Coffee: Blue Flare in Evo Cup for BT12 Environment.


Invited Author: Coffee

Country: Malaysia


Hi, I am Coffee, player from Malaysia. Thanks for digimonmeta to invite me for the sharing of my deck for evolution cup events even though I am only getting top 2.

This is my first evolution cup I join for December. Since BT12 release and new ban list release in December, with the new analyse for the meta game, most player will be playing Wargreymon, Hunter, Kaisergreymon and also new Beelzemon X with the release of ST14. I am blue player so I am playing blue deck of course. Metalgarurumon X and Ulforceveedramon X is out of my option now since there is promo card banned in Malaysia.

My option to be consider is new Imperialdramon, Examon and Blueflare. With some deck testing, I realised that both Imperialdramon and Examon have big disadvantage. Imperialdramon weakness is still not able to deal with blocker that hinder the combo at level 4, hunter deck has a lot of 4k blocker that stop the combo, if you play control with hunter, you are also at disadvantage since Arresterdramon superior mode can easily deal with it. Same for Examon, Arresterdramon superior mode and Quartzmon can easily deal with Examon. For that reason, I choose to play Blueflare.

Deck Building

There is variable deck build of Blueflare that you can play. Some play Sora and joe combo to remove digivolution source to keep locking opponent from attacking. Some play Metalgreymon X and combo with Zekegreymon for fast game. But evolution cup is BO3 swiss format, we need to think about consistency for three games. Players can also observe your deck in first game and play around with your deck for the rest of the game.

Sora and joe version is quite bricky sometimes, I experienced blazing memory boost filter all of Sora and joe and I couldn’t get any tamer before. Metalgreymon X version is good for BO1 game, but for BO3 game, your opponent would know your weakness instantly in game 2 and game 3 onwards, it got no way to get through blackwargreymon X once they know your deck build. In this evolution cup, I choose to play Kaisernail with X7S, this deck has more control and consistency is the better version as most of the card laying around Blue Flare traits even with tamers. In this article, I will just mention blocking, it means to stop opponent, to block and attack until the end of next opponent phase.



I use wanyamon and bebydomon, you need drawing effect to collect all of the combo card in hand as fast as possible.


Dracomon with blueflare traits in 4pcs to help for drawing. Gaossmon is combo card to free play level 4 which need to be 4pcs as well. 2pcs of Syakomon is tech card to hit greymon X, Aldamon and also hunter deck in reducing digivolution cost which giving us sometimes in collecting our combo pieces. Even though level 3 can be easily deal with, but it helps as your opponent also need to use some resources to deal with it.

Champion(level 4)

Greymon and Mailbirdramon is digixros material for metalgreymon, it needs to be at 4pcs each. Greymon also used to search for more blueflare card and Mailbirdramon can help to play tamer and recycles metalgreymon. Digivolution effect for Digimon is great but it had limitation to 2 digimon on opponent field. Player tends to play 1 digimon when dealing with Blueflare so I am not using this digivolution effect too much. Deckerdramon in 3pcs as this is combo card for Deckergreymon to lock opponent from attacking.

Ultimate(level 5)

Metalgreymon is the core of this deck which have rush and able to lock opponent, so it needs to be in 4pcs. Deckergreymon in 3pcs is used with deckerdramon to lock opponent. 2 pcs of Metalgreymon phantom launcher is use to deal with psychemon that prevent us from reducing playing cost. There is one more combo I use with deckergreymon and metalgreymon phantom launcher, both digivolve/on play effect can slot in blueflare card to digivolution from hand and under tamer. We can slot in zekegreymon for blocker and also slot in X7S and combo with Kaiser nail to play X7S.

Mega(level 6 and 7)

I played 2pcs of Zekegreymon, it can restand to finish a game and also act as blocker just in case. Then we have 2pcs of X7S, it can remove blackwargreymon X easily or any big boss, we just need 4 cost to play it with Kaiser nail. X7S also come with strong effect which all security option cannot be activated. I am still playing 1pcs of dexmon as it saves me from hunter deck before.


