[JP] Salihin: BT13 Blue Flare has perseverance


Invited Author: Salihin Suran

Country: Singapore


Hello everyone! My name is Salihin, you can call me “Sally” or “Sali”. BT6 era was the time when I started playing Digimon TCG. Started off with Blue ST-2 Starter Deck to get used to the gameplay and mechanics. I was just playing with a friend till I decided to try out some tamer battles at the locals. 

Gabu-bond was the meta then. I came weekly to participate and got trashed always 😅😅. Personally, I prefer to play competitively. For a start, I chose to only play blue decks however as time goes by, I’ll try to switch around to understand how other decks work just so I can play with blue confidently.

Blue Flare

BT10 introduction to digixros definitely changes a lot of the meta. As a blue player, Blue Flare is definitely the way to go! Been piloting it ever since and managed to get top 8 in one of the previous Evo Cup that happened last year.  

Blue Flare came short with its power despite its rush and stun ability from MetalGreymon. With only 8K DP it’s always a gamble. And with many otks and counters, it’s quite tough to play it.

EX04 MailBirdramon + Kiriha & Nene is the game changer! When I saw the release of EX04 MailBirdramon, I knew immediately this is the best card for Blue Flare. Rush+Stun+Jamming+2Checks?!?! Top it off by evolving it into DeckerGreymon for armor purge protection. Opponent bounce back your digimon? You have Kiriha & Nene to bring them back from trash! 

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

BT13 Meta

With introduction to Royal Knights & Burst Modes, it doesn’t make the meta any better with the ever raging Wargreymon, Hunters, Bloom/Quartz and many more.

Everything is happening so fast and every turn counts. 

The build you’re seeing now is the best Blue Flare I’ve built to face with all the gangsters in the meta.

I play test it with my good cousin, every night and day. I’m thankful for all the meta decks that he have built. 

This is my answer to other decks that preventing me from digixrossing or gaining memory, evolving into BT11 MetalGreymon + CyberLauncher or playing BT5 Supreme Cannon.

My recent win from Evo Cup match was against WarGreymon, Jesmon & Blue Flare. 


Been playing against this deck back to back that I knew what I needed to do. I would normally go second against WarGreymon. WarGreymon will need some set up, which gives me enough time to get my tamers and rush it down. My first opponent didn’t get his Agumon early, so he hard cast a Greymon. Never leave a lvl 4/5 on field unanswered. I knew immediately I need to stun it next turn. With 5 memory, hatch Wanyamon and evo into Gaossmon, played a blazing memory, summon Kiriha free and get my MetalGreymon & others. Played MetalGreymon for 3 cost to stun his Greymon. This is to slow him down and preventing him from dealing early damage which might be dangerous in subsequent turns.

The strategy to fight against WarGreymon is to never leave your digimon unsuspended if he has one ready on field or in the hatchery. This is to prevent him from raiding and lethal. You can set up your lvl 3 to get that extra draw and play Greymon to search for your missing pieces in the first turn. By 2nd turn, you should start hitting his security. Push out the lvl 3, summon MetalGreymon with jamming Mailbirdramon. If there’s nothing on field I would slot in EX04 Greymon to get that extra draw. I will end my turn with evolving into Deckergreymon for armor protection. This will prevent Wargreymon from raiding or piercing. 

Sadly, my opponent was bricking. That’s when I start to play Kuzuhamon and go wide. He couldn’t answer my board that turn which gave me the victory.


The strategy to beat this monster was to wait till he summon his sisters for me to do multiple hits.

This match was fairly easy for me. My opponent chose to go first. I knew he was missing his pieces as his first move was summoning a Sistermon. Similar to how I played against Wargreymon, did the same thing and the rest is history. All I have to do is wait for him to push out or play his searchers again. It’s was a fairly quick round. You know the drill. Stun, swing, jamming, restand, repeat. For the first round, he didn’t had the chance to push out into Jesmon.

Second round was slightly different. I couldn’t get my hands on any MetalGreymon. I knew I had to poke a few as quickly as possible. He was at 2 life and managed to go into Jesmon GX and clear all my life. With all the Sistermons as blockers including his GX, he was fairly confident. His mistake was passing me to 7 memory. With 2 memory boost still on board, I pushed out my rookie, hard cast MailBirdramon to bring back MetalGreymon to my hand. Stunned all his Sisters, evo into DeckerGreymon, slot another Deckerdramon, stun his GX. Game over.

Blue Flare

The final match was a mirror. Wasn’t as easy as it looked. He got a different build. I played the usual but I don’t waste any time waiting for him to have more than 1. When I have my pieces, I straight went into MetalGreymon stun and swing. Same strategy but making sure I evo into DeckerGrey/CyberLauncher so he won’t be able to stun me if he were to play MetalGrey due to the insufficient ess. 

The game changer was after stunning and swinging, I evo into Kuzuhamon to spread my board, playing a Greymon and Kaizer Nail to pull out another MetalGreymon. Bringing home the Omnimon!


Bloom Hydra/ Rosemon BM

I don’t really have a problem facing them due to their mechanics relying on having multiple bodies. So it’s quite a comfortable game. The only issue when Terriermon is out or they managed to go Quartzmon early. That’s where I’ll play Supreme Cannon to remove Terriermon or summon Dexmon to remove their Quartz.

Mirage BM

Mirage is a fun deck, but I feel it need to meet certain requirements to make it great. It bounces off your lvl3/4 or even lvl 5 if it goes into Mirage, but it won’t do much as it’s not that fast. You can go lethal and have your board set up quick while he still searching for his line.

Shinegreymon BM

One of the guy that I actually have an issue with. The ability to push out and swing with their tamers and go lethal or even with ruin mode is quite an issue. I would recommend to set up your tamers and blazing memory early. Try to choke them out, probably avoid hitting the security early to prevent them having their tamers from it.

Royal Knights 

Haven’t faced any Royal Knights yet, however I feel you’ll have enough time to win by spreading your board with Kuzuhamon quickly. Mailbirdramon definitely a must in your MetalGreymon to prevent from dying from the big boys in the security. You might want to add in Sourai if you’re not confident. This can come in clutch preventing them to come out and lethal from Omnimon.


I feel playing against Examon shouldn’t be much of a problem since you don’t usually push out your digimon from hatchery. And the moment when you push out, you probably want your Gaossmon to be dead anyways to summon your free searchers and MetalGreymon will be able to stun them both if you’re playing the right MailBirdramon. 


The next problem I feel Blue Flare having issue is against Hunter decks. Their ability to slot a digimon to the bottom of another or tamer is an issue. I can’t think of a sure win way to go against them. Their draw power is just insane and fast.


I feel Blue Flare isn’t a deck that you want to take lightly on. With many different options and ways to break your opponent momentum, it’s definitely a deck you might want to consider playing and not to go against. It’s definitely not an easy deck to use as well. Give it a try with various build to match your preference. 

Good luck!!!


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