Machindramon ver 2.0, a worthy opponent in BT11

There are so many good decks in BT11 meta, one of them, Machindramon new version is one of my favourite.

In the past, we would see Machinedramon as a super high wall blocker which ables to block opponent's attack for at least 3 times. The new Machinedramon can do much more than that.

In this article, I would like to refer to a winner deck, its owner is Gaji-san (Japan). I have played this and modified it based on my strategy, I will mention it in this article.

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What makes it better in this version?

Which a numbers of new Level 5 "cyborg" Digimons introduced, the Machindramon now is better in controlling the board, can do OTK and harder to be deleted. Those LV5 with a good "when digivolving" effect like MetalTyrannomon BT11 and MetalGreymon BT8 make it easier to deal with opponent's Digimon on board.

De-digivolving or resting (suspending) opponent's Digimon are very important skills for current meta. On top of that, the LV5 Megadramon BT9 "when digivolving" effect is also good which it can delete an opponent's Digimon or a tamer with a play cost of 3 or less. In the meta of Digimon-Xcros or X-antibody, the effect to delete tamer seems to be a must-have. Those are the reason why these LV5 are given 2 slots in the deck while other lv5 has only 1 copy.

(Nanimon, the "Security" Digimon with 3-cost to play is used when there is enough memory to digivolve to lv5 in the same turn)

The Analog Man 

In BT11 we have a new tamer, also known as the Machinedramon's tamer in Digimon first game.

Analog Man provides the effect to switch attacking's target to a LV6 Digimon with Machine in its trait. This makes the new Machindramon deck becomes more competitive with other decks in current meta. With Analog Man, we also gain more memory and draw more in "starting of main phase", so the draw power is also better than old version.

(By the way, it would be troublesome when dealing with blue because they might bounce tamer back to hand)

The BT11 Machindramon gives an interesting tech for the deck. Not only searching for the right card to use, but also allow that card to be put on hand or to become a digivolution source for this Digimon. 

When this Digimon is deleted, if we have Analog Man in play, we can summon 1 Machindramon deck for free by placing an Analog man card to bottom of the deck. The EX1 Machindramon would be a good candidate to be called, and can gain back maximum 5 memories if we able to put 5 lv5 "Cyborg" under its digivolution source. 

The EX1 Machindramon deck can gain "rush" and "blitz" in the turn it appears if we use the option card "Heavy Machine Digimon's Advance!!" on all the LV6 Machindramon and Chaosdramon. So now we have the chance to decide our game: add more "security attack+1" or "piercing" or "trash opponent's security" or "delete opponent's tamer" or "attack active Digimon" or add DP. If we can clear the opponent's security with the EX1 Machindramon, we can play another LV6 Machindramon or Chaosdramon to win the game because it also have "rush" and "blitz" thanks to the option card we used earlier.


If the Machinedramon or Chaosdramon stay on board, the ChaosDegrade can send it to its owner's security stack or Bagramon can put them under other Digimon digivolution source (but if there is only 1 Digimon on board, we are safe from Bagra).

The bouncing tamer back to hand is also another trouble when we play against blue deck. (BT9 Bibi Thunder), we need more Analog Man on board.

What I would change for this deck?

In my Machindramon deck version, I used one copy of EX2 Cyberdramon for its inherited effect (replaced the ST5 lv5 blocker) and add 2 copies of tamer Kazu Shiota by reducing the number of the option card to 3 copies and LV4 Guardromon to 3 copies. I also made another distribution change by increasing the number of EX1 Machindramon to 3 copies and reduce the EX3 Chaosdramon to 3 copies.

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