[EN] Jorge: 1st Place Ultimate Cup Europe with Blue Ulforce

Invited Author: Jorge Pardos

Country: Spain


Good to all , I am Jorge Pardos and I am from Valdemoro (Madrid/Spain). I am the champion of the  Ultimate Cup in Spain in March. I have been playing digimon since the day it came out and after so long trying to finally win an important tournament makes me very happy. 

BT11 Ulforceveedramon Deck

When Bt11 came out, I had been away from the competitiveness, my last regional was in August last year and I wanted to take the game more relaxed. Then I was lucky to get a Ulforce alt art in my booster box, I had always been a green player but I liked the art so much that I decided to buy the rest before the price of the Rina skyrocketed.

Click into the image for deck featured in DIGIMON CARD META

I started to play it for fun, I didn’t get many good results, but the deck was fun so I kept trying and trying to improve it. When the special rules of the Ultimate Cup were announced all of a sudden my tier 3 deck playing for a good time became a tier 1 /goal contender who could aspire to anything. Although I would have liked to play Bloomlord because I had always been green player but, I decided for Ulforce because either I played it now or it would never be as good as it was now, and with the disappearance of Xross and the low priority of BlackWargreymonX towards the deck was really good.

Now I’ll show you every single thing on the list.

We start with the options that I think is the simplest, 4 memory boost are necessary because the deck needs to search its parts and the search and filtering that gives the memory boost are necessary x4. Ice Wall there is not much to say, possibly of the most broken options of the game, buys turns in an abysmal way and a stack deck if you steal it gives you a high capacity.

The Digimons and tamers of the deck I think are quite standard, x2 Modoki Betamon is for memory choke, especially for those decks like Machindra , Bloom, Ulforce. And in this format, almost all decks will gain memory either from memory boost or cards' effect, so this type of Digimon will help to reduce the lost.

x4 BT11 Veemon for search, x3 EX1 Veemon to gain memory, and x3 ST Veemon is to warp-digivolution when necessary. The most interesting of the list I think are the lvl 4. x4 Bt11 Veedramon is the standard, now that Veedramon zero? Veedramon Zero contributes a lot for its inherited ability, as in many Match Ups like Machindramon, yellow Hybrids and even Blue Flare.  To have the confidence to recycle the trash and recycle resources was very important and that gives you the advantages in match ups of stall to be indeckeable and when it works with AeroVeedramon we will have SecurityAttack + 1.

Then the 3 Kumamon are necessary, to utilise tamers and leaving the opponent the ability to prepare for one or two attacks using the hybrid, without BWGX it is almost impossible to block them all.

The last digimon "tech" was the BT11 MirageGaogamon, use it when you don’t draw an Ulforce and you need to buy time. The blue lvl6 can control board and earn back memory are pretty good to stall the game and buy more time for the real combo to appear.

Now the most important thing, the decision of the Tamers , Why the deck without ex2 Jery and why Tommy and x4 of Tai V-tamer?

I sincerely believe that here is the decision of the victory of the tournament, throughout the tournament the putting the fourth Tai V-tamer was the key. I do not like Jery for its high cost (and the deck does not run Leomon so it is a waste) and Tai gives you more versatility, Tommy has the same idea a tamer of lower cost than Jery or matt/sora and that brings you a lot advantage in some MatchUps.









Match up vs yellow hybrids/SecCon is a match up that depends on the luck of both players, evade does not save you from the options of reducing dp if it is very important to paste and reduce their lives with care of options, the moment in which you have tamers and hybrids and do not reveal options in opponent's security is the best.

 The Machindramon match up was decided by that I was faster than him, the round lasted 15 minutes as I managed to leave him no security and finish the next turn, the Tai V-tamer chocking to 1 was the  key.

Next two matchups against Minervamon were very difficult. My opponents controlled their deck in an incredible way, but Ulforce has the ability to return opponent's Digimon to hand so Minerva cannot activate the deletion's effect and stop it from playing a Mervamon for free. It would be bad for the matchup if Mervamon can summon two blockers which can destroy Ulforce's strategy.

 Now the hardest MatchUp of this format, BloomLord is a deck that requires a series of Digimon and combos in a specific order to win. In both rounds I won with the same strategy, I set level 5 in breeding and wait for the opening, Bloom Lord without Kimera has a very small access to the otk and has a very vulnerable turn in which he leaves almost his entire table suspended and taken away 2/3 securities. That moment is where Ulforce shines, you have to go out and clean the table, although you have otk almost certainly clean the table of 3/4 digimons to your opponent gives you a 90% chance of winning, since Bloomlord is to be left without so many resources so even if he has 1 or 2 hits to win it is still very difficult to recover so the victory was almost assured. I had to play and not to make a single error in those rounds else I will have to pay a very expensive price.

The final against DarkKnightX was a Match up favorable for me, since I can return to the hand so they are not able to activate their "on deletion" effect. I think in this Matchup if I could focus on playing the otk and play super aggressive that except for a Fist that I can avoid with evade was very safe, even if it is a mistake to not catch the lvl5 of a Davis revealing and take a lvl 4 when I already had lvl 4 in hand and not lvl 5 that almost cost me the round. 

Special Thanks.

The first thing to thank the Spanish community that was giving me a brutal support throughout the tournament and to see how everyone celebrated my victory was incredible. Hito, Javixuky, One Trick, Escudero, Paindart, SirGoblas, Riku,  Omega, Gerardo, Antonio, Juanma, Sukiti, Delfa and many more that I may forget. Also the community of Valdemoro madakiba that taught me to play tcgs and without them would not have enjoyed, also people who taught me to travel and learn from competitive tcgs , and big thanks to PoW Santi, Paula, Dani, Christ, Hugo, Victor, Santi… that helped me get out of my comfort zone and see the world. And I won't forget Alex De Digimon Tcgs SP who with his amazing work has brought out the community The Olympus that probes what I take best from digimon Balles,kurim,Dante,Tafifa,Unlucky,Gadoka…. Those of the chiringo who were always there, Kibalex, Sanote and Lomachu I will forget for sure many people in the community but to each and every one of those who send me messages of support and congratulations thank you very much. 

To finish my Family, my parents, my brother and my guys who in victory and defeats were ah. To finish off my family from my team CVV, Tayron who trust me on the journey and process, Sara, Danielss, Aaron, Javi, Julia, Irene, Yerals, Cap, Carre, Migu and many more I want to thank to be my family and be with me and obviously Digimon Meta for giving me the opportunity to write this. 

Thank you very much.

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