Ronnie Haboc: Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 or Kamen Raider Dukemon


Invited Author: Ronnie Haboc

Country: Philippines


With the new BT12 support for Dukemon/Gallantmon, it gave Dukemon/Gallantmon another way to manipulate the battle area. And with the new Takato, it helps Dukemon/Gallantmon to bounce back. 

The Deck list below is what I used for the 25th of November, The release date grind for the Booster Across Time.

*Disclaimer: This is not the final build for Dukemon bt12*

Decklist featured on Digimonmeta: Deck Information – DIGIMON CARD META (

As a Red deck, it focuses on aggressive plays and controlling the battle area with the deletion effect that comes from WarGrowlmons and Dukemons. With the help of Growlmon BT12 and Wargrowlmon EX3 to help you on playing a Takato for free. 

On the past metas, one of Dukemon weakness is having Low DP with the st7 Dukemon/Gallantmon 11k DP (with a possible to get 14k DP with its effect) with the help of the New Guilmon and Growlmon giving Dukemon an additional of 4k. One other weakness was having a comeback option, and it was fixed by the new Takato that let you warp evo with ANY Guilmon to a Dukemon/Gallantmon.

And with the Combo mechanic of the New Wargrowlmon BT12 and Dukemon/Gallantmon BT12 to extend your turn. After you delete or "raid" your opponent's Digimon, at the end of attack it gives you 2 memories, then digivolves into Dukemon X to attack once more. 


Round 1: VS Jesmon, Win 1-0

 A battle with a lot of Jesmon players (including the MasterSaberKlein), and my deck was ready to handle it. With the 2 Crimson Blaze to stop them from playing Sistermon. However I was unable to use either of the crimson blaze. I was fortunate enough to have my Lv6 Dukemon to appear first, then swing to reduce their security to 2. Then with the help of Gallantmon Crimson Mode to trash the remaining 2 on the turn. 

Round 2: Vs D-Brigade, Win 1-0

With this match up, I was able to trash some key pieces of my opponent using Wargrowlmon EX3, and always give her a few memories to work with. So I can control the battle area by deleting her digimons, and chip away her security with the trash effect of Dukemon BT12 and Dukemon X BT9. Since there is a possibility of disruption on her security stacks.

Round 3: Vs Jesmon, Win 1-0

With this match up, I was lucky that my opponent had a bad hand, so I quickly took advantage of it. And I was able to use crimson blaze to delay his turn, so he won’t be able to summon sistersmon. And was able to win.


Match up with decks, Red hybrid can be a little hard, since it can counter your deletion their Digmon, then can summon a Takuya Tamer for free from either hand or trash. 

With BlackWarGreymon, the Wargrowlmon EX3 can help you bring back your Takato from trash, if they deleted it, using Blackwargreymon bt8 or the option Hades Force. And even if they have protection for your deletion with the Greymon X, you can use “Raid” to delete their digimon.
With Bloomlordmon, it will be best to have your crimson blaze on hand or on security. So you can control the battle area, since Bloomlordmon gameplay is like Jesmon, they need to spread out.

With Xros hearts, always match the aggression of your opponent. Take advantage of getting your Dukemon as quick as possible then finish. Having crimson blaze on hand will also be key to winning.

Closing thoughts

With the new Dukemon supports that came on ex3 and bt12, Dukemon has more options on controlling the board, and being able to bounce back. I feel Dukemon can be a tier 1 deck with the new support for this BT12 meta. Even though the deck is straightforward gameplay, you also need to know when to be aggressive. 


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