BlackWarGreymon X in BT11

Blackwargreymon X is horrible. This deck is winning everywhere in the early weeks of BT-11, and today we take a quick look at its sheer strength in this meta.  

Ultimate defence 

If one word describes Blackwargreymon X, it is defence. 

Blackwargreymon X , or BWGX in short, puts immense pressure onto your opponent's board. Like Magnamon X it can redirect an attack to itself, and similar to Dexmon it will delete your opponent's lowest cost Digimon during the start of their turn. These 2 effects together stresses your opponent's board as they will need to put up something larger than 13000 DP just to overcome BWGX, but will be deleted the next turn if they spend all their resources on that building that 1 Digimon. 

Though many would believe that it is possible to bypass BWGX's first effect as long as they attack with their lesser DP Digimons, this can be circumvented when BWGX inherits [BT8-064] Greymon's [Blocker] effect. 

Correctly built, BWGX will block 2 attacks every turn, which in many cases will be all your opponent can pull off. And 1 of your opponent's Digimon will always be deleted at the start of their turn. 

BWGX's new LV4 digivolution in BT-11 makes him one of the most unbreakable Digimon in the game right now. The new Greymon X allows BWGX to trash an X-Antibody to prevent itself from leaving play, hence immune to deletion, return to hand/deck. His only weakness would be 0 DP, Chaos Degrade and de-digivolve (but de-digivolving him into a LV6 Blackwargreymon will not break him), but with the new MetalGreymon X both these weaknesses will be circumvented as well (for a turn at least).

Meanwhile, this new Metalgreymon X also grants BWGX a lot of aggression, allowing him to trash opponent's security almost too easily.

This entire digivolution line as a whole, builds BWGX into a very solid Digimon that has so much board presence yet unbreakable. And since this deck plays X-Antibody Digimons extensively, it is very robust and quick thanks to Cool Boy and all the 0-cost digivolutions.

Without forgetting the old BWG 

And all these strength without considering that the old BT8-070 Blackwargreymon is still as strong as ever. In a BT-10/11 meta that is very much tamer-centric (thanks to DigiXros), BWG's digivolution effect become invaluable. 

With an X-Antibody in his digivolution cards, BWG can attack twice, digivolving into BGWX during his second attack, and then reboots during your opponent's turn to delete 1 of their Digimon (and maybe trash their security if you also inherit LV5 Metalgreymon). This is sick.


And Hades Force the icing on the cake and Yuuya level-up the defence.

As if BT-11 hasn't buffed BWGX enough, they introduced the new option card Hades Force, which has so much flexibility in deletion. To put it simply, Hades Force is hands down the greatest solution to any tamer-based deck, allowing the player to delete several tamers at one go!

With a BWG (with X-Antibody) on board, using Hades Force will delete around 3-4 of your opponent's tamers or a number of Digimons (anything that sums to 12 cost), and then allowing your BWG to attack after that, digivolving into BWGX. 


Yuuya is a very important tamer for the deck, but do not recommend to put many, 2 would be enough. Yuuya will increase the DP for BlackWargreymon and protect it from option cards. This is the final point that makes BlackWargreymonX untouchable when it has perfect digivolution combo. 

A sample decklist

And here we have a sample decklist that has easily topped the locals. Do check out more BWGX decklists at our BT-11 Decks Section!


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