Hazrin: A DC-1 Tournament Report (Malaysia)


Invited Author: Hazrin (Host)

Country: Malaysia


Hello, Hazrin from East Malaysia here. With the recent release of  EX-04: Theme Booster Alternative Being set, about 1 week before its release date, it seemed our local’s meta has shifted to more variety of control-based decks, mainly, due to the insurgence of Wargreymon and Blackwargreymon players in the previous months. Examples of various control-based decks are Hunter decks which can remove a card on the field easily by placing the opponent’s Digimon under a tamer or other Digimon in play, and Blue flare, which can essentially shut down 1 or multiple Digimons in play by not allowing them to attack nor block for a turn.

Tournament Result

DC-1 Digimon Tourney (Kuching) Results
31/12/2022 @BuddyConnection
Top 8 (Qualified)
1st Place – Black/Wargreymon X (Haiqal)
2nd Place – UlforceVeedramon (Pang)
3rd Place – Hunter (Arresterdramon) (Charles)
4th Place – Black/Wargreymon X (Akuma)
5th Place – Beelzemon (Hosea)
6th Place – BlueFlarexTwilight (Voon)
7th Place – Hunter (Arresterdramon) (Hasrul)
8th Place – BloomlordmonxQuartmon (Hafiz)
Decks Distribution
Blueflare x3
Beelzemon x2
Shinegreymon x2
Hunter x2
Bloomlordmon x2
Black/Wargreymon X x2
UlforceVeedramon x1
Alphamon x1
Machinedramon x1

Our DC-1 results however show that Wargreymon and Blackwargreymon still dominated the whole tournament. This is mainly contributed by 1 card, that has been deemed to be problematic by many players, Greymon (X-Antibody) BT11-064. That  Greymon (X-Antibody) paired with Metalgreymon BT12-068 could easily digivolve into a level 6 Digimon with just the cost of 4 memories in total (ideally, Wargreymon players would digivolve an Agumon in the breeding zone, and into any Greymon turn 1, then digivolve into the Greymon X-antibody for 0 costs the turn after).

Adding the salt to the wound, the Metalgreymon (BT12-068) would clear out the field by attacking into a Digimon in play using its Raid ability (or just the normal way if the opponent’s Digimon is suspended) and effectively plays a black or red tamer for 0 costs when any attack switches target, yes, this includes blocking or redirecting and also applies to your other Digimon or opponent’s, ALL TURN. Greymon’s massive body (DP) makes them hard to be removed by attacking them, and the icing on the cake, Pseudo-immunity from most generic removal effects.

Our local’s DC-1 Champion, Haiqal Sulaiman, is running 2 copies of Lightning Joust ST7-11, just for the "Security Attack +1", if in case the opponent has the lead,  to get a few of the opponent’s security off the board, and closing the game with the combination of the X-antibody Option card, Omnimon BT5-086 and Omnimon (X Antibody)  BT10-086.

The First Place Deck.

Our 1st runner-up, Pengiran Hazieq, showcased Ulforceveedramon’s (BT11-032) potential with its latest support, Ulforceveedramon (X antibody) BT12-029 as the only player representing the deck. Now with the access to return 1 of the opponent’s Digimon with the lowest level to their hand, All turns (Ulforceveedramon X antibody’s ability), with the help of Rina Shinomiya BT11-112, the deck can disrupt their opponent’s plays and catch them off guard. With the potential to even OTK, Ulforceveedramon decks can contend with the best of decks in this new meta.

The hunter deck is the new gem in the mix. The deck's swiftness and wide varieties of color can be a hassle to fight against, the deck is unpredictable and has ways to remove the board with little ways to deal with it; Opponent's building a tall stack of Digimon just to be placed under a tamer or a level 3 Digimon with Arresterdramon Superior Mode's ability or Digimons and Tamers swarmed the board, just to be locked down by Quartzmon, the deck is just full of surprises. The deck can work around their ways with little memories & without the opponent realizing, the game has ended, thanks to multiple Old Clock Shop Man in Play and the (End of turn) attack once more with Arresterdramon: Superior Mode's Effects.

Another deck that has seen a surge after the set EX-04’s releases is Blue Flare. The deck has been an unstoppable force before and is coming back to the meta, now better than ever. With their latest support, Mailbirdramon EX4-018 and Greymon EX4-016, the deck has been really consistent and shows no sign of stopping, in other words; Blue Flare is very strong. An Honorable mention to Beelzemon deck and its X-antibody, the deck just proves that trashing security has little to no counter-play, just remember not to keep track of the number of cards in the deck before trashing them.

Second Place Deck
Third Place Deck

That basically summarizes the whole post-EX4 set, that is, in our local at least. Since the set has just been released, there were just a few players daring enough to compete with the newer cards to the DC-01 tournament, most probably to avoid misplays, and are not sure of how well those decks will do. Nonetheless, give them a few more weeks, surely there will be a shift in meta soon.

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