[BT14] The Olympus Team: BT14 Online Tournament, Mercury Cup


Invited Author: The Olympus Team (Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheOlympusXII)

Region: Spain


The Olympus team from Spain hosted an online tournament for BT14 format. There were 12 tamers and here is the result that they wanted to share.

We are Olympus XII! We start playing at the beginning of the game and make a group of 13 fiercest players, most of them with competitive experience on different tcgs like Yugioh, FOL, DBZ or Pokemon. We achive several stores and locals. The most notable tops of the team are Top1, Top8 and Top9 on the first DC Online, Top2 on Ultimate Cup 2023 in Elche, Top3 on the Fest, Top17 on the first Worlds Tournament and several Top16-32 on Regionals and Ultimate Cups.


4 pagumon BT6-005
4 monitamon BT10-058
4 chikurimon BT6-056
4 dorumon P-070
4 skullknightmon mighty axe mode BT10-061
4 skullknightmon BT7-058
4 skullknightmon cavalier mode BT8-062
4 skullknightmon P-115
4 darkknightmon BT10-066
2 darkknightmon BT7-063
2 darkknightmon x antibody BT10-069
3 pride memory boost! BT7-105
1 ice wall!! EX1-068
1 ultimate flare BT5-105
4 nene amano BT10-092
3 kiriha aonuma & nene amano EX4-062
1 deathxmon BT9-112
1 mercurymon BT12-066

1 Cupimon                       BT1-006 
4 T.K. Takaishi                 BT1-087
2 Venusmon                     BT10-042
2 Lonkhe Adistakto             BT10-101 
4 GeoGreymon                   BT13-012 
4 Tokomon                      BT14-003 
3 Patamon                      BT14-033 
4 MagnaAngemon                 BT14-037 
2 Salamon                       BT2-034 
2 T.K. Takaishi & Kari Kamiya   BT6-089 
4 Kazemon                       BT7-035 
4 Zephyrmon                     BT7-036 
1 JetSilphymon                  BT7-038 
3 Zoe Orimoto                   BT7-088 
4 Rapidmon                      BT8-039 
2 Cody Hida                     BT8-089 
3 Tai Kamiya & Kari Kamiya      BT9-084 
1 Sunrise Buster                BT9-099 
2 Yellow Memory Boost!            P-037 
3 Patamon                        ST3-04

4 missimon BT14-005
4 commandramon BT14-056
4 numemon BT14-058
4 hicommandramon BT14-060
4 cargodramon BT14-064
4 brigadramon BT14-068
3 diaboromon P-114
4 defense training P-107
4 tamahime satsuki BT14-086
4 commandramon BT4-063
4 commandramon EX3-046
1 commandramon BT3-059
4 tankdramon EX3-051
1 missimon EX3-002
4 sealsdramon EX3-049
2 black memory boost P-039

4 Wanyamon                     BT11-002 
4 Gaomon                       BT11-020 
2 Gaogamon                     BT11-025 
4 MachGaogamon                 BT11-028
4 MirageGaogamon               BT11-033 
2 Gaomon                       BT13-021 
4 Gaogamon                     BT13-025 
2 MirageGaogamon               BT13-031 
3 MirageGaogamon: Burst Mode   BT13-033 
3 Thomas H. Norstein           BT13-097 
3 Thomas H. Norstein            BT4-093 
2 Syakomon                      BT5-021 
4 Gaomon                        EX4-015 
4 Gaogamon                      EX4-017 
4 MachGaogamon                  EX4-019 
2 Blue Memory Boost!              P-036 
3 Mental Training                 P-104

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