[EN] Christopher: 1st Place Latam Regional with Green Bloomlord


The Winner: Christopher Silva Puell (from Peru)


Hi everyone! My name is Cristopher Silva Puell. I'm from Perú and I've been playing Digimon Card Game since BT6, I started playing for fun, but the competitive spirit was always in me.

My Choice for Regional Tournament

The deck I decided to play for this regional was Bloomlordmon, because it has always given me good results in local tournaments. The decision to play this deck was last minute, I was undecided because I had tested many decks, such as Red Hybrid, Hunters, Beelze X and Bloomlord, feeling that the latter would be the most consistent of all because of the way it had built the deck. I would like to highlight that Quartzmon was the MVP of all my games.

With the release of EX4, we got a new green digitama "Kokomon" which I decided to include in the deck because of the synergy it has with the deck, often giving me the draw I needed at that time. And 1 EX2 Gummymon because the inherited effect allowed me to draw when suspending opponent digimon.

Starting with LV3s, I play a somewhat standard lineup, with 4 EX3 Pomumon that allow me to suspend an opponent digimon without level restriction, 4 BT10 Palmon that are the best seeker in the deck, being able to add two cards in one search, 3 BT9 Pomumon placed thinking about the games with beelze X, machinedramon and the mirror macthes, this in order to prevent digimon from being played by effects and 3 BT3 Terriermon very important to control the opponent decks that benefit from winning memory.

Continuing with level 4, we have 4 copies of BT10 RedVegiemon cheap on play cost and cheap evolution cost, 4 BT10 Sunflowmon which has an effect when it evolves that allows me to continue comboing with the deck, in addition to its inherited effect that It's very good too, 1 BT12 Yakiimon because it's a cheap blocker and it's also vegetation, 1 BT5 Weedmon for its cheap evolution cost and 1 EX3 Parasaurmon, a card I decided to include at the last moment because its inherited effect allows me to suspend an opposing Digimon with no level restriction and has synergy with the deck.

With level 5 we have 4 copies of BT10 Ajatarmon, a well-known and very useful card thanks to its main effect as well as its inherited effect, 3 BT10 Cherrymon which allows me to redirect attacks to a suspended digimon, being a good defense for the deck , 1 BT3 Blossomon, a card that was limited recently thanks to its effect that allowed me to evolve it for free, and 1 BT2 Argomon, another card limited by its free evolution effect and its inherited effect.

Nearing the end of the deck, we have 4 copies of BT10 Bloomlordmon, one of the boss monsters in the deck, 3 EX3 Hydramon and 2 BT12 Quarztmon, a card that as I said before was the MVP of all my games.

Finally we have, 2 copies of BT1 Mimi Tachikawa, 4 Green Memory Boost because it is the only card that allows me to search for Quazrtmon, plus it allowed me to extend my turn using its "Delay" effect and 1 Hidden Potential Discovered! a card well known for its very strong effect.


R1 Shinegreymon (2-0): It was the fastest match I won, at first I was a little nervous about the effect of Shinegreymon: Ruin Mode, because it could sweep my field very easily, but thanks to Hydramon and Quartzmon I managed to control the opponent's field.

R2 UlforceVeedramon (2-0): This round wasn't difficult, because I knew I had an advantage over that deck, so I just waited for the opponent to come out to return his entire stack to the bottom of the deck with Hydra and take advantage of it.

R3 UlforceVeedramon (2-0): Another Ulforce, this time Quartz was the one who took care of everything, managing to go to the break with 3 rounds won.

R4 Machinedra (2-0): The first single I won very quickly, I was able to control the opponent's field and do multiple checks with Bloomlord. The second single was very long, I thought it would be defined by time, but the opponent was deck out and I took the victory

R5 UlforceVeedramon (2-0): At this point I was very confident in myself because I had been performing well throughout the tournament, we were 4 undefeated, which meant that there would be one more round. When my opponent started and I could see that his deck was Ulforce, I knew I could beat him since I had faced two others in previous rounds.

The toughest match and the easier:

The hardest match I played was in round 4 against Machinedramon because I was in a situation that seemed impossible to win, but thanks to Quartzmon and Hidden Potential I was able to turn the situation around and win.

The easiest match I played was against Shinegreymon in round 1 because the opponent bricked so hard and couldn't do much to stop me.


 I want to thank all my friends who helped me to test, also my local stores who organize tournaments regularly and allow me to improve and grow in the digimon world.
I would also like to thank Digimon Card Meta for giving me the opportunity to write about my deck. I hope you enjoyed it and I also hope to continue representing my Country and community in future tournaments.

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