BT11 Yellow Hybrid – “The Beautiful Angel Who Wields the Ruthless Spear”

Invited Author: Mickey
Country: Indonesia


The latest banlist on September 1, 2022 had significantly nerfed Yellow Hybrid due to [BT7-038 JetSilphymon]’s limit. Without question, the card was a powerhouse for the deck because of its effects and traits which carried the deck to top tier ever since its debut in BT7. In this new BT11 meta where Xros Heart is getting stronger and BlackWarGreymon X being a dominant force that has access to mass tamer removal, many believed that this is the end for the deck.

Sunday, October 9, 2022 was Indonesia’s first Super! Tamer Battle in Arcanum Hobbies, Jakarta. At first, I doubted whether if I should join because I felt that my deck was not up to par with the newer decks and that it is not complete yet (2 key cards I bought did not arrive on time). But I really love playing in tournaments where there are lots of people, so I just winged it and joined the event. To my surprise, I managed to play well and ended up sweeping the Swiss Round stage (5-0)! Although I was eliminated in the Top 8 round, I believe that my experience was a good performance report of the deck. 

(The [BT1-063 Seraphimon] was a replacement for my second [BT10-041 Sakuyamon: Miko Mode] that didn’t arrive on time.)

To players who play / know the deck, there’s literally nothing new in my list. It is the common build ever since BT10 came out, where the Red base became very popular due to the draw speed provided by [P-041 Guilmon] and [EX2-001 Gigimon] as well as enabling [BT9-099 Sunrise Buster] – which is a very powerful Option card. The key cards that I want to highlight and explain further are [ST3-09 Angewomon], [BT9-040 Angewomon X-Antibody], and [BT10-101 Lónkhē Adistakto].

Angewomon and Angewomon X-Antibody

When the banlist takes effect and JetSilphymon limited to 1 copy per deck, players start theorizing on what would be the best replacement for it. Some use [BT2-038 RizeGreymon] and [BT9-041 RizeGreymon X-Antibody] for more aggression and tempo. Some use [BT10-037 Weddinmon] for a cheap Ultimate to evolve into a Mega. But naturally, there are 2 choices that are most prominent: [ST3-09 Angewomon] and [BT8-042 Shakkoumon]. Both cards have [Recovery +1], which is a part of JetSilphymon’s effect and what helped Yellow Hybrid, as a control-based Tamer deck, to take hits while they are spending their turns building their Tamers on board or removing threats. 

Angewomon was my first choice and it felt a bit “different” that I had to pay 3 memory and wait for my Security to be at 3 or less to recover (JetSilphymon really is overpowered, lol). Sometime later, I saw a Japanese list that run Angewomon X and placed second on an EVO Cup tournament, so I tried it. I was a bit skeptical because it looks a bit greedy and requiring 2 cards in hand to pull off the combo. However, during my tests online and real-life tournaments, it was decent and has more healing potential than JetSilphymon alone. At its full potential, the combo heals you twice and applies [Security Attack -1] to an opponent’s Digimon, which comes in handy quite often. In the Super! Tamer Battle, I managed to pull the combo off in all 6 games! I even managed to do it twice in a couple games, which totals to 4 recoveries! The Angewomon package is consistent and potent.

I also tried Shakkoumon and it is decent too. Its advantage is that it has a higher Security threshold, so you can heal even at 5 and its ESS can be handy at times. The trade-off is that it costs 1 more memory to evolve into but it is more stable. I personally think that both choices are solid choices and it comes down to the player’s preference.

Lónkhē Adistakto (En: Ruthless Spear)

During reveal season of BT10, I was very skeptical of this card when it was revealed. I thought of it as a [BT6-101 Breath of Wyvern] and [ST10-14 Chaos Degrade] combined into 1 card but the effects are watered-down as a trade-off. But boy was I wrong – during BT10 meta I already loved this card! In my opinion, this is probably Yellow’s best heavy removal in the game right now (bonus points for the card’s artwork and flavor). Of course, Chaos Degrade still reigns supreme as Yellow’s best removal (even probably the best removal in the game period) but you need a Purple base to reliably enable it in Yellow Hybrid. With how popular and fast the Red base of Yellow Hybrid is since BT10, Lónkhē has value that it’s easy to use (only Yellow) and if it procs at exactly 3 Security, it’s often a very strong removal that opponents may find hard to recover from.

