Is it Digixros? Is it Jogress? No! It’s Kuzuha Flare

Invited Author: Marcel Justin

Country: Indonesia



Hi, my name is Marcel and I’m from Indonesia. I first playing Digimon when Ex3 Released in Indonesia and I played Darkknightmon X. After I learned how to play from Official Digimon Apps in android, I tried to join in Tournament, and got rekt by Blue Flare.

I feel that Blue Flare have super powerful cards like Blazing memory boost that can take 3 cards (including Kiriha) and got 2 memories from delay effect. I played another TCG before this, and I know that blue flare is super good.

Even though Blue Flare is a good deck, but I don’t like the playstyle, I love aggro deck so much. So, when I watched ファイル島の民 from Youtube, and they play Kuzuha Flare (that’s what I name this deck) I fell in love at first sight. The deck was super cool with Paildramon engine it was super-fast, and somehow you can used mega death from Kuzuhamon for free. 

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Deck's Strategy

This deck has a strategy that was so easy, that the only think you must have in mind is how to jogress, or digixros and evolve into Kuzuhamon, and play option, then play blue flare from the digivolution sources.

Well, in some scenarios, digixros has more benefits then Jogress, but some scenarios you better jogress. Then just attack attack and attack. Don’t scare about security Digimon, EX4 Mailbirdramon gives jamming, including Paildramon. Evolve to Kuzuhamon and BAM!!! Mega Death for free! (Well watch your color requirement)

The key cards for this deck are:

1. Gaosmon – this is the best rookie in the deck (well the rookie is only this and dracomon, but you know what I mean) because when gaossmon attack, you can draw first if you have kiriha from wanyamon, then its 95% gaossmon will die from Digimon security. Then you can use its effect to cast the blue flares lvl4. And it gives you a blue lvl 4 Digimon. Please remember that.

2. EX4 Mailbirdramon – one of the best targets for Gaossmon. Because it will give paildramon or metalgreymon jamming and as you know, paildramon can attack twice and sometimes metalgreymon can attack twice too. And at the mid game, you can use it as ice wall. And with kuzuha combo you can use it twice.

3. BT10 Mailbirdramon – Maybe not as good as the EX4 Version, but this card is somehow make me won vs Black wargreymon because this guy, can froze your opponent Digimon so you can hit free from blocker. 

4. BT10 Greymon – the second-best targets for gaossmon. Reveal 4 add 2? For free cost? I take it. And the inherit will gave metalgreymon ability to attack twice. Say no more.

5. EX4 Greymon – this is in my mind the not good targets for gaossmon. Why I keep using it is because, he is greymon though (LOL). But no, even though the on play effect only can add Kiriha and metalgreymon, the inherit can make you draw 1. NOT ONCE PER TURN, OR LOCK TO BLUEFLARE. So if you use this card as jougress for Paildramon, you can draw four times. 5 if you include jougress draw. 

6. Stingmon – easy cast with 3 memories only. You have kiriha of course so you will have memory to cast it and give paildramon effect to draw and its not once per turn.

The Ultimate

7. Paildramon – you only need 3 memories to jougress. First gaossmon attack, drop 1 lvl 4 Blue Flares, then you cast stingmon for 3 memories because you have blue Digimon. And then bam, Paildramon attack twice that means, 3 securities in 1 turn. And you still have 0 memory. 

8. EX4 Metalgreymon – same combo as Paildramon but you can use digixros materials from the hand and below kiriha. I prefer ex4 metalgreymon than BT10 because in this greymon meta, I want to trash the Digimon with annoying inherits like BT11 metalgreymon X and BT11 agumon X

9. Kuzuhamon – the main goal for this deck. When the ultimate combo only use 3 memories, and you still have memory left, you evolve to kuzuhamon, then you can cast blazing memory boost to get 3 cards, or play mega death to remove your annoying opposing Digimon. And then, you can use kuzuha effect to play 1 blue Digimon from digivolution source. Yes!! You can play your EX4 mailbirdramon so you can ice wall 1 opposing Digimon, or BT10 Greymon so you can add your old metalgrey, or add 2 cards. Either way, it was a plus card.


This deck is super-fast one, but it has downside. This deck has a hard time against super blocker deck. You can’t hit with everything you have. Sometimes I just jogress, draw 1, and evolve to Kuzuhamon so I can play Blazing memory boost for free.

And this is an aggro deck, so if your opponent somehow succeed in controlling your board, this deck will have a hard time. You really want to go first with this deck, because turn 2 3 damages with Kuzuhamon and blazing memory boost is a cheat.

Round 1 vs Alter S: I played the usual combo and the opponent brick hard when they don’t get the greymon line. In game 2 they don’t get the garurumon line. While they trying to get their combo piece, I already hit them hard with usual combo.

Round 2 vs Alter S: this time, I played second and brick so hard, and the opponent play so fast, that turn 2 alter S. yeah and as you know, even I remove alter-s, they will cast cress and blitz for free and for fun purpose, he reveal another alter S in hand. Yeah, I scoop immidietely. In Game 2,my hand was super good, that I played usual combo with blazing memory boost and they hit mega death with alter S. In Game 3, i don’t see any gaossmon or paildramon so I just hit with stingmon and metalgreymon. And froze their alter S with BT10 mailbirdramon inherit skill.

Round 3 vs BWGX: because the game is at 11PM, I already sleepy and make a mistake I don’t hit their Digimon so they can finish me. At game 2, I play a little bit aggressive because I know that if they get into BWG faster, I will lose. So the only thing I have in mind is how to hit, hit and hit. I play DaiKen and used mega death for 0 memories. And try to hit again. He scooped. For game 3, they pick first and hard cast metalgreymon giving me 7 memories, and I just evolve wanyamon into gaossmon in breeding, digixros into Ex4 metalgreymon and hit, then kuzuhamon, then blazing memory boost for free, play kiriha, and I still have 1 memory left. So, I played Daiken. In their turn, they evolve koromon into agumon x and evolve metal greymon into BWGX. Gave me 2 memories. At my turn, because of kiriha, I have 3 memories, move gaossmon into front. And daiken gave me 1 more memory. So my memory at 4, use blazing delay to get 2 more memories, and cast 5 memories mega death. And he scooped already and reveal they have 3 bwgx and 2 bt12 taichi.


1. At first turn, always and always think how to get kiriha in field. Even you play blazing memory boost at first turn is ok. Because your next turn, you gonna need 3 memories. 

2. Always ask if your opponent have blocker before do something. If your opponent have blocker, always utilize BT10 Mailbirdramon.

3. Always check color requirements if you have mega death in hand. Your only green source is stingmon, Paildramon, and Dai-Ken. And if you evolve into kuzuhamon, your only green source is DaiKen. So, keep that in mind

4. This is an Aggro deck. This is not a usual Blue Flare deck. So, keep thinking as an aggro player. 

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