DCG Major Update: Mulligan, Counter, and ACE!

On Digimon Card Game's 3rd anniversary announcement, Bandai has revealed some major updates to the game mechanic, and the new ACE Digimons!

This announcement was streamed from the Japan-only Bandai Metaverse Lobby (so the stream is not yet available on YouTube etc). Nevertheless we have summarised them below!

1. Mulligan rule

The mulligan rule is finally official for the Japanese format! 

The gist is simple: after deciding which player goes first and drawing their first hand of 5 cards, players can decide whether to "return their hand to their deck then shuffle the deck again and then draw a new set of 5 cards" or keep the hand as it is.

Now you can put 5 cards from top of the deck for your security.

This mulligan rule can only be used once per game (a player cannot abuse this by repeatedly calling mulligan to draw new hands)

2. Counter timing

Bandai has announced a new [Counter] timing, which allows a defending player to activate [Counter] effects in response to an attacking Digimon. Currently only the new ACE Digimons have [Counter] effects (more on that later).

The [Counter] timing happens after an opponent's Digimon declares attack and after all [When Attacking] effects are resolved. This mechanic adds more dynamics to DCG, which makes players think twice before declaring an attack (in anticipation of a defending player's counter). 

3. ACE Digimons

ACE Digimons have 2 unique properties: they have [Blast Digivolution] and has a high level but low play-cost. 

[Blast Digivolution] is a new effect that allows your Digimon to digivolve without paying the digivolution cost, and for now this effect seems to be coupled with the [Hand] and [Counter] effects. In other words, during the [Counter] phase, the defending player may digivolve his/her Digimon into an ACE Digimon from hand.

However, despite their superior performance, ACE Digimons also have the [Overflow] effect which penalises the player when his/her ACE Digimon is removed from the battle area or below a card. For example, if Wargreymon ACE is removed from the battle area, the owner of that card will gain "Memory -4" due to the [Overflow] effect. This [Overflow] effect remains even when the ACE Digimon digivolves into a higher level (as it is also an inherited effect), and triggers even if it is removed from the digivolution cards. 

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