the tournament, but don't give up if it happens to you!

Thank you for reading that review and see you later!

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