Mundzir: The real Analogman

Invited Author: Mundzir (won Evo Cup)

Country: Brunei


My name is Mundzir or Mund, I’m the one that look like Analogman

Joined Digimon from BT02 but am a hermit during the early release. I won Brunei Darussalam 1st EVO Cup using Machinedramon/Chaosdramon Red/Black Deck. Reasons to pick this deck because I'm always a fan of machine/mecha and winning with a machine dinosaur? Why not right? Have been a Machinedramon fan ever since Digimon World 1 as the Final Boss. Memorable fight. 

Hidden Gem

I love the fact that Machinedramon EX01 has the ability that would prevent it from being deleted by removing level 5 machine/cyborg. It's a strong ability unlike any other deck I've seen and it's a unique condition that it can survive. Used this deck in friendly tournaments, it's a worthy competitor even up till the BT12 Meta. Yes I've used this deck in BT12 Meta.
This deck is a slow – mid building deck. It takes time to be able to go to its full potential and going on second is heaven. 

Hope this report can help other Machine/Chaos to its full potential.

Cards used for EVO CUP
Key Strategy - The best offense is the best defense

Key Cards

Strategy for Machinedramon/Chaosdramon is not simple, you need a set up. Shout out to Analogman without this tamer, cards will guarantee to have less defense.

1.) Analogman

[Opponent's Turn] When an opponent's Digimon attacks a player, by suspending this Tamer, switch the target of attack to 1 of your level 6 Digimon with the [Machine] trait.

2.) Machinedramon EX-01

 [All Turns] This Digimon's DP can't be reduced. [All Turns] When this Digimon would be deleted, you may trash 2 level 5 Digimon cards in this Digimon's Digivolution cards to prevent this Digimon from being deleted.

3.) Chaosdramon EX-03

[On Play] [When Digivolving] By placing up to 3 red and/or black level 5 cards with the [Cyborg] trait and different card numbers from your hand and/or trash under this Digimon as its bottom digivolution cards, "De-Digivolve 1" on 1 of your opponent's Digimon (Trash up to 1 card from the top of one of your opponent's Digimon. If it has no digivolution cards, or becomes a level 3 Digimon, you can't trash any more cards) for each card placed by this effect.

Tournament Report

I will explain briefly how I win in every match.

Win – 5
Lose – 0
Draw – 0

Gamer's Tavern 1st EVO Cup Tournament Results

1st place: Mundzir Mugen

2nd place: Farhan Inda Brick Dorbrickmon

3rd place: Jacol Beezlemon

4th place: EL Lok Lok B/G Examon

Decks Distribution: (22 players)

1st Game Machinedramon – Win 

This was a tough one because it's a mirror match. First against the same deck it's not a good sign, even though his name during the tournament was Mugenslayer.

So how to win during this time it's because opponents decided to rush his Machinedramon. During round 3, I have already 3 Analogman and level 4 in my breeding area. My security is 1-2 though. 

Letting the opponent hit as I need to search for Analogman and at least some in level 5 in trash. Key to win was for opponents to become Machinedramon first and for my turn, I chose to pick Chaosdramon to de-digivovle and by that time, setup was already done. Repeat the process.

2nd Game Wargreymon X Red/Black – Win

This has a different vibe to it. Since it's a Wargreymon X, key card for this game is Megadramon BT9 to destroy tamers Tai and Cool boy and Metaltyranomon BT11 to force the opponent to attack you with Analogman and trash their cards.

When it becomes a Metalgreymon X antibody BT9, let it attack securities, 2-3 for level 5 in trash or Analogman. Once it digivolve to level 6, prepare to de-digivolve it and there is where you can control. 

3rd Game Red Hybrid – Win

Going against the new Meta is something. These match up, watch out for the 2nd turn of the opponent. It is ready to hit hard by attack 3 security quickly even without a proper set up. 

One of the hardest opponents encountered during this EVO Cup. This is a rush deck so to win this, prepare digivolve until level 5 at breeding area with a condition Analogman must be on the field, let the opponent hit the security first.

By turn 3, digivolve to level 6 and hope for best it won't destroy your Digimon. During this game the red hybrid biggest hitter was around 10,000 – 12,000, a Choasdramon can try to tank the attacks

4th Game Dobrick OTK – Win

Scary deck honestly and Dobrick as a R card. Don't underestimate the deck. During 2nd turn, opponent attack with a Dobrick with 4 security checks, fortunately 2 Analogman was in it

Against Dobrickmon, you need to be careful as it can gain rush, and by putting in saur or dragon it can  reduce the cost, making this as a "Rush Deck"

Playing against this deck is actually like a gamble, why gamble? Hoping the opponent to hit security checks and checking for tamers underneath those security.

By the time you have tamer,next turn is to move the level 4 from breeding area to the battle area, digivolve to a level 5 either EX01 Metalgreymon to destroy 3000 DP or BT8 Metalgreymon to "De-digivolve 1". The better choice is to evolve the EX01 Metalgreymon then to Chaosdramon level 6. Put in the remaining level 5 from trash underneath the digimon and let the Dobrick hit the 12000 DP wall. 

This is the only way to win against the Dobrick deck. Once the dobrick is gone, it's hard to recover due to cards have been used for the Dobrick ESS source

Morale here : Don't underestimate rarity R cards

5th Game Examon – Win

An epic match between 2 titans, Examon and Machinedramon. Final matchup was unexpectedly to be Examon. Fought only once in the past on Examon and it is a deck where it "evade" it's death, suspends you and FORCE you to attack during your phase. This is a deck to be wary of.

1st Strategy at this point is to "attack carefully" during your turn and build from behind. For the Examon deck, the weak point is, it can't attack 2 security at 1 hit, but it can unsuspend and attack again. 

Final few scenarios was, 4 Digimons including 2 Examon against 1 Level 5 Digimon. This matchup was not in my favor.

Having 3 Analogman during that time was the only hope into winning by digivolving into a Chaosdramon to de-digivolve and to use redirect all the lower level to attack. My Chaosdramon, luckily having a level 5 Metaltyranomon BT11 won me the match by trashing 1 security if it deletes an opponent.

2nd Strategy was to count how many Examon in the trash and the field. Having to remove Examon to trash is knowing their biggest hitter is unavailable anymore.

3rd Strategy, let them hit the security for Analogman, by having many analogman, you can redirect a single attack to your level 6 machine

4th Strategy was to if you see a level 5-6 just de-dedigivolve as soon as possible, because the keycard for Examon is their level 5-6, without this, opponent will have a hard time recovery.

Even with strategies, Examon player will try to slow your progress by making you attack them during your turn. So! Patience is key! Breed and digivolve from the back.

From the back, both Machinedramon and Examon are building decks. Letting the opponent reach its biggest potential is what you aim for, so you can use the Chaosdramon effect.

Big tips!
1. Don’t miss your prayers!
2. Wife & Family blessing before you go
3. Have fun! Digimon is for everyone

Big shout out to Gamer's Tavern for hosting the EVO Cup in Brunei Darussalam. To the staff, judges, management and even the players. Everyone did their best in the tournament and we had fun! Thank you so much! For players who did their best, you can try again soon. Shout out to Ayam Goreng as well 🙂

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