[EN-BT12] Kurim: Anti-meta: New Security Control


Invited Author: Ángel Cañadas Córdoba (@Angearl91), a.k.a. Kurim (The Olympus Team).

Country: Spain


Hello everybody!
My name is Ángel Cañadas Córdoba (@Angearl91), a.k.a. Kurim from The Olympus Team. I'm from Spain and I've been playing the Digimon Card Game since 1.0-1.5 and I've tried many different decks, but I love the anti-meta decks like "Security Control".

Today I want to share with you the deck I played, called "Mexico City" in honor of its creator @KevKevDiaz, from a Store Championship that took place on June 3 2023 at Padis in Madrid, Spain.

Deck Introduction

The base of the deck is like any other Security Control deck, but taking into account all the meta-decks out there, looking for the strengths and weaknesses of those decks and trying to exploit them and make it as stable as possible.
Since this is a deck that doesn't have much draw with the mechanic "when digivolving", we need to incorporate cards that help us with that, so we find tamers like Digimon Emperor and options like Blade of the True that allow us to react from the hand to our opponent's plays.

The original decklist includes cards like Wisemon, which gives the deck more control with its ESS "blocker", Megidramon, who helps us to deckout Beelzemon players, and options like Fly Bullet. But I considered swapping these cards for others to make the deck more explosive. These cards are KingSukamon to make the rival's boss monster a little poop, the 2nd Ophanimon FM and Wyvern's Breath (added thanks to @ivan_tarifa's suggestion) because these cards can destroy up to a lvl 7 and and the majestic rookies that usually does the firsts checks.

The deck has Digimon and options that allow us to recover our Security and make the opponent desperate when he tries to defeat us, as many of the recovered Security can be an option that destroy the opponent's digimon without cost. It also has different tamers that help you to gain an advantage when we lose Security or our opponent uses Options trying to take advantage.

Sometimes the deck fails because our Security are all Digimon or Tamers and that together with possible of having your hand full options, we end up losing due to the lack of recovery. It is also possible that even if we recover, the opponent's deck could be so aggressive that we cannot withstand the onslaught, or that it gradually wears us down by controlling the table and destroying our tamers.

If you have one or two dual tamer TK -Kari, you can control the whole game having the posibility to do 2 recovery. Another combo is destroying your Ophanimon FM with Calling From Darkness, trying to avoid De-digivolve, having back to your hand cards like Deathxmon or Ophani and playing Salamon from your trash.
And the last advice is about playing against BWG, don't play all purple tamers, keep some in hand until they play their BWG and Hades Force or you can't play your purple options.


The local tournament featured 30 players, BO3, 4 rounds, and a variety of different decks. My biggest concern, was having to play a lot of BWGs, although fortunately they played each other in the early rounds.

SecCon vs Machhinedramon (2-0)

The first game against one of my most played decks, my opponent was new to this deck and had never played a SecCon before. So I helped him during the game. The game was decided pretty quickly, as all of my opponent's chaosdramon were sent to security and they didn't come out from there. As hard as he tried, he ended up decking out both games.

SecCon vs Fishes (?) (2-1)

Probably the most stressfully match, the only one that won me a game.
In the first game I didn't see any yellow tamer, the Salamon were hidden and I couldn't do any recovery, which added to the pressure that my opponent was putting on me and the constant memory control that he was doing to me, the game was on his side.
In the second game, I had the better start and was able to control the table and thanks to the dual tamers I was able to tip the game in my favor. Despite his persistent attempt to end the duel, my security was on my side, and this time the deck served its purpose. The opponent ran out of cards and we went into the final and decisive third game.
The last game I started to play more intensely and increase my security, although I gave the opponent a lot of memory. In these security additions, I was lucky to find the yellow tamers who, as in the previous game, decided the duel in my favor. Little more to say that this time it was me who controlled the opponent's memory, leaving his memory at one and preventing him from executing his combos. All of this added to his intense gameplay, was punished him and he ended up making mistakes that cost him the game.


SecCon vs Jesmon (2-0)

Little to say about this match up, what annoyed me the most was that my "brother" @TremeR_DCG not to be seen at the top. Matches we played many times where he can not do anything because if he puts in a single card (Delicated Plan) to stop me, it makes his deck more unstable, in addition to not being able to play against us. He was unlucky and his Jesmon went to security on the first checks.


SecCon vs Red Hybrids (2-0)

Last match against a teammate, @adri_nueve. Besides the deck, he also had the tissues ready (he cries a lot). A deck that, along with the one from round two, made me suffer a lot and think about the plays. Not really, I just let him make mistakes in the plays because he wanted to beat me quickly. He ended up conceding the first game because he couldn't do anything.

The second game was quite curious because I rushed him with Salamon, and unlike the other games that I won by deckout, in this game I took all the securitys.

Special Thanks

The first mention goes to @KevKevDiaz, the man who posted the deck on Twitter. My initial reaction wasn't good, i admit, but upon testing the deck I reconsidered my opinion.

This mention goes for @TheOlympusXII, the team that makes playing DCG be fantastic.

And the last mention goes to @eduar293 with whom i play TCG since the sixteens and and pressures me to be more competitive, @ivan_tarifa who never fails with his suggestions,  and ending with @TremeR_DCG my chicken that smokes and Jesmon enjoyer, the other one who makes me improve.

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