[EN] Damian: Machindramon Deck (BT12)

Invited Author: Damian Galinac

Country: Argentina


Hi all, my name is Damian Galinac from Argentina. I'm a relatively new player, started playing during BT10/EX3 format with my first deck that was Bloom/Hydra which didn't work for me.

So I started building Machinedramon since it's my favourite digimon, and fortunately it is pretty strong when it doesn't brick. I haven't really played regionals yet and this is my second win at locals, but I hope I get better as a player over time.

Introduction to my deck:

Upon playing a couple of test games with a regular black base machinedramon deck I realized that Beelzemon decks were going to OTK me before I built my board. So in order to match their speed at the expense of consistency, I decided to change the deck to red base, that is playing Guilmon P-041 and Gigimon EX2-001 for draw power and no level 4s.

I've seen these types of builds having success in asian tournaments so I wanted to give it a try. I used to run 2 DeathXmon but I quickly realized that they aren't useful against Beelze decks since you will probably play it for a cost of 11 or even 8 if you are lucky, so I replaced them with DG Dimension that works just as well for that match up. I removed BT11 Machinedramon since that one doesn't build a stack as EX1 does, and it plays for 11 cost which is a lot. During this tournament I was really lucky to not run into Hunter decks which can remove your stack and leave you defenseless very easily.

The first question that comes up for red base machinedramon decks is, why no level 4s? how do you digivolve? That's the neat part, you don't hehe. In all seriousness, machinedramon is really flexible with the builds to the point that you can play black base and digivolve with really strong inheritables, red base for a lot of draw power and early play of level 6s, there are even some blue base decks that play blue/black level 4s so you can use Kaiser Nail for making really strong boards.
Starting up with digi-eggs I run 4 Gigimon EX2-001 to combo with Guilmon P-041 ability to draw 2 on 1 attack. This enables you to go for early aggression as well as adding more cards to the hand which is a core need of this build. The other addition of rookies are 2 EX3 Guilmons for consistency and some potential removal of the opponent rookies.
As you can see the deck runs no level 4s which are not needed for this build, since the goal is to draw a lot of cards with Guilmon, Fire Ball and Hero of the Skies effects so you can get at least 5 different level 5 cyborgs to play a EX1 Machinedramon. 
The line up of level 5s is pretty standard. Here's the toolbox of the deck, when you play a machinedramon/chaosdramon you choose which cyborgs will be attached as digivolution sources. This allows you to get really strong effects like being able to attack unsuspended digimons, trash security after winning a battle, security+, blocker, reboot, etc. I made sure to run 2 Megadramon from BT9 since there are a lot of 3 cost tamers being played in this format (i.e. Tai, Ai & Mako, Takuya, Hunters, Xros, etc.) and some removal is always nice. Deleting Impmon, Bokomon/Neemon, and memory blockers is also great for this deck. The reason for playing so many at 1 copy is that you can't add cards with the same card number per each effect. This means that if you have 2 BT11 Metaltyrannomon you can only add 1 of them per effect (i.e. if you play a machinedramon). You can maybe add the other one to the stack when you digivolve to Chaosdramon or use other effects, but each effect you activate has to add different cards.
So, the main level 6s of this build are the before mentioned EX1 Machinedramon which are played once you need to pressure your opponent. If there aren't any memory blockers against you and if you have all of the necessary materials, the Machinedramon should cost you 7 memory after the memory gain (you have to make sure to have at least 2 memory or you can't play it, the memory gain doesn't bypass the play cost). Then you get the upgrades in the form of Chaosdramon EX3 and ChaosdramonX BT12 which evolve on top of your machinedramon for a bigger and stronger stack. The main removal of this deck is the De-Digivolve from Chaosdramon which most of the time will allow you to shrink your opponent stacks and attack over them. ChaosdramonX is the boss here, being able to inherit all of the effects from Machinedramon and Chaosdramon which are really strong.
The tamers for the deck are Analogman and Hiro Amanokawa BT8. Analogman is what brings consistency to this deck by letting you cycle through your cards and, it's also one of your defenses by allowing you to redirect any attacks on your security to your level 6 machine digimons. This is even better against Red Hybrid since they have effects that gain memory when you block attacks, however they don't activate when you redirect them. Hiro is the best red tamer you could get for this build, it allows you to play at least 2 of the options we use to draw cards per turn, it grants you enough memory to play your machinedramon, you can use the effect to gain DP. You could run 1 but I like consistency.
The options I played are Hero of the Skies and Fire Ball for draw power (fire ball also allows you to delete the opponent's rookies for 2 cost). DG Dimension is a great card for removal since the effects that grant you immunity to De-Digivolve are extremely rare (the most common is BT11 MetalgreymonX), which will make it easier for you to potentially clear the opponent's board with 1 card. Last but not least, is Attack of the Heavy Mobile Digimon. This card is, in paper, a -1 in cards in hand but compensates by letting you immediately play a big machine, gain rush and blitz and then obtain some advantage (or even attack for game). The security effect is also great allowing you to discard any cyborg or machine to delete any of your opponent's digimon of equal or lower play cost.


