Ron (PH): DC-1 and the Greymon Toolbox

Invited Author: Ron Agbayani

Country: Philippines


Hi everyone this is Ron Agbayani again from the Philippines and I would like to share my tournament report and thoughts about” The Greymon Tool Box”. I call it this way since both Wargreymon and Black Wargreymon are included in this tool box and share hand in hand to match against other top decks.

The Wargreymon Tool Box against the current Meta

It has great potential in the upcoming formats due to built-in effects such as protection, search, sec check +1, blitz, tamer deletion, and gain memory. Rookies in this archetype have access to Omnimon that can  potentially close a game.

Technically a tier 1 deck but it still falls short to decks that are fast enough to unsuspend or directly attack your Digimon on play area and these includes Jesmon and Bloom/Hydramon. Also, if your opening hand is brick then you might potentially lose the game but on the hind thought it answers most of the decks currently available.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META


I would like to share some highlights during DC-1 Tournament


DC-1 Tournament Report

1st Tournament of the Year

Deck used: Blackwargreymon/Gaiomon/Wargreymon

Rank: 2nd Place


Swiss 4 Rounds (X-1)

Round 1: BYE

Round 2: Hunters O-O

Had the chance to draw my Hades Force and BWG on time whenever he was setting up the tamers. 

Round 3: Bloom/Hydra/Quartz  X-O-X

Spam and unsuspend my Digimons. I was not able to establish my board.

Round 4: Wargreymon O-O

I gave up my Red Memory Boosts to have extra Agumon hence giving more consistency. I had them in each round so a good start. The highlight for me here is Gaiomon helped me de-digivolve and trample his Digimons. 


Top Cut

Round 1: Red Hybrids O-O

I established Greymons with blocker with +DP that can be only deleted by Kaisergreymon BT12 then I was able to draw Hades Force and BWG hence securing my win.

Round 2: Hunters O-X-O

The goal  against hunters was to keep 1 Digimon on play without tamers but has high value. This was the logic of Gaiomon because it has Security Check +1. 

Finals: Bloom/Hydra/Quartz X-X

Difficult match up. A literal hands up!

The current meta has plenty of decks to offer and these are equally running smoothly and depend on piloting. I chose my Greymon Deck because this is my most used deck ever since so I just had to understand more other top decks and how to react with their strategy.

I will like to list some of my thoughts regarding deck building a Greymon Deck. I made a decision that the deck I will build must have oppression and can end the game at around 4-7 turns.

  1. No more Wargreymon X BT9. It is dubbed as the best card to slide in since at the end of the attack it can delete a Digimon and whenever your opponent’s security is removed, you gain 1 memory. On paper it has good effects but it can be argued that Wargreymon BT12 alone is better – raid and unsuspend whenever an attack is redirected. Against mirror matches it can't kill an unsuspended Wargreymon BT12 that is 20k higher hence I used Gaiomon BT9 and Blackwargreymon BT8 as my main Mega in my deck. 
  2. Metalgreymon X BT9 and Metalgreymon BT12 push the game and have more impact than any other level 5. Raid + Free tamer play and easy Security Check +1 is non-negotiable and a must.
  3. Alterous Mode promo is a good addition since it deletes a Digimon with 5000 DP and it has protection effect. Acts like a Greymon X BT11 + X-Antibody for protection.
  4. Only 2 X-antibody option cards to improve the consistency. I usually needed it for protection purposes only and my deck has Gaiomon BT9 which does not rely on X-antibody option card.
  5. Black Wargreymon BT8 is searchable and can be evolved to Gaiomon BT9. It also deletes both Tamer and Digimon at the right condition.

Even though the deck has too many searches it still bricks hard which is still difficulty to use.

Shared here were my matchups during DC-1 Tournament – Wargreymon/Black Wargreymon vs Red Hybrids – Top 8 – Wargreymon/Black Wargreymon vs Hunters – Top 4

We don’t have coverage for finals but just imagine I was utterly defeateg that time!
Hope to see more players and improvement within the community and the game itself!

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