[EN-BT12] Konstantina: Top-4 Ultimate Cup Latin America with Blue Flare


Invited Author: Konstantina (Top 4 Latam Ultimate Cup)

Region: Latin America


Hello. My name is Konstantina and I reached the 4th place of the most recent edition of the Ultimate Cup, in Latin America, using Blue Flare. 

How? I'm wondering the same thing but let's try to figure that out, together.

The first thing I want to share with you is my deck list:

Click into the image for decklist in Digimon Card Meta

Deck Introduction

Well, this deck list is pretty much the same deck list I've been playing since BT10. Same deck list that made me reach the top 8 at Finals. 

The only difference was the lack of the red colour, obviously, which also made the deck to be slower. That very thing, and the fact that the tournament has been dominated by tower-decks, made me doubt about what to play in this tournament, and a friend convinced me to play Blue Flare, mainly because I know this deck, regardless of the potential it had for this special format, and the nerf it went through by not being allowed to use red. 

Although, the testing demonstrated that it had possibilities of having a good performance, except against Bloomlordmon. That's a lost cause.

So, the last decision was what to play in place of the 2 red Greymon I didn't have anymore. 

I thought about 3 options:

– 2 more hybrids.

– 2 Launchers.

– 2 more Sourai. 

I asked my friend and he literally told me to follow my heart, and I told him that my heart was telling me to play Sourai, because of the towers. So I picked the third option.

Things you might wonder:

– Why no Launcher?

 You don't need to bounce anything back to your opponent's hand. You need 2 or more bodies and your opponent should know that, so those lvl 3 and 4 wouldn't be a problem, as your opponent would probably not play them or they will instantly regret the next turn if there were 2 bodies on their battle area. 

– Why no floodgates:  

IMO, playing them in a format where almost everything can instantly kill them the very next turn you play them, without any effort, already tells you those won't buy you no time, and your opponent won't be bothered by them, as they won't need to "allocate resources" in order to destroy them. It's better to play a Gaosmon.

Why no Sora & Joe?

I'm very stingy when it comes to the play-cost of the cards. I can't have a 4-cost card on my hand that will "probably" help me, If it will help me. 

Tournament Matchups

Now here comes the fun stuff. I won due to the luck; these were my matchups:

– UlforceVeedramon: L (this guy won the tournament. He had the opening song in the background).

– UlforceVeedramon: W (I learnt something new during this match that blew up my mind: While frozen, you can still try to block and fail, so UlforceVeedramon can trigger its effects). I won this match with faith and top-decking, as both my opponent and I were bricked at the beginning. So Blue Flare win against UlforceVeedramon? With a bit of luck, yes, it can, as it can control tower-decks but it will suffer if the opponent keeps checking nothing in the security. And that happens a lot with this deck.

– Red Hybrid: W.

– Red Hybrid: W.

– Red Hybrid: W.

This one can be an easy match for Blue Flare, as the opponent won't necessarily die against the security and will bring more Digimon to the battle area, so Greymon and Mailbirdramon can do their magic. Although, it is possible for Red Hybrid to rush you with Atomic Inferno. The key then is to apply memory-choke, so it will be harder to digivolve from tamers AND use the option. As for EmperorGreymon, it can be a victim of my beloved DeckerGreymon. It is the best thing ever to stop any tower. 

The first round I won against Red Hybrid was thanks to an Ice Wall. 

The second one was an easy match, as my opponent kind of bricked. 

And the third one was a bit fairer, but I won either way, due to reasons above mentioned.

BlackWargreyDorbick: W

Well, this one is a match that needs a lot of thinking. You need to play around the tower-building, the tamer destruction, the memory gain, the tamer set-up and the redirecting effect. 

This is when Sourai worked the most: you can take them plenty of effects away.

What else worked? DeckerGreymon; your opponent built the Wargreymon? Freeze'em. Your opponent built another tower? Make them regret by using Metalgreymon at its full potential. Your opponent is redirecting everything? Use both. The armour purge is the key to win against those effects.  


Bonus track: I'm too lazy to learn what my opponent's deck does. I lost the first match against UlforceVeedramon because I ignored its bounce effect. So, because of all this, I can certainly say that luck was by my side. 

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “[EN-BT12] Konstantina: Top-4 Ultimate Cup Latin America with Blue Flare”

  1. Fok this!!

    What is even the point of opponent's digimon cannot block, if you still can technically activate blocker to suspend the digimon. I though Blocker is an ability that can be prevented as a whole.

    Do we need a new keyword at this point like: "you opponent's digimon CANNOT ATTEMPT TO BLOCK"?

    Damn, what a loophole in these ruling.

    1. Hi! Yeah, I was in shock when my opponent told me but, due to the rulling of other effects, this kind of makes sense since suspending the Digimon is "the cost you have to pay" to block, so… Yeah, you can fail to block. As it happens with other effects like Susanoo or Beowolfmon.
      Crazy thing in Digimon that wasn't being exploited because not many Digimon have "when suspending" effects.
      Thank you for your comment!

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