[EN] Abel Yantorno:1st Place LATAM Online Regionals with BWG


Invited Author: Abel Yantorno

Country: Chile


Hello everyone! My name is Abel Yantorno from Chile and fortunately I got win the April Regional in LATAM. I'm part of "Los Numemon" channel in YT together with my brother Leonardo and friend Jeremy. I've been playing Digimon since BT1.5 with a few good international and local results, but it's my first time I win a real important tournament and it makes me very happy.

Introduction of my Deck

I decided to play BlackWarGreymon because it's the deck I've been using for the last months, with the ban list its power was diminished but Jeremy was able to find a good list that gave me confidence and made me decide on this deck. Also, with ST-14 and the ban list, the use of Beelzemon and XH increased, for this reason I was determined to play a deck that had big and solid bodies. 

Thanks to Win Rate, the match-up against XH improved significantly and the deck recovered the speed it had lost so I was calm playing BWG. The result was a faster and more consistent deck than before the Greymon X restriction, also the addition of the fourth Cool Boy gave me the draw and searching power I needed. On the other side, the weakness to Grandis is very big but luckily I didn't see any in the tournament, but in that case it's waiting to be saved by an Hades Force in security.

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Thanks to the search and draw power Koromon BT5 was not necessary so I chose BT9 Koromon that gives 1k DP just to not be repetitive with the abilities, anyway I included an old Koromon just to have 5 digiegg lol.

Rookies are standard with the exception of Agumon X BT11 and their main reason is the inherited ability, together with Greymon X BT9 I can have a digimon with multiple protections, after the tournament I added a second of those Agumon X to have more consistency and get more profit by CoolBoy. It's important to say that never evolve that Agumon without having virus Greymon in hand because otherwise you'll have a digimon unable to evolve and that is so bad.

Champions are a classic configuration for me, Greymon virus x4 to have a big blocker and be able to extend the games more time, it's the most important Greymon and the first one I want to have on the battle area. On the other side ST1 Greymon (Sec+1) is the one that helps me finish uncomfortable games quickly, it's also a great alternative for a secondary big body. The X antibodies needs no explanation haha.

 Ultimate are standard too, before I played Alterous Mode but with the addition of Greymon X BT9 it wasn't necessary and it doesn't provide the aggressiveness that MetalGreymon X gives me. Without a doubt the games get very difficult if I don't see a lvl5 quickly, they're the starting point to start having a fluid game. Having the ability to eliminate 3k and then 6k digimon is awesome, their inherited abilities are the main engine of the deck. 

Finally the Mega and the reincorporation of BlackWarGreymon BT8 to the metagame, with the overpopulation of XH it was necessary to ensure a total advantage, for this reason I included BWG togheter Hades Force, Blue Flare is quite popular in LATAM and lately Blue Hybrid has been gaining power, so this combination of cards gave me safety for those match ups. Gaiomon and BWGX are mandatory, having a lvl6 blocker with reebot is a very big advantage that the opponent will hardly be able to eliminate due to the multiple protections I have. In this oportunity I didn't want to play any Omnimon or another lvl7 because I didn't think it would contribute to the strategy. Maybe RagnaLoardmon but that means too many changes. 

Seeing the Tamers, the most notable thing is Cool Boy x4 because it helps to draw many cards and give extra memory to extend the turns without fear of memory blockers, a problem that Red Memory Boost has. Another important justification is that half of the digimon are x antibodies and the search target is wider than usual. Options are standard with the exception of the mvp of the tournament: Win Rate 60% was the best card of the day. It's basically the same ability that Greymon X BT11, for that reason the deck doesn't lose speed. Another important thing with WR is that it's flexible, it is not an obligation to use it to evolve from lvl4 to lvl5 because it can also be used to have a Mega without passing turn and generate pressure in early.


R1 vs BWG W-W: The key to win the mirror is wait for Gaiomon. I think the extra protection from AgumonX helped me on specific turns and WR was important to pass my rival in speed. Also the residual damage thanks to MetalGreyX puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. 

R2 vs XH W-W: An easy match for me, the presence of blockers in the first turns is important because most of lvl4 and below have only 4k and that helps to generate momentum and be able to build my big towers, already in mid/late BWG and Hades Force only confirm the victory.

R3 vs Blue Flare W-W: Another match that I had studied, playing with only one digimon on the field is the key to winning. I quickly got the perfect BWG X with blocker and both lvl5, so I only had to worry about controlling the opponent's field 

R4 vs Gabumon BoF: L-W-W; My opponent in this round was Luciano, a very good Argentinian player with a high level. The opening hand was horrible and I even did mulligan but it was a horrible hand too. I couldn't do anything and he hit me quickly thanks to GabuBoF, it was surprising for me because I didn't expect to see that deck but in theory it's not difficult because the concept of the deck works around tamers. 

In G2 and G3 I was able to compose myself and thanks to the good draws I won, it was very important BWG and Hades Force to control Matt Ishida, also MetalGrey X broke securities without activating them, the best way to win against decks with a lot of tamer. 

R5 vs MetalGaruru W-W: Exactly the same as the previous round, a bad hand made me lose advantage at the beginning and my opponent did 4 damage in one turn, luck saved me and he couldn't otk thanks to not having protection from GaruruX, from there I was able to recover position and I built a decent stack. The important moment was when my opponent uses the delay without promoting his digimon to the battle area, that mistake cost him the game and I could win the next turn. 

In G2 I started perfect and having a big blocker with a lot of protections I was able to win comfortably. It was a lucky game that thanks to the consistency of the deck I could recover momentum and be able to get the victory. 

R6 vs XH L-W-W: My rival was a popular player admin of the fb page: Digimon Latam, we're good friends. I was calm because I knew he was playing XH but I started badly too, the mulligan didn't help and I started playing Metalgreymon X on field, from there I tried to play but it was impossible, it was a lot of damage in a short time and I lost. In the next two games Greymon virus helped me a lot to stop the attacks and then the combination of both MetalGreymon made everything easier. 

R7 vs Beelzemon W-W The Grand Final: vs Facu Graña one of the best Uruguayan players and a good friend of Los Numemon (our YT channel) I was very excited because I was one step away from getting my first major tournament, I was relatively calm because the match against Beelzemon had been studied. Unfortunately for me, I started as badly as in the last rounds and he was in control of the game until something unexpected happened, we noticed that he had no security after mulligan and that meant a game loss. That was decisive because I was in a really bad position. 

G2 was very fluid for me, I was able to play my game without a problem, I think his game was influenced by what happened in G1 and his had really bad hands

Special Thanks.

First of all thank the Latin American community, I streamed the tournament and all day they supported me a lot. I also want to thank my brother Leo and friend Jeremy, without a doubt one of the best Chilean players and I'm sure they'll soon do the same as me, their support was endless ❤ 

To our group of friends La NumeFamily: Bastian, Francisco, Ciro, Gonzalo, Jonathan, Camilo, Enzo, Paulo, Victor, Carlos, Victor, Juan, Seba and Rodrigo. 

To my local shop and sponsor Hunter Card TCG for trusting me and also helping me prepare thanks to their high level local tournaments. 

To finish I want to thank DigimonMeta for the opportunity. I want to invite everyone to follow us on YouTube, we're the biggest Digimon TCG channel in Latin American and we work hard to make quality content for everyone. 


Thank you very much! See you in the next tournament.

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