[EN] Qiqi: Won 1st Place in CartaMagica with Armor Rush Magnamon X

Invited Author: Qiqi (Martin)

Country: North America


Thanks for the opportunity from digimonmeta to write this. This was a 5 round tcg+ test event on day 1 of the BT10 meta. Anything mentioned here is just my current opinion on the format.

Leading up to the event I was already going to play armor since I'm a fan of the flexible playstyle and have been playing it since armor digimon were released. (Also shinegreymon, my other favorite deck, is in a pretty rough spot at the moment). Most people associate armor to a rush deck, but the biggest strength of armor in my opinion is the ability to play flexibly for either boardstate, stall, otk, or chip. For this reason I tend to avoid fire rocket. (Will probably change my mind if fire rocket gets an alternate art though.)

Notable mentions for deckbuilding choice: Paildramon is still broken and will win you games you shouldn't win. Just pretend it has jamming when you play it and hope for the best. MagnaX as a 4 of is your road to victory against much of the format. Jesmon GX allows you to pressure in ways the deck couldn't before and DeathX is the best card in the format and a must play nowadays.

TL DR: Your gameplan is to stall with the deck until you find the best card in your deck. Deathx

Click into image for link to decklist.


R1 W 2-0 Jesmon, both games my opponent had an unlucky slow start or a bricked hand. Was able to just chip at security until they lost.

R2 W 2-1 Xros heart, this matchup is just very dependent on seeing magnax since they are forced to remove it. Noteworthy that I was able to win g3 without ever seeing a rookie by slowly evoing over hard played lv4 armors and winning off the back of a magnax. Deathx for 0 is also pretty good.

R3 W 2-0 Jesmon, Similar to R1 my opponent had slow starts. When they were finally able to assemble their sistermon army, deathx was dropped for close to 0 and the game ended there.

R4 W 2-0 Grandis:  this was the guy who won a recent regionals with grandis so I was sweating quite a bit. What saved me was having my magna X being 19k to his 18k on his turn so he wasn't able to kill me. There were also key turns where Death X is able to reset the boardstate.

R5 D 1-1 Grandis: G1 was extremely grindy and took close to 40 minutes. I believe I had gone through every magna X, and magna at that point. What won me the game was playing Deathx when they ran out of eggs and they were forced to hard play rookies and champions. Game 2 I wasn't able to survive an early grandis and got board controlled out of the game. I was killed in time so we didn't have a game 3.

At the end of the day I honestly felt I just had good matchups, facing only Jes/Xrosheart/Grandis. I feel that armor is not unfavorable into any of these 3 decks. Armor does have some pretty terrible matchups so as my playgroup always says "Better lucky than good".

Also shoutout to gameshack locals in Canada which is a great place to play throughout the week. I can't seem to win at all against that group of players but that makes it a great place to improve.

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