The tournament had 16 players in a best of 3 format, we played 4 rounds.
First game: Red Marsmon
Won 2-0
The first game runned smoothly for me, getting the key pieces early such as the promo Guilmon and some fire balls and HotS. Marsmon is not a tough match up for Machinedramon since you can survive the Raid attacks from Marsmon and then attack over it during your turn. The second game I started by playing EX1 Metalgreymon since I hadn't had anything better to play, which passed the turn on 7 memory and allowed my opponent to evolve to Phoenixmon in the breeding area on 1 turn. Fortunately I was able to evolve to Chaosdramon on top of that and keep control of the board.
Second game: Bloomlord/Quartz
Won 2-1
The first game was a back to back fight for control of the board since my opponent sent to the bottom of my deck my first Machinedramon with the effect of Hydramon, after some struggle I was able to clear their board and attack for game. In the second game I was unable to set a good board and got OTK'd by a great combo. The third game started really bad for me playing EX1 Metalgreymon and passing the turn for 5 memory which allowed my opponent to play 3 digimons and green memory boost on their turn. I was lucky in that game, since they had the pieces to combo me for game except for any level 5s, which gave me time to set Analogman and clear his board with DG Dimension.
Third game: Purple Beelzemon X
Won 2-1
The game started as usual with me being able to draw some cards, set my board and all. However, I won the first game by pure luck when my opponent attacked with ST14 Beelzemon for 2 checks and died to ChaosdramonX in security. The second game I was not so lucky, my opponent set the board with EX2 Beelzemon and ST14 Beelzemon and proceeded to attack with both. Incorrectly, I didn't block the attack of the ST14 Beelzemon which allowed my opponent to combo for game (Beelze ST14 -> BeelzeX BT12 -> Beelze BM) and that was it. Game 3, my opponent bricked and played a Wizardmon for 5 cost on their first turn so I started to draw the things I needed and set up the board. After some turns of my opponent not drawing what they needed the game was over.
Fourth game: Purple Beelzemon X
Won 2-0
I started the first game by drawing a lot of the cards I needed and getting to EX1 Machinedramon on my third turn. I then started using fire balls, attacks, and DG Dimension to clear their side of the board. Fortunately, I was able to block the attack of ST14 Beelzemon which saved me from getting OTK'd. The second game was smoother for me since my opponent ran into DG Dimension in their first check in security which cleared their board. After that, I rushed a Machinedramon on board and my opponent bricked so after a few turns of deleting Impmons and trashing security the game was over.

Special Thanks

I want to thank DigimonMeta for providing me with the space to write about this and for all the effort they give to support this game. Also, I want to thank the Digimon Rosario community for teaching me a lot of stuff.

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