[EN] Interview Jorge Dogantzis went undefeated at SuperCon Miami with security control!

George went undefeated at SuperCon Miami with security control! (25 players). Digimon Card Meta have a short interview with him regarding of his decks and the tournament.

1. Could you introduce yourself and how you enjoy/experience the Digimon Card Game so far?

Hello, my name is George, I’ve been playing since BT-01, and I have been enjoying the game every format! Being able to play with an amazing community full of wonderful players keeps me in the game and I don’t see myself leaving!

2. What is the reason you bring your Sec Con deck to this tournament, and what is the strength and weakness of your deck in the current meta?

The reason I brought Sec Con deck to this tournament is it being a very strong meta contender against the best decks of the format. The strengths would be the amount of recovery options this deck has to dwindle my opponent’s resources while the weaknesses being not a-lot of draw power aside from digimon emperor to draw into recovery spells.

3. How were your matchups against other decks in the tournament?

My matchups in this tournament were:

Hunters 2-1
Blue Flare 2-0
Hunter 2-0
BWGX 2-0
BWGX 2-0

Deathxmon was MVP of the tourney as I was able to play 2-3 and one game all 4 in one turn and apply pressure for lethal. There aren’t any changes I would make to the deck.

4. What is the toughest match and the easiest match that you played against in this tournament?

My toughest matchup would have to be the 1st BWGX matchup game 2 when a majority of his stacks were Yuuya protected and doing a bunch of chip damage. Thankfully, my security was full of recovery so that when the protection was over, I was able to deal with the stacks.

The easiest match I played against this tournament would be Blue Flare, digimon emperor being able to tax their Gaossmon promotions from the raising area and having removal for the Metalgreymons.

5. Any messages to friends or team?

Shoutout to PPG for running a smooth tournament and to the locals at The Dragon’s Lair for hosting amazing weekly tournaments and to my teammates Royal Knights for all the practice.

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