The reason that I brought 4 copies was because this card won’t work as well if you only bring 1 or 2 copies. Through my experience, it is not rare for my opponents to check this card as the 4th security – enabling the double removal effect. Yellow Hybrid has enough staying power and attack power to win games even if Lónkhē “heals” the opponent, so don’t worry about that factor. It is still great even when Used from Hand – Yellow Hybrid has a lot of memory on average thanks to their line of dual Tamers that paying 8 memory is not too steep for the deck.

Another reason why I brought 4 copies instead of using other Options such as the popular [ST3-15 Holy Flame] is because in BT11, we are back to having a board presence meta. Shoutmon X7, BlackWarGreymon X, UlForceVeedramon, BloomLordmon, Hydramon, Mastemon, Dexmon – you name it. Those boss Digimon presents a threat and must be answered. In BT10, most Yellow Hybrid lists used Holy Flame because the meta was heavily dominated by pre-BT11 Xros Heart, where multiple attacks in a turn was the main concern and Xros Heart barely has a board at the end of their turn – so big removals won’t have any targets. But now, Holy Flame won’t answer the big boss monsters and Sunrise Buster alone is not enough.

I hope my explanations for those key cards can be a valuable reference for your deckbuilding and on how you would anticipate the BT11 meta. Finally, here is my tournament report!

Super! Tamer Battle Report

Round 1 – Mastemon (W)

The new Mastemon is something to be respected. The new Angewomon and LadyDevimon are great additions to this deck, as well as their Tamer – Mirei Mikagura. They are now able to recycle their Mastemon and making it into a 13000 DP Blocker due to Angewomon’s ESS.

My opponent had an early lead, opening with ST10 Tailmon and able to evolve into the angel Ultimates for cheap and Jogress fast into Mastemon, even summoning Lucemon Falldown Mode twice which killed a Takeru & Hikari Tamer and Seraphimon, and at one point, got my Security to 0. This is where being patient, focus, and decision-making is tested. From experience, Mastemon has a strong heal and board presence. But the deck is heavy by nature, so it can’t end games fast even when leading. I kept removing his Mastemon and Lucemon FM with Sunrise Buster and Lónkhē Adistakto, eventually healing him up into 8 Security. The Angewomon package and JetSilphymon was able to heal me out of lethal range, and I started to gain the advantage. I managed to evolve into Venusmon and Dexmon which stalled him a bit, though both were removed by 2 Chaos Degrades.
Eventually, I hit the perfect timing where I was able to warp evolve into Susanoomon and attack during the same turn, which sweeps 3 securities at once without fear because there’s nothing in Mastemon decks that has 15000 DP or above, 2 Chaos Degrades were used, and I had Taichi & Hikari to reduce Security DP just to be safe. Susanoomon survived the next turn and checks 3 securities again, and the remainder was finished by Guilmon and Hybrids.

Round 2 – Linkz Dragon (Tidal Wave / Dorbickmon variant) (W)

Early game I didn’t respect my opponent’s Volcanicdramon enough and got 1 Security trashed as a result. The game was intense with a lot of back and forth interactions, but it wasn’t as pressuring as the previous round.
Eventually, he played Metallicdramon while both of us are low on Security, which was a correct play in my opinion. I couldn’t finish the game because my Tamers can’t evolve unless they’re Suspended. I removed his Metallicdramon, and next turn he played another Metallicdramon after DigiXros-ing into a complete Dorbickmon to check my remaining Security. I dropped Dexmon and used Sunrise Buster on his Jazarichmon (devolved from Dorbickmon), while his Metallicdramon died blocking another Dexmon I had out 3 turns earlier.
On his final turn, he couldn’t draw anything to solve my board (another Metallicdramon or Dorbickmon – but there was already 3 of the latter in his Trash so it’s likely to be all his copies) and I won by attacking with my Dexmons and Hybrids.

Round 3 – Xros Heart (W)

This one was quick. My opponent had a very strong early game where he checked all 5 of my Security in no time. I healed back up with the Angewomon package and JetSilphymon and stabilized, eventually evolving into Venusmon and dropping Dexmon, as well as being able to use Lónkhē’s effect to send his X4 / X5 (I forgot) into top security and removing its materials. He ended up not having enough materials and memory to do anything much and conceded.