Kiriha need to be in 4pcs as it can be play by blazing memory boost. 3pcs of White tamer taiki, nene and kiriha can used to filter our card faster and also it has blueflare traits.


Blazing memory boost in 4pcs, it helps to search blueflare and also a bonus when there is Kiriha in the open card. Kaiser nail in 3pcs, this is combo card I used with X7S, normally I save it in hand for X7S unless there is necessary to play other blueflare card like greymon to search card. Icewall in 1pcs, always the core card that save us a game.

Tournament Report

Swiss 5 Round BO3

W: Win, L: Lose

Round 1 VS Bye (2-0) W W

It is free win since we have odd number of participants.

Round 2 VS yellow purple security control (2-0) W W

Since it is security control deck, I know that opponent will be using recovery to setup heavy option security. In this game, I can just slowly setup as many of blazing memory boost as possible to search for X7S. Once X7S is on board, then we can easily deal with security and none of the security option can be activated. Opponent did use Chaos degrade to deal with my X7S but that cost him a lot of memory and then we got advantage to setup our board for another round of attack. 

Round 3 VS Blackwargreymon X (2-1) L W W

To win the game with blackwargreymon X, we need X7S and kaisernail to deal with it. First game, I am not able to draw kaisernail. I also miss the timing to play syakomon before graymon X evolve to level 5. My opponent is able to deal with my tamer with blackwargreymon and also come out with blackwargreymon X. In this case, I had to hard play X7S to deal with it, but it gives opponent too much memory. Later on, he manages to evolve to omegamon X and that cost me first game. In 2nd game, I was managed to play syakomon before his greymon X comes out. This gives me some timing to draw kaisernail and X7S and at the same times setup as many as level 3 in my board. With Syakomon on boards, that manage to prevent opponent in evolving to level 6 and pass me a turn. Then I deal with his level 5 with X7S. He is not managed to keep up with my pace afterwards. I win the 3rd game with similar strategy, play syakomon as soon as possible, then try to draw kaisernail and X7S to deal with his level 5 before he can go level 6.

Round 4 VS Grandiskuwagamon (1-2) L W L

This is the hardest match up for blueflare. As you can see, I don’t have any security that can prevent grandiskuwagamon from OTK. My best approach to stall the game, is to quickly deal with any Digimon that is on board, either lock it or use metalgreymon phantom launcher/X7S to deal with any Digimon in field. This is to prevent grandiskuwagamon to end the game after he swing all my security. I almost won the first game but then my opponent digivolve into Quartzmon which prevent me from ending the game. I use similar strategy in 2nd game, I am able to win it although my opponent is able to swing all my security. Third game, I am playing risky strategy. If luck is in my side, I am able to win it. In third game, my opponent has Digimon in field, next turn he should be able to swing all my 5 security and end the game.  I don’t have enough memory to deal with that Digimon in field. If I can last this turn and I draw into metalgreymon, I can win the game. So I slot in X7S with deckergreymon and hope that when he OTK, he can swing into kaisernail and then I can play X7S to stop OTK. As per my expectation, my opponent does not want to OTK but to deal with my Digimon first. But in my next turn, I couldn’t draw metalgreymon to end the game and this cost my game 3 to lose.

Round 3 VS Beelzemon X (2-0) W W

In first game, I keep using Deckergreymon to lock opponent and my opponent doesn’t want to play 2nd Digimon. He is managed to thrash all my security with beelzemon X but since he is not able to attack and that end the first game. In 2nd game, my opponent has 2 digimon on board, he plan to kill his 1k impmon by hitting security, but he hit a tamer for me.  With 2 digimon on board, that give me a great advantage since I can restand and continuously lock with metalgreymon and then I win game 2.

Closing Thoughts

Blueflare is fun to play. Thanks to Bandai, we play different Blue flare with every booster release. I am glad that X7S can be play in blueflare deck which help a lot in dealing with Digimon like blackwargreymon X and security control deck. With EX4 release, blueflare even added jamming to the deck. That added a lot of fun in blueflare deck building. I also hope someday I can win evolution cup omegamon with blue based deck. Last but not least, I wish everyone have fun for Digimon card game.

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