[BT14] The Olympus Team (Part 2): 1st Place DarkKnightmon Deck


Invited Author: Adrian Varas (@Adri_nueve)

Region: Spain


My name is Adrian Varas (@Adri_nueve), a.k.a. AdriNueve from The Olympus Team. I'm from Spain and I've been playing the Digimon Card Game since 1.0 PreRealease. Since then, I have played a lot of different decks, but I prefer decks with a lot of blockers, Black Decks.

Today I want to share with you the deck I played and the ideas we took in the tournament we hold (The Olympus Team) on June 24 in Madrid, Spain


Today I choose to play one of my favourite decks, Darknight, we call it “El Señor de la Noche”.

The principal point of the deck is to abuse the inheritable of the Skullknights with "Sec. Attack +1". To support this, we have Darknightmon BT10, Skullknightmon: Cavalier Mode BT8 and the spamming engine with Dorumon Promo and Pride memory Boost to make table with as many lvl 4 as we can.

The best card in this deck in BT14 is the Skullknight promo, it improves the deck a lot. The "on deletion" effect is incredible when it works with Kiriha Aonuma & Nene Amano Ex4, you play the dual tamer and, you can save the Skullknight then use them to DigiXoss.

Other cards like Monitamon BT10, Nene BT10 and Skullknightmon: Mighty Axe Mode BT10, helps searching for the pieces you need.

Chikurimon BT6, Death-Xmon BT9, Ice Wall EX1 and Ultimate Flare BT5, are in the deck for disruption, especially Death-Xmon to prevent the spam of decks like Commandramon or Loogamon.

To summary, I think the games are very close, but the luck was with me.

My Thought about BT14 Meta

First of all, we need to take special attention to the new mechanic, Counter. The new ACE type cards are a very interesting tech for the game. Now you need to think twice if you want to attack, because your opponents may counter and destroy your plan with one move. Also, this makes an interesting interaction with our opponent in its turn, that we can’t do it previously.

Also, the new Training Cards are very strong to pick up the card you need of that color, tamer, Digimon or option to help you with the match.

The new promos are incredible because they help a lot of old decks to take a place in the meta like, Diaboromon ACE, Skullknightmon, or Seadramon.

In relation with BT14 Blast ACE, we need to talk about the new rookies. These are powerful choices in the specific archetypes. Agumon helps building up your Wargreymon, Gomamon can recycle it, Patamon and his line has a lot of potencial in Yellow Control decks, Palmon with it disruption ability, Commandramon who protects the evolution line and loogamon can helps building his engine with the tamer.

Other cards to take in account are Seraphimon, the Digipolice and the Fenriloogamon line. Also, Messenger of Hope, a yellow option, it’s very powerful to reduce the evolution cost of your yellow Vaccine Digimon.

Last but not least, Angemon SEC its very powerful with his when attacking and on deletion effects.

To summarise, I think it’s going to be a good Meta with a lot of decks and variations, with Counter to have more interactions with our opponents and all knew archetypes to experiment.


I want to thank especially to my team The Olympus Team to host this tournament, and to Familia Bacchusmon to be there and play all the tournaments we make and the community we are creating all around Spain.

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