Round 4 – Xros Heart (W)

The game was quite back and forth – not an explosive early game unlike the last round. Though eventually my opponent managed to play Shoutmon X7, which is a very strong boss Digimon and I just realized how good it is until I finally faced one. X7 has removal on play and comes with an arsenal of strong ESS. I managed to remove 2 with Lónkhē Adistakto, which trashed a great deal of materials. It was a drawn-out game where we went into timeout (0, 1, 2, 3 then check Security rule). He eventually decks out and lacked both the materials and Xros Digimon to do anything. I won because I only need to check 1 security for the timeout rule to kick in (We’re both at 4) or if it hadn’t reach time yet, I’ll just end my turn and he’ll lose by decking out.

Round 5 – Yellow Hybrid (W)

Well, what do you know? The top table is a Yellow Hybrid mirror! He won against BlackWarGreymon X in his previous rounds, so it’s also proof that the deck can win against what people thought to be the bane of its existence.
This round was not as intense as the previous 4 rounds because my opponent unfortunately bricked, and I didn’t. I had a slight lead from the start and evolved into Seraphimon early. Its [Security Attack +1] was able to check 4 securities and my opponent concedes because he had no answer to it, despite always starting with surplus memory due to Takeru & Hikari.

Top 8 Round – Xros Heart (L)

This one was a very intense game as well I can’t even remember the exact details. One key factor that gave my opponent the edge was BT1 Taichi, which gives even more firepower to Shoutmon X7. I healed a total of 5 securites in this game and still lost.
There were three mistakes that I did: 

1. Forgetting that his Shoutmon X3 was affected by Angewomon X’s [Security Attack -1] effect, so technically I would have 1 more security which could change the entire story.
2. Dropping Dexmon on an empty board which gets removed immediately by dropping Shoutmon X7. I could’ve just played it later, but I was greedy and wanted to strengthen my board presence. In hindsight, I should’ve hold into my Dexmon so I can Devolve the X7 and would have an easier time dealing with OmegaShoutmon instead.
3. I was at 0 Security and was pressured by his Shoutmon X7. I started with 6 memory and had Lónkhē Adistakto, Sunrise Buster, Fireball, 3 Hybrids, and Sakuyamon: Miko Mode in my hand. I think the pressure got into me, and I decided to use Fireball and evolve into Hybrids hoping to draw into my last Angewomon, so I can evolve into it, recover, and evolve into Sakuyamon: Miko Mode to remove his Shoutmon X7 (I had enough tamers to remove it with Sunrise Buster) and recover again. It didn’t happen, so I used Lónkhē Adistakto on X7 and passed him a lot of memory. Looking back, simply using Lónkhē Adistakto could’ve been the better play. He would start at 4 memory (BT1 Taichi and Taiki, Kiriha, Nene) and he had almost no materials under his tamers other than Shoutmon and OmegaShoutmon. My theory was confirmed because he Xrosed into an X3 with only Shoutmon as the material, so it will cost 5, and would’ve passed the turn without even attacking.

But that’s what’s fun about DCG, where every game has its own surprises, turns and twists! And every game is an opportunity to learn and become better.
My opponent, Garry (He wrote some articles in here, too!) got into the finals against Eka’s BlackWarGreymon X, where it showed dominance against Tamer-heavy decks and won the tournament!

Closing Thoughts

Yellow Hybrid is still a fun and enjoyable deck to play in BT11. I love the deck because of its uniqueness and requiring a different approach to playing the game. I’m proud that it performed well in an environment where most people doubt it. 

As with any other decks, the key is to be patient, weigh your options, and have the courage to decide a play. Don’t need to worry much about what decks you will encounter in the meta – just focus in understanding your deck in and out and learn from your mistakes. All your games will improve naturally as you gather more experience.

Shout out to Arcanum Hobbies as the host of the tournament and to the Indonesian Digimon Card Game Community! You guys are a great bunch of friends to chat with, and great opponents to play with! 

Good luck and have fun always!

2 thoughts on “BT11 Yellow Hybrid – “The Beautiful Angel Who Wields the Ruthless Spear””

  1. This deck is legit AF. Make sure it's really 2 sakuya miko and not seraphimon.
    I Just got my invitation with this deck for worlds prelimination qualifier.
    i make a misplay didn't know grandis could restand, if not should be sweep swiss round 4-0. and sweeped the top cut.
    the meta is : BWGX, jessmon, XH, and the rest is straggler.

    1. Hey man, glad you found success with my decklist and my guide!
      Yeah, that Seraphimon is really a replacement because my 2nd copy of Miko didn't arrive on time… the seller sent it really late.
      Good luck to you further! May I know which country you're from